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Meet the team behind The Loadout, a merry gang of PS5 and Xbox experts bringing you the latest console gaming news and guides on the biggest and best games.

Here at The Loadout, console gaming is at our very core, and we strive to bring Xbox and PlayStation players the very best coverage of the games and gear that matter to them. Whether you’re on the green team or the blue team, you’ll find all the news, guides, features, and reviews you need.


A small (but mighty) team taking on the console gaming world, here are the people bringing you your daily PlayStation and Xbox coverage.

Jamie Hore – Deputy Editor

Jamie has been with The Loadout since the very beginning, joining in 2019 as the site’s first staff writer and working his way up to deputy editor. Wielding a degree in broadcast journalism and a deep knowledge of FIFA and EA FCCall of Duty, and FPS games in general, he’s the go-to guy for tips on how to solve SBCs in FC 24, observations on the current Warzone meta, and much more. He is currently sinking far too many hours into Starfield and is perpetually rolling his eyes at the tribal (and ridiculous) Xbox versus PlayStation console wars.
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Echo Apsey – Guides Editor

Echo Apsey is a writer with five years of experience covering the PS5Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, as well as the best games and franchises. You’ll find plenty of guides on Call of DutyXDefiantSpider-Man 2StarfieldMortal Kombat 1, and more. Additionally, they regularly update The Loadout’s PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass games lists. You can also find reviews and features on games and console hardware. In their time writing, they have attended industry events like Gamescom and WASD. Additionally, they have conducted interviews with the teams behind Lords of the Fallen, Blue Protocol, Dying Light 2, and more since beginning their writing journey at university.
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Aaron Down – Staff Writer

Aaron has been with The Loadout since 2020 – their inaugural venture into the industry. Their writing chops were honed throughout their Digital Marketing MA, which have been utilized to great effect when reviewing the latest games, or producing guides for titles like Mortal Kombat 1Starfield, and Honkai Star Rail. When they aren’t shooting toes in Call of Duty MW3, you’ll find them pretending they’re at LoL Worlds in League of Legends, or reliving their Sunday League glory days in FC 24. Rumor has it they’re actually three otters in a trench coat, though this has yet to be confirmed.
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Kyle Wilson – Staff Writer

Kyle is a Staff Writer at The Loadout with over two years of experience in the industry. He covers everything from Call of Duty and Apex Legends to Assassin’s Creed and Starfield. With an MA in Creative Writing, he has more than enough to say when it comes to new releases like Mortal Kombat 1 and FC 24. However, he also jumps at the chance to talk about upcoming releases like Star Wars Outlaws. When he isn’t doing all this, though, he’s almost always trying to main the objectively worst character in every videogame he plays.
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Rory Norris – Staff Writer

When not playing Honkai Star RailDestiny, or any other looter-shooter, Rory is writing about them avidly. In fact, having played Bungie’s looter-shooter ever since launch, it’s one of his most played games of all time, with thousands of hours sunk into it’s rich universe. His love for all things loot, RPGs, and questing led him to begin a career as a freelance games journalist before becoming a full-time guides writer for The Loadout. Since then, he’s written hundreds of guides covering everything from his old favorites to new titles like FC 24 and Assassin’s Creed Mirage. There’s also a high chance that he’s using his History degree to make some wild connection to real history in the games we love on PS5Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. He’s fascinated by the connection between the Cold War and the development of the first ‘true’ videogames, and the way our experiences shape the gaming industry and how we interact with it. Currently lost exploring the universe in Starfield and making tough decisions in Baldur’s Gate 3 while waiting for Call of Duty MW3 to airdrop into our hands.
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Callum Self – Staff Writer

A proud Season 1 Fortnite player, Callum joined The Loadout in 2022 after getting bylines at sites like IGN, TechRaptor, and Gaming Intel. He has written in-depth guides and reviewed some of the biggest Xbox and PlayStation titles, including the excellent Spider-Man 2. If he’s not playing the best PS5 games or best Xbox games on repeat, or complaining about campers on Call of Duty, he’s trying to convince you that Crime Boss: Rockay City is a masterpiece, actually.
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Sam Comrie – Staff Writer

Sam joined The Loadout in 2022, following bylines at NME, Inverse, Turtle Beach, and Dexerto. With degrees in creative media and journalism, Sam brings his love for the finer details in gaming to light – especially if it is new additions to Call of Duty Zombies lore. He covers the latest PS5, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch news, attending events like Gamescom to get hands-on with the newest releases. Aside from obsessing over Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and impatiently waiting for the Skate 4 release date, Sam will defend Gotham Knights for the foreseeable future and forever call Just Cause 2 his favorite game ever made.
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Adam Randall – Senior Ecommerce Writer

Adam is the Senior Ecommerce Writer at The Loadout and has been writing professionally for the past decade, and gaming recreationally for almost three. Someone who enjoys Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation alike (plus pretty much anything else you can play games on), Adam looks after our buying guides, making sure they’re up to date so that you can find all the things you need to enjoy your favorite games as much as possible. As for Adam’s favorite games – well, the list is massive, but it includes Sea of Thieves, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and Final Fantasy IX.
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