October 2023 Archive

Warzone will have over 90 operators when new Call of Duty arrives31 October 2023
PS Plus is losing 7 games in November 2023, at least31 October 2023
New MW3 screenshot reignites calls for Call of Duty Ghosts reboot31 October 2023
New Valorant update adds Iso alongside Cypher buffs and Raze nerfs31 October 2023
Apex Legends ranks and Season 19 ranked changes explained31 October 2023
New MK1 leaks claim Omni-Man only second fighter with this OP move31 October 2023
Bungie CEO calls layoffs "sad" as reports of Destiny 2 delays surface31 October 2023
Marathon release date estimate and latest news, gameplay, more31 October 2023
Ghostrunner 2 review - can't keep up with the pace31 October 2023
Starfield mod might be teasing huge new feature for Xbox RPG30 October 2023
Baldur's Gate 3's biggest Jaheira fan might just be Jaheira herself30 October 2023
Best Xbox controllers 202430 October 2023
Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar rallies Diablo 4 fans for new contest30 October 2023
Best Baldur’s Gate 3 spells, cantrips, and magic30 October 2023
Bungie's new Destiny 2 update is buffing Glaives across the board30 October 2023
New Valorant agent Iso perfectly poised to shake up Duelist meta30 October 2023
New Xbox policy labelled "death sentence" for this group of players30 October 2023
Starfield fans say "least rewarding" aspect is its biggest feature29 October 2023
Alan Wake 2 avoids the major mistake universes like the MCU make29 October 2023
You can get 4 Gold Rare FC 24 players for free right now, here's how29 October 2023
MW3 discount emerges before early access with 15% off latest COD game28 October 2023
This huge Starfield decision is pulled out of "thin air", dev says28 October 2023
You've not got long to claim your free PS Plus games for October28 October 2023
Baldur's Gate 3 sets South Park straight on this PS5 save issue28 October 2023
New Remnant 2 update fixes "large discrepancy" for progression balance28 October 2023
Warzone The Haunting is a "cheap way" to add content, COD players say27 October 2023
This new fan-made Starfield galaxy map is perfect for Xbox explorers27 October 2023
This is one of the easiest ways to get free Diablo 4 tier skips27 October 2023
New FC 24 players don't have long to claim this free Haaland for FUT27 October 2023
Exclusive PS5 content to be exempt from Apex Legends' crossprogression27 October 2023
Baldur's Gate 3 is the next game Alan Wake 2's director wants to play27 October 2023
New Honkai Star Rail code drops just in time for Topaz & Numby pulls27 October 2023
Remnant 2's new Halloween event yields rewards with "untold potential"27 October 2023
GTA Online Jack O Lanterns locations and pumpkin map 202327 October 2023
Mortal Kombat 1 tier list27 October 2023
Valorant leaks reveal a new weapon is on the way and it sounds lethal27 October 2023
New MW2 Prime Gaming pack won't be around for long for you to claim27 October 2023
The Callisto Protocol chapters list27 October 2023
Bungie's new Destiny 2 update will finally make this huge Vault change27 October 2023
Sony exec explains why PS Plus will never copy this Game Pass feature27 October 2023
Mortal Kombat 1 characters - all 30 fighters27 October 2023
Phasmophobia PS5 and Xbox release date estimate and latest news27 October 2023
You can finally play The Finals beta on Xbox and PS5 right now26 October 2023
Xbox unveils new leadership structure post Activision Blizzard deal26 October 2023
MK1 Terminator DLC could be coming, but not the one you're thinking of26 October 2023
Apex Legends' new gameplay trailer arrives detailing Conduit's kit26 October 2023
Alan Wake 2 reviews praise Remedy's "groundbreaking" horror sequel26 October 2023
New Destiny 2 blog reveals nerf for best PvE Exotic in Season 2326 October 2023
Remnant 2 DLC isn't required to access these vital class upgrades26 October 2023
New Honkai Star Rail unit Topaz & Numby is proving divisive but deadly26 October 2023
Alan Wake 2 review - a spine-tingling horror masterclass26 October 2023
Warzone expert JGOD backs this meta AR in The Haunting event26 October 2023
Baldur's Gate 3 dev reiterates plans for Xbox release in new post26 October 2023
New PS5 update quietly adds 2 helpful features that you'll appreciate26 October 2023
New MW2 operator Ash Williams has 5x the voice lines of Lara Croft26 October 2023
The Finals beta release date, how to play, maps, modes26 October 2023
All the new reveals from the latest Xbox Partner Preview stream25 October 2023
You're close to missing these sweet FC 24 Founder Status rewards25 October 2023
Warzone is getting a Little Ceasers skin thanks to the new COD game25 October 2023
Spider-Man 2 removes nods to Marvel like this Daredevil easter egg25 October 2023
New Honkai Star Rail leaks tease how many updates we have before 2.025 October 2023
Good news, the Remnant 2 trait cap looks set to finally increase25 October 2023
New PS5 Slim disc drive has a possible issue you need to know about25 October 2023
New PlayStation Store update confirms when Omni-Man is coming to MK125 October 2023
MW3 camos may be in danger of repeating this "boring" MW2 mistake25 October 2023
Starfield couldn't risk doing what Baldur's Gate 3 does, dev reveals25 October 2023
Halloween PS Store sale is a DLC frenzy for this PS Plus horror game25 October 2023
New Destiny 2 update destroys Spectral Pages farm after just one week25 October 2023
Starfield fans pinpoint simple NG+ change needed to "give it purpose"24 October 2023
Major Remnant 2 armor changes are coming alongside loadouts, at last24 October 2023
New MK1 update adds sought-after feature alongside needed Cyrax nerfs24 October 2023
Alan Wake 2 and Like A Dragon headline upcoming Xbox Partner Preview24 October 2023
Call of Duty's hitting Warzone's most popular gun with a nerf, again24 October 2023
New MW2 update changes damage ranges for over half the guns available24 October 2023
Apex Legends' epic new Ignite trailer shows off Conduit's abilities23 October 2023
One of the best racing games on Xbox has just hit this huge milestone23 October 2023
Who is Venom in Spider-Man 2 on PS5?23 October 2023
Over 2.5 million PS5 players help Spider-Man 2 earn impressive record23 October 2023
Meta Warzone BAS-P loadout perfect pick for the rest of The Haunting23 October 2023
New MK1 leaks spark wild theories about Takeda's strange story changes23 October 2023
Diablo 4 fans confident restrictive Helltides "destined" to change23 October 2023
Don't worry, Alan Wake 2 isn't going to "hold the player's hand"22 October 2023
Starfield concept art teases original plans for Constellation's Lodge21 October 2023
Riot Games' new Valorant agent Iso looks unstoppable in fresh gameplay20 October 2023
Spider-Man 2 PS5 release date, story, gameplay, and latest news20 October 2023
This new MK1 announcer pack concept is too good not to be real20 October 2023
Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 review - life in plastic, it’s fantastic20 October 2023
UFC 5 release date, new features, trailers, and latest news20 October 2023
Get ready, here's when you can start playing Alan Wake 220 October 2023
Apex Legends' Conduit is here and everyone's saying the same thing20 October 2023
This Spider-Man 2 easter egg is an awesome callback you might miss20 October 2023
PS5 Slim release date rumors signal Spider-Man 2 Slim bundle plans20 October 2023
Crafty Starfield weapon case glitch perfect for getting god rolls20 October 2023
New Xbox controller rivals Starfield for style and it could be yours20 October 2023
Don't miss out on Bungie's new free Destiny 2 Prime Gaming rewards20 October 2023
You shouldn't defeat The Pharaoh in Warzone The Haunting, actually20 October 2023
Honkai Star Rail's PS5 players are still missing this vital meta unit19 October 2023
Coolest Spider-Man 2 feature evolves from "balloon flaps", dev says19 October 2023
We're hiring! The Loadout is looking for a brand new editor19 October 2023
New MW3 early access trailer shows off transferable 21 Savage COD skin19 October 2023
New Valorant agent Iso is your new Duelist to dominate enemies with19 October 2023
Xbox is ready to shine a light on older Activision IPs with Game Pass19 October 2023
Farming souls in The Haunting is a breeze with this Warzone method19 October 2023
MK1 leaks reinforce rumors that another 80s icon is on the way19 October 2023
This is Starfield's least popular faction, and it's clear to see why19 October 2023
ExpressVPN gets huge update ahead of Modern Warfare 3 release19 October 2023
Don't pass up getting one of the slickest PS5 controllers in this deal19 October 2023
This exclusive PS Plus deal gives you 30% off new PS5 games and more19 October 2023
Destiny 2 hasn't shown "full scope" of new Exotic armor changes yet19 October 2023
How to stream on Twitch and YouTube from PS5 and Xbox18 October 2023
This new PS Plus feature won't work with your PlayStation Portal18 October 2023
PS5 players can expect "parity" from Call of Duty, Xbox head affirms18 October 2023
Honkai Star Rail leaks reveal sneaky look at new character Boothill18 October 2023
Lords of the Fallen best class18 October 2023
A new Remnant 2 update is coming and fans know exactly what it needs18 October 2023
Rejoice D&D fans, Baldur's Gate 3 Photo Mode is officially on the way18 October 2023
Bethesda majorly misses the mark with this unique Starfield reward18 October 2023
This exclusive Diablo 4 reward isn't easy to claim in Warzone18 October 2023
MW3 Terminal comes to life in new Spratt and MrDalekJD COD event18 October 2023
One of 2023's best horror games is coming to Xbox Game Pass soon18 October 2023
Don't miss out on the best Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost reward18 October 2023
Best Lords of the Fallen weapons18 October 2023
Leaks offer first look at new Valorant duelist before Episode 7 Act 318 October 2023
Warzone Zombie Royale is headed to The Haunting, here's when it begins18 October 2023
New leaks detail PS5 Pro hardware just days after 'slim' model reveal17 October 2023
Does Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 have early access?17 October 2023
New Warzone Halloween event sees IW Zombies boss unexpectedly return17 October 2023
Marvel's Spider-Man 2 pre-orders, editions, where to buy17 October 2023
These new Diablo 4 Season of Blood uniques are worth hunting for17 October 2023
Is Marvel's Spider-Man 2 on PS4?17 October 2023
You'll never see guns like the ACR or MP5 in MW3 and here's why17 October 2023
F1 Manager 2023 joining Xbox Game Pass as studio announces new layoffs17 October 2023
Valorant is levelling the playing field with a major 7.08 smoke update17 October 2023
NetherRealm details MK1 Kombat Pack release order after latest trailer16 October 2023
The blueprints are the real reason to get Warzone's Diablo 4 bundle16 October 2023
Spider-Man 2 reviews hail new release as third-best PS5 exclusive ever16 October 2023
Spider-Man 2 PS5 pre-load date, time, and more16 October 2023
Spider-Man 2 review - the ultimate PS5 exclusive16 October 2023
Microsoft is keeping old COD games alive on Xbox, not Activision16 October 2023
All Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth characters16 October 2023
Every Starfield ship has a 'Rage Quit' button, and it actually works16 October 2023
New MW3 campaign leaks show how many Open Combat missions you'll play16 October 2023
Spider-Man 2 star reacts to Insomniac including iconic Marvel villain15 October 2023
Baldur's Gate 3 endings branded "shallow and cringe" by RPG players15 October 2023
Get ready for Halloween scares with free Xbox Game Pass horror games15 October 2023
MW3 Zombies leaks claim COD DMZ style pay-to-win aspects are coming15 October 2023
Lords of the Fallen crossplay is to be "further optimised", devs say15 October 2023
Brutal MK1 Omni-Man preview drops with Invincible Season 2 trailer15 October 2023
These free PS Plus horror games just became your Halloween plans14 October 2023
Spider-Man 2 suits to collaborate with Rina Sawayama and Lando Norris14 October 2023
You need to be using this excellent yet "disgusting" Starfield loadout14 October 2023
Here's when the Fortnite V-Bucks price increase will happen14 October 2023
Alan Wake 2 free DLC drops will be "significant", says Sam Lake14 October 2023
Starfield review - an excellent yet far-from-perfect RPG13 October 2023
You can pet the dog in MW3 Zombies, but you'll need something specific13 October 2023
Lords of the Fallen vs Elden Ring - the main differences13 October 2023
This Valorant champion's mother might be leaking his big team move13 October 2023
Destiny 2's new Festival of the Lost is the best Exotic farm right now13 October 2023
Ubisoft confirms next "15 years" of Activision games for Ubisioft+13 October 2023
Xbox begins work bringing Activision titles to Game Pass right away13 October 2023
New Xbox deal unlocks "world of possibilities", says Phil Spencer13 October 2023
Baldur's Gate 3 actor evolves Halsin past being just a "buff guy"13 October 2023
Xbox players call on Starfield to up the ante in boss battles with DLC13 October 2023
Everyone playing MK1 can get this Kombat Pack exclusive now13 October 2023
Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost resurrects Mementos for special event13 October 2023
If you're fed up with your MW3 beta spawns, here's the latest from COD13 October 2023
Ubisoft might be instrumental in bringing Call of Duty to PS Plus13 October 2023
MW3 beta's best weapon is being hit with a nerf for Weekend Two12 October 2023
Insomniac wasn't sure The Lizard was "slimy enough" in Spider-Man 212 October 2023
Baldur's Gate 3's narrator reveals unusual initial brief for role12 October 2023
Baldur's Gate 3's actor reacts to scene that banned studio on TikTok12 October 2023
Xbox players all agree Starfield's best mission is lacking in one area12 October 2023
New look at PS5 Access controller reveals Logitech adaptive gaming kit12 October 2023
New Warzone nerfs tackle Season 6's "one shot" Lockwood 300 build12 October 2023
Remnant 2 has 3 major DLCs planned, here's when we'll learn more12 October 2023
Lords of the Fallen review - faltering in its execution12 October 2023
The new MW3 PS5 Bundle could be a huge missed opportunity for COD fans12 October 2023
Save up to 67% on the best Destiny 2 expansions in this PS5 sale now12 October 2023
Fortnite Chapter 1 map clues are the biggest mystery of Season 512 October 2023
Here's how to take advantage of Honkai Star Rail PS5 account linking12 October 2023
Prime Day knocks up to 46% off this ace headset for PS5 gamers11 October 2023
PS5 cloud streaming roster kicks off with Spider-Man, Mortal Kombat11 October 2023
Xbox details the best steering wheels for Game Pass' Forza Motorsport11 October 2023
Valorant org Gen.G is after new VCT talent and it could be you11 October 2023
PS Plus Extra and Premium October 2023 games for PS5, PS411 October 2023
Here's how Destiny 2 could revive Gambit ahead of The Final Shape11 October 2023
PS5 Slim plates are coming and we know what colors you can buy11 October 2023
MK1 is getting spooky with new Halloween skins leaking ahead of NYCC11 October 2023
All Starfield Research Projects at the Laboratory11 October 2023
The Last of Us 2 seems headed to PS Plus, according to new banner11 October 2023
Here's how many Special Passes you can earn in Honkai Star Rail 1.411 October 2023
Call of Duty devs share new update on MW3 heading to Xbox Game Pass11 October 2023
Warzone Season 6 tried to nerf this gun to oblivion, but it's failed11 October 2023
The new PS5 slim model is here, but you may have trouble displaying it10 October 2023
We're days away from a new MK1 trailer, but it's not about Omni-Man10 October 2023
If you're struggling in Valorant ranked, you might have 'death grip'10 October 2023
Starfield fans demand "dramatic rework" of "pathetic" melee combat10 October 2023
New Honkai Star Rail 1.4 banners see Jingliu arrive as game hits PS510 October 2023
You can save 30% on Diablo 4 before Season 2, but you don't have long10 October 2023
Xbox players beware, the MW3 beta is already plagued with hackers9 October 2023
Xbox players rejoice, the new Starfield update adds a FOV slider9 October 2023
Buckle up Xbox players, Forza Motorsport's download size is massive9 October 2023
Leaks reveal one of the best horror games on PS5 is coming to PS Plus9 October 2023
Honkai Star Rail giving away free Special Passes alongside PS5 launch9 October 2023
PS5 players should start prepping for their Spider-Man 2 download now9 October 2023
This Baldur's Gate 3 spell is basically a cheat code for victory8 October 2023
Don't miss a massive discount for Starfield competitor No Man's Sky8 October 2023
Lies of P developer begins working on DLC for Elden Ring rival8 October 2023
Silent Hill 2 remake update appears prompting transmission rumors8 October 2023
Time to settle your COD beefs, Rust is joining the MW3 beta8 October 2023
Treyarch confirms MW3 Zombies gameplay will extend past 1 hour8 October 2023
Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeons update makes them better than ever before7 October 2023
Mortal Kombat 1 Pro Kompetition sets stage for huge $255,000 smackdown7 October 2023
Alan Wake 2 takes "a lot more care" to deliver dazzling Xbox visuals7 October 2023
Redfall 60FPS mode arrives amid woeful lows for player count7 October 2023
Bungie clamps down on "hard to counter" Destiny 2 meta Titan Exotic7 October 2023
You've seen the MW3 Breacher Drone before right in your pocket7 October 2023
MW3 Zombies is the recovery COD Zombies desperately needs7 October 2023
Lords of the Fallen release date, gameplay, story6 October 2023
Get yourself a free copy of MW3 thanks to this Razer PS5 controller6 October 2023
Huge Renown Rewards improvements arrive in new Diablo 4 update6 October 2023
Warzone Urzikstan new map release date, points of interest, more6 October 2023
This is proof why you treat Starfield gymnastics too harshly6 October 2023
Destiny 2's "undisputed king " of PvP is latest legendary to be nerfed6 October 2023
MW3 beta deploys staggering nerf to Battle Rage amid Shotzzy footage6 October 2023
Everything to know about Call of Duty MW3 Ranked Play6 October 2023
Warzone solves this infuriating Gas Mask issue for Urzikstan's debut6 October 2023
Best Assassin’s Creed games ranked from AC1 to Mirage6 October 2023
Call of Duty confirms Al Mazrah is leaving Warzone with MW35 October 2023
Sorry COD fans, MW3 Zombies won't give you an easter egg to solve5 October 2023
Casual MW3 players are in danger of missing out on this unique feature5 October 2023
The best Assassin’s Creed Mirage weapons and how to get them5 October 2023
Modern Warfare 3 Gear looks made to create overpowered loadouts5 October 2023
Here's all the Modern Warfare 3 beta weapons you can check out soon5 October 2023
Remnant 2 draws on ancient Greek poetry as much as Resident Evil5 October 2023
This Starfield pirate ship will shiver Constellation's timbers5 October 2023
Full FC 24 RTTK Team 2 leaks ahead of official ratings reveal5 October 2023
PS Plus Premium users now have 100 free movies to watch on their PS55 October 2023
Warzone Lachmann Sub loadout best build and class setup5 October 2023
Warzone meta for Season 6, top weapons and classes5 October 2023
If you can't access your MK1 unlocks offline, a fix is coming5 October 2023
Assassin’s Creed Mirage length and how long to beat5 October 2023
These bizarre FC 24 giants are terrorizing Pro Clubs players5 October 2023
Act fast before you miss out on some of the best RPG games on PS Plus5 October 2023
You can start Lords of the Fallen with a powerful build, for a price5 October 2023
Honkai Star Rail Huohuo leaks signal arrival of new playable character5 October 2023
Blizzard details huge boss improvements for Diablo 4 Season of Blood5 October 2023
FC 24 Division Rivals rewards time and what you get for each rank5 October 2023
How to solve the Assassin’s Creed Mirage Left Behind Enigma5 October 2023
Assassin’s Creed Mirage A Challenge Enigma solution5 October 2023
How to solve the Assassin’s Creed Mirage Surrender Enigma5 October 2023
Which tool should you choose in Assassin’s Creed Mirage?5 October 2023
Zenless Zone Zero PS5 release date speculation and latest ZZZ details4 October 2023
Mortal Kombat 1 Kombat Pack release date window and confirmed content4 October 2023
Throne and Liberty release date window, gameplay, and latest details4 October 2023
Starfield players wish NG+ wouldn't abandon their biggest purchase4 October 2023
Your favorite MW2 map won't be in the MW3 open beta4 October 2023
Cyberpunk 2077 dev stands up against Starfield's "design constraints"4 October 2023
Best Honkai Star Rail team comp4 October 2023
Remnant 2's principal designer teases awesome update for traits4 October 2023
FC 24 cheapest high-rated players for completing SBCs in Ultimate Team4 October 2023
Party Animals best weapons and full weapon list4 October 2023
Red Dead Redemption 60FPS mode arrives quietly in new PS5 update4 October 2023
Destiny 2's seasonal story ends with a whimper amid growing fan woes4 October 2023
Assassin’s Creed Mirage review - proof that bigger isn’t always better4 October 2023
Warzone Kastov 762 loadout best attachments and class setup4 October 2023
Warzone M4 loadout best build and class setup4 October 2023
Warzone TR-76 Geist loadout best build and class setup4 October 2023
Call of Duty's new Warzone map is giving us major Verdansk vibes3 October 2023
Call of Duty MW3 early access dates, how to get, and more details3 October 2023
Will Call of Duty MW3 have crossplay?3 October 2023
Call of Duty details all the MW3 beta maps and you're in for a treat3 October 2023
Call of Duty drops an explosive first look at MW3 multiplayer gameplay3 October 2023
Call of Duty MW3 beta dates, platforms, how to access3 October 2023
Valorant patch notes - latest balance changes and updates3 October 2023
EA Sports FC 24 review - Press Proven3 October 2023
Mortal Kombat 1's iconic Sindel subtitle bug has finally been fixed3 October 2023
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Is Assassin’s Creed Mirage on Game Pass?3 October 2023
How MW3's Gunsmith Aftermarket Parts will shake up multiplayer matches3 October 2023
It's goals galore as hattricks dominate our FC 24 TOTW predictions2 October 2023
Starfield's combat and movement make me yearn for the jetpack CoD era2 October 2023
The best Switch RPG games 20232 October 2023
The best Xbox Star Wars games2 October 2023
The best PS5 boxing games 20242 October 2023
The best Switch roguelikes 20232 October 2023
Check out what $400 worth of FC 24 packs will actually get you2 October 2023
Lies of P Record locations2 October 2023
How to beat Lies of P Scrapped Watchman boss2 October 2023
How to beat the Parade Master in Lies of P2 October 2023
Lies of P Mad Donkey - how to beat him2 October 2023
All Lies of P bosses2 October 2023
Mortal Kombat 1 Kameo tier list2 October 2023
New Warzone map glimpse could be a clue for Verdansk's return1 October 2023
XDefiant release date allegedly clashes with this major MW2 event1 October 2023
You'll probably never solve this strange Starfield mystery1 October 2023
MW3 Zombies gameplay debuts thanks to a new Call of Duty cereal1 October 2023
MW3 beta size isn't so bad, but it has a 100GB COD catch attached1 October 2023
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Best Payday 3 weapons and guns1 October 2023