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Meet the team behind The Loadout. Let them know what you love, hate, and why they're definitely wrong about games like Gotham Knights.

Here at The Loadout we write about all things PS5 and Xbox and competitive gaming. We cover everything that we think is interesting to gamers – big or small, old, or new. With a dedicated editorial team, we’re always looking to make the site and our coverage better for our audience.


A small, but growing team always looking to get the job done. Feedback, news tips, and kind words of encouragement all welcome!

Jamie Hore – Deputy Editor

An esports fan and FPS lover who won’t rest until Call of Duty brings back jetpacks. Send him your news tips and pitches.
[email protected]

Joe Apsey – Guides Editor

A dedicated collectible hunter who’s delighted to be able to turn their passion into work.
[email protected]

Aaron Down – Staff Writer

A 2014 Twitch Plays Pokémon champion who has been chasing that high ever since.
[email protected]

Kyle Wilson – Staff Writer

A console player who mains the objectively worst character in every videogame.
[email protected]

Rory Norris – Staff Writer

Likes shiny things and will play pretty much any game where there’s loot to collect.
[email protected]

Callum Self – Staff Writer

A gaming aficionado who still thinks Kingdom Hearts is the best game in the world.
[email protected]

Sam Comrie – Staff Writer

A news hound desperate to sniff out proof of a Tony Hawk’s Underground remaster.
[email protected]

Adam Randall – Senior Ecommerce Writer

From retro platformers, to modern day MMORPGs, Adam enjoys just about everything.
[email protected]


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