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That Starfield Xbox controller appears to be real and we want it now

Taking off into the galaxy has never been so stylish and that's down to this beautiful Starfield Xbox controller, which appears to have leaked early.

Starfield headset and controller on a space-themed background

There are a dazzling amount of Xbox controllers to acquire these days, but the Starfield Xbox controller might just be one of the best yet. A vibrant collaboration between Bethesda and Microsoft, rumors of the Starfield-themed Xbox accessory previously floated around the galaxy for some time, and now we know that it’s real. Set aside some funds ahead of the Starfield release date and get your Starfield preorders in now because it could be coming home with you.

Microsoft has released a limited edition design wireless Xbox controller for Starfield, which features transparent triggers, full side and back grips, and a gorgeous design. Like the best Xbox controllers, it’s compatible with PC and consoles. We can’t see this controller hanging around for long, so order it soon if you want a piece of the action.

Your eyes are not deceiving you. Out there in the wild, Redditors like ‘cyberRaken‘ have come across the Starfield Xbox controller – which is now available to purchase officially. The idea of this potentially limited-edition accessory began to emerge Twitter user ‘Idle Sloth‘ shared photos of a “Special Edition Starfield Xbox Series controller.” However, up until June 11, 2023, the debate between Starfield fans still discussed whether this was a convincing knockoff or something directly from the hands of Bethesda.

“Either this a very well-made fake. Or I have been bamboozled by not believing leaks,” says Redditor ‘The_Thin_King_’. Some fans are so eager to get their hands on the mythical controller that they’ve decided to become sleuths – when it comes to UK-based retailers.

They might not be on the level of Glass Onion‘s Benoit Blanc, Redditor ‘ActivateTheQuasars’ theorizes: “Since it has PEGI 18 we can deduce it’s in the UK. There [are] three main areas in the UK[…] GAME, Supermarkets (this includes Argos) and CeX.”

Starfield Xbox Controller leak

While CeX primarily deals in second-hand goods, the Starfield detective believes that “this was bought in Sainsbury’s/ Argos considering the floor looks like a supermarket floor and the Argos tend to put their own barcodes on product[s].” It is certainly a plausible theory, as the PEGI rating has been used on previous crossover controllers, like this limited-release Call of Duty-themed accessory.

The evidence supporting its existence is growing, though. Twitter user ‘TeamLouie‘ shows the controller sitting in a product cage, presumably in the warehouse section of a retailer like Target or Best Buy. Furthermore, notable leaker ‘billbil-kun‘ previously reports that a Starfield headset will also be released. Specs for the alleged headset are yet to be specified, but the leaker does note that the Starfield controller and headset will reportedly cost $79.99 / £74.99 and $124.99 / £124.99 respectively.

The Starfield preorders guide gives more information on these accessories. You’ll definitely need a study controller while you’re navigating all the Starfield romance options and Starfield ship customization choices.