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New Xbox controller rivals Starfield for style and it could be yours

We thought the Starfield Xbox controller was the most stylish Xbox accessory around, but the new Xbox Gold Shadow controller could be the new king.

Xbox Gold Shadow Controller buy price

Playing your favorite Xbox games just hits different when you’ve got the right Xbox controller. Be it blasting away enemies in Modern Warfare 2 or exploring the galaxy in Starfield, we thought that the excellent Starfield controller wouldn’t be dethroned when it came to style for quite some time. Well, Bethesda has competition to contend with now, as the brand-new Xbox Gold Shadow controller is stunning.

Following the release of the Stellar Shift Xbox controller, a new variant is now available on the official Xbox store. Ideal for playing the best Xbox exclusives or saving it new Xbox games on the horizon, the Gold Shadow colorway looks superb. The Gold Shadow controller doesn’t cover everything in, well, gold, but the gradient design serves the controller’s aesthetic well. It certainly rivals the exceptionally premium visual presentation that the Starfield Xbox controller displays, even if it doesn’t have nifty graphics to show game specific controls. In this case, less seems to be more.

The good news is that you don’t have to wait for it to release, as the Gold Shadow controller became available Tuesday, October 17, 2023. Is it currently in stock, for now, on the Microsoft digital storefront and retails at $69.99/£64.99. That’s the same price as the Starfield controller, and other variants. However, like the Stellar Shift controller, Microsoft notes it is a “special edition”, so whether it remains in production long remains to be seen. We can see it sticking around for the long haul, though.

Gold Shadow Xbox controller

Starfield Controller Xbox

If you are looking to upgrade your Xbox gear or fancy a gorgeous addition to your collection, then the Microsoft storefront is one of the best places to get it right now. While the Gold Shadow variant is still fresh for players, we can see it becoming one of the best Xbox controllers available down the line.

That’s unless the new Microsoft Activision deal yields an excellent Modern Warfare 3-themed controller, which isn’t exactly out of the question given the franchise’s history with the Xbox 360.

When the Xbox Series S|X initially hit the market, the array of colors wasn’t exactly fantastic, and it was irritating how the colorway didn’t extend across the whole controller. That has improved over time, though, with some of the best Xbox accessories taking that design note onboard. Either way, we’re happy for Xbox owners like ‘trillsamsonite’ are getting their wishes fulfilled, as they’ve been waiting over a year for a golden controller to add to their setup.

Xbox gold controller



Will you be adding the Gold Shadow controller to your basket? Nevertheless, Gold Shadow or not, you should check out the Xbox Game Pass October 2023 games roster, which has got some awesome selections, especially if you’re looking for free Xbox Game Pass horror games in time for Halloween.