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All PS5 exclusives - playable and new exclusives in 2024

Here are all the best PS5 exclusives you can play, such as Helldivers 2 and FF7 Rebirth, plus big new PlayStation 5 exclusives on the horizon.

PS5 exclusives: An image of Spider-Man, Tifa, and a Helldiver.

What are the PS5 exclusives? If there’s one thing Sony has always done well, it’s providing brilliant bespoke titles that are only available on its platforms.  These come in the form of remasters of beloved franchises, new entries in continuing series, and completely new PS5 exclusives built from the ground up for Sony’s system.

Needless to say, it’s a great time to wield one of the best PS5 controllers as you while away the hours on PS5. It should come as no surprise that many of the titles on this list have made their way not only onto our best PS5 games list but also onto our broader best games list that encompasses the very best experiences you can enjoy on console. If you want to know what other non-exclusive titles are coming to the PS5, then familiarize yourself with our new PS5 games guide.

The PS5 exclusives are:

PS5 exclusives: Final Fantasy 16

1. Final Fantasy 16

The Final Fantasy series is a staple for JRPG enthusiasts, so there’s no doubt a lot of people waited with bated breath to get their grubby little paws on Final Fantasy 16. Final Fantasy 16 takes place in a fantasy-inspired world called Valisthea — a land controlled by six different factions.

Mothercrystals are mountains of crystals that litter the land and allow those who live around them to conjure magic that allows them to lead luxurious and comfortable lives. Yet, there’s a blight on the way, and it is going to put a strain on the peace kept up by factions who have upheld the status quo. Referred to as “an incredible experience” by our very own Callum Self in our Final Fantasy 16 review, it’s clear that Clive Rosfield’s epic adventure has a lot to offer. It’s also one of the few games to be awarded a rare 10/10 score from us here at The Loadout.

PS5 exclusives: Kratos and Atreus on a boat in God of War

2. God of War

2018’s God of War reboot turned out to be one of the best decisions Sony ever made. Shifting from the Greek mythology that Kratos’s original adventures were based on to Norse, the follicularly-liberated divinity is now a father – and his son, Atreus, is no normal kid (though this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone).

The rebooted game is set many years after Kratos has gone to town on the denizens of Olympus, and follows the father-son duo as they head to the highest peak in the nine realms so they can scatter the ashes of Faye – Kratos’s second wife and Atreus’s mother.

God of War has a very different vibe from the games of old, taking a more narrative-driven route that places the camera closer to Kratos, switching up the overall feel of the series’ gameplay. The result is one of the best cinematic experiences that you can enjoy on the PS5 (as well as the PS4 it was originally launched on).

PS5 exclusives: God of War Ragnarok

3. God of War Ragnarok

There’s just no end to top-tier Sony exclusives, and what better evidence is there than the follow-up to God of War (2018), Sony Santa Monica’s break-out reboot of the series? God of War Ragnarok is so good, in fact, that Kayleigh even called it “a serious GOTY contender” in our God of War Ragnarok review.

Kratos and Atreus are out to stop the end of the world, known to the Norse as “Ragnarok.” After the events of the first game, people are angry at Kratos, but when aren’t they? Unsurprisingly, the sins of the father come back to haunt the pair throughout the story which is once again set against the backdrop of Norse mythology. It’s bombastic, it’s exhilarating, it’s epic, and it’s emotional.

In fact, Ragnarok recently received a staggeringly impressive Valhalla update (effectively an expansion or DLC) for free. Adding new gameplay features and expanding upon the story of Kratos, God of War Valhalla leaves the future excitingly open for the series and the iconic character.

PS5 exclusives: Astro's Playroom

4. Astro’s Playroom

Astro’s Playroom is a platforming experience with a twist: the levels are all themed around parts of the PS5 console — SSD Speedway, CPU Plaza, Memory Meadow, and more. Not only will you platform your way through each level, but there are leaderboard and speedrunning features built in too. If that’s not your thing, take your time and find all the easter eggs lying around as you search out other astrobots acting out scenes from PlayStation franchises like God of War.

Packaged free with every PS5 console, Astro’s Playroom might seem like a glorified tech demo due to its use of DualSense features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, but it’s also a great experience for PlayStation lovers, and the first one you should play when you unbox that shiny new console.

PS5 exclusives: Death Stranding Director's Cut

5. Death Stranding Director’s Cut

Death Stranding is quite the surreal experience indeed – though what would you expect from the brain of Hideo Kojima? In a post-apocalyptic world plagued by supernatural phenomena, players assume the role of Sam Porter Bridges, a courier tasked with connecting isolated communities.

In the PS5-exclusive Director’s Cut, Kojima Productions has added a ton of new customization options, quality-of-life features, and even a revamp of the base game’s combat. As such, if you’re after the definitive way to experience this last-gen masterpiece then you’re looking right at it.

PS5 exclusives: Demons Souls

6. Demon’s Souls

A long-time request from fans of the Souls series, Demon’s Souls is a great choice for those looking for more FromSoftware fun — if you can call it that. Atmospheric, moody, and medieval, Demon’s Souls was a cult hit that was released on PS3, but it wouldn’t be until the release of Dark Souls in 2011 that it developed an audience.

For the longest time, Demon’s Souls was locked to PS3 hardware and all the frame drops that came with it, but now it’s back and remastered by Bluepoint Games, which did the brilliant Shadow of the Colossus remaster, so there is no better way to experience the title that kicked off the Soulsborne series than on the PS5. It has snazzy graphics, options for prioritizing frame rate or resolution, a moody atmosphere, and dying. Lots of dying.

7. Destruction AllStars

Destruction AllStars is what happens if you place Destruction Derby in a futuristic arena with Apex Legends characters and let them have at it. Smash, crash, and Grand Theft Auto yourself to victory as you leap from car to car while avoiding getting smushed to stay in the game, all the while trying to do the same to the competition.

Up to 16 players in multiplayer can join the chaos across several different game modes ranging from casual to ranked to events as they destroy other players’ vehicles in a bid to be the last person standing. Destruction AllStars was free to PS Plus subscribers who own a PS5, so you might even have it in your collection.

PS5 exclusives: Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart

8. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Ratchet and Clank are back in the pun-tastic Rift Apart for PS5. This two-decade-old series keeps it fresh with gorgeous graphics and CGI cutscenes, and a new story that has you racing across dimensions, time, and space to take down an evil emperor hell-bent on mayhem.

Harnessing the power of the PS5, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart throws you into new levels with lightning speed, and the PS5’s DualSense features are made adroit use of. Give the DualSense’s trigger a half pull and your pistol will fire a single accurate shot; pull it down all the way and unleash a hail of bullets. If you’re keen on third-person action platformers, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart on PS5 is a great place to start.

PS5 exclusives: Returnal

9. Returnal

Demon’s Souls might have popularised the hard-as-nails formula, but Returnal adds roguelike elements, 4K HDR, and the lightning-quick arcade gameplay that Housemarque is known for. A crash-landed astronaut lost in space, you’ll die over and over again as you try to work out what’s happening on your new home planet and why oh why you just can’t stop coming back to life after getting killed by all those alien thingies.

The first ‘proper’ exclusive for PS5 that hasn’t been on any other platform, you’ll battle through different environments and levels that change each time you die. Each time you find new items and weapons, they will then be unlocked for future runs. You’ll die over and over again looking for that perfect run, but when it happens you’ll have sweaty palms as you kill a boss with only a sliver of your health bar left intact. It’s roguelike on steroids.

10. Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered

One of the best-regarded games from the PS4 is now exclusive to the PS5 in updated graphics form as Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered. It’s the same game at its core but with updated environments, models, shadows, and the inclusion of ray tracing for that realistic touch. Did we mention that Yuri Lowenthal is now recast as Spider-Man?

3D spatial audio and a wealth of other additions mean that this is the best way to experience the game, whether you’ve never played it before or you’ve got a web-slinging hankering to drop in on some goons around New York City, pummeling the villainous ways out of them.

11. Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales

Spider-Man Miles Morales may also be on the PS4, but let’s be honest, it’s best to play it on the PS5, where it has many of the same enhancements and additions as Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered.

Miles Morales has a more condensed story than the first game and is more of a spin-off, but that doesn’t mean a dip in quality. Players take the role of the eponymous rookie spider-dude Miles as he seeks vengeance for his police officer father’s death at the hands of some of those goons we mentioned earlier. In some ways, it has a more lived-in feel than the original, too, but fans of Marvel’s universe won’t want to skip it as it does follow on and progress the original’s story, which you’ll want to know for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

PS5 exclusives: Spider-Man 2

12. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 hails the web-slinging return of both Peter Parker and Miles Morales as they now team up to fight the series’ villains once again. While this initially kicks off with the arrival of Kraven, it doesn’t take long for a number of the Spider-Man 2 villains to also materialize.

In our Spider-Man 2 review, Callum calls it “the ultimate PS5 exclusive”, so you know that if there’s one game on this list that you need to get onto sharpish, it’s this one. Oh, and like Final Fantasy 16, Spider-Man 2 is also part of the very exclusive club of games to get a 10/10 score from us. It’s a must-play.

13. Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut

A samurai slasher telling the tale of Japanese warrior Jin Sakai as he fights to save his small island from a Mongolian onslaught, Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut is the essential way to play this mammoth open-world Sony exclusive. Sneak up on and dispatch enemies ninja-style or call them out in the open like a true samurai — either way, there’s a great story and side missions aplenty in this flair-filled action RPG.

Though available on the PS4, The Director’s Cut on PS5 has features not available anywhere else due to the sheer power of the thing. Due to the PlayStation 5’s ability to render cutscenes in real-time, for example, there is now lip sync available for the Japanese voiceover of the game for all those Nippon purists. There’s also haptic feedback and adaptive trigger support, 3D audio enhancements, and super-fast load times.

PS5 exclusives: A Helldiver wearing gray, caped armor holds a large futuristic gun as three other Helldivers plant a flag behind him

14. Helldivers 2

The success of Helldivers 2 has been a major surprise, despite a loyal fanbase from the PS Vita predecessor. Equipped with a unique live-service premise that tasks players with defending Super Earth in real-time, there is heaps of bug squishing and robot arse-kicking to be had in Helldivers 2. There are even more factions coming to the game, as well as bigger and bolder weapons to destroy them with in post-launch updates. Did someone say mech-suit?

Easily one of the best co-op games available on PS5, you’ll earn loads of other explosive equipment, weapons, and badass armor to use in your battle for galactic freedom.

PS5 exclusives: Horizon Forbidden West

15. Horizon: Forbidden West

Guerrilla Game’s second outing in the Horizon series, Horizon Forbidden West takes place in a post-apocalyptic version of the western United States that’s absolutely chock full of rampant robot dinosaurs. Horizon Zero Dawn was a huge hit, garnering critical acclaim, and the sequel has achieved the same.

This time, Aloy explores a fresh setting as she attempts to uncover more secrets of the Old Ones. New gameplay features such as underwater exploration have been added, as well as better combat, more terrain traversal options, new climbing mechanics, and lots more.

In our Horizon Forbidden West review, Kyle notes its “breath-taking graphics and fantastic character work” – how’s that for an endorsement?

PS5 exclusives: Horizon Call of the Mountain

16. Horizon Call of the Mountain

If Horizon Forbidden West isn’t enough to satiate your hunger for destroying robot dinos, then Horizon Call of the Mountain might just be what you’re looking for, especially if you’re into VR.

The title is a PSVR 2 exclusive taking place in the world of Horizon that Guerrilla describes as being designed to “embrace a new level of immersion in a unique experience, designed to push hardware technology, innovation, and gameplay.”

In our Horizon Call of the Mountain review, Jordan says that it’s “an awesome showcase for the PSVR2, but the immersive climbing is overshadowed by a dull narrative.”

PS5 exclusives: Gran Turismo 7

17. Gran Turismo 7

Sony’s original racing series, Gran Turismo made its PS5 debut in 2022 with Gran Turismo 7 – its first proper outing since Gran Turismo Sport in 2017. While the absence of a true single-player story mode in GT Sport was noted, GT7 represents a return to form for career mode enjoyers.

A serious simulator, Gran Turismo 7 aims to give fans of the genre a fully packaged experience. A single-player career, car tuning, Livery Editor, and Scapes modes have all been announced, allowing players to customize their rides inside and out to their heart’s content, then pose for 4K HDR ray-traced photographs in varying worldwide locales.

PS5 exclusives: Sackboy A Big Adventure

18. Sackboy A Big Adventure

Sackboy A Big Adventure was one of the PS5’s launch titles, and the delightful 3D platformer developed by Sumo Digital holds up well to this day. It stars Sackboy, the lovable protagonist from the LittleBigPlanet series, who’s on a new adventure filled with creative challenges. The game offers a mix of cooperative and solo play, where players traverse whimsical worlds, solve puzzles, and battle quirky enemies while snagging collectables and costumes to customize the titular character with.

PS5 exclusives: Tchia

19. Tchia

If you love the best PS5 open-world games, then Tchia’s gorgeous sandbox is a place you definitely need to spend some time exploring. This physics-driven adventure game will place you in the shoes of Tchia, a young girl who embarks on a journey to rescue her father from the evil ruler of the tropical archipelago you will get to explore throughout.

PS5 exclusives: The Last of Us Part 1

20. The Last of Us Part 1

The Last of Us has widely been hailed as one of the best games of all time, and PS5 players can smugly enjoy the fact that the 2022 remake remained exclusive to Sony’s console. Set in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by a fungal infection that has turned humanity into violent zombie-like creatures, The Last of Us Part 1 follows the journey of Joel and Ellie, two survivors who must navigate a harsh and dangerous landscape.

While the PS5 remake doesn’t switch up the narrative as the Final Fantasy 7 remake does, you’ll be treated to a slew of visual upgrades, quality of life additions – many of which have been incorporated from The Last of Us Part 2 – and the inclusion of PS5-specific features such as DualSense haptics and 3D Audio.

The Last of Us Part 1 is yet another PS5 exclusive to get a rare 10/10 score from us, and you can read Echo Apsey’s TLOU Part 1 review to see exactly how this remake makes an all-time great, greater.

PS5 exclusives: a bloodied Ellie in The Last of Us Part 2

21. The Last of Us Part 2

Half a decade has passed since the conclusion of The Last of Us Part 1, and The Last of Us Part 2 features a now-adult Ellie and an ageing Joel as they live a life of relative tranquillity in the settlement belonging to Joel’s brother, Tommy. However, after a horrific event rocks Ellie to her core, she sets out on an adventure fueled by vengeance.

Once again, Naughty Dog has excelled at crafting a heart-wrenching post-apocalyptic narrative, with critics piling on the praise. Over on Metacritic, it has received the ‘must-play’ accolade, sitting pretty with a Metascore in the 90s. Though it has yet to get the PS5 upgrade treatment TLOU Part 1 received in 2022, TLOU Part 2 holds up excellently – it really won’t need nearly as much work to bring it to the current-gen console as its prequel.

PS5 exclusives: Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection

22. Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection

The Last of Us isn’t the only Naughty Dog series that’s gotten some love for PS5. 2016’s Uncharted 4 and 2017’s Uncharted The Lost Legacy have been juiced up for current-gen consumption with the Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection, meaning you can experience the treasure-hunting adventures of Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer in the best possible quality. You’ll also get all those lovely PS5-exclusive features, including DualSense haptics and 3D Audio.

In Uncharted 4, Nathan and his brother Sam set off to Madagascar in search of Libertalia, a pirate utopia that is said to have Captain Henry Avery’s long-lost treasure deep within. It’s an absolute banger and has even been awarded the Metacritic ‘must-play’ accolade.

While The Lost Legacy may not have been quite as brilliant as its predecessor, it still managed a ‘Generally Favorable’ Metascore in the mid-80s – it’s still a great game. Here you’ll see the return of Chloe Frazer, who debuted back in Uncharted 2, as she hunts for the Tusk of Ganesh. Finding the tusk is a tough task for a solo adventurer, which is why you’ll also be joined by ex-mercenary Nadine Ross.

23. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade

Square Enix’s fabled Final Fantasy needs no introduction, especially the seventh entry in the series. But now, there’s a remake and an upgrade to that remake called Intergrade exclusive to the PlayStation 5 (and PC). It’s not a straight port, though, and there are new twists and turns along the way for those who have played the original — this is a remake in every sense of the word.

Not only does Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade remake the original as a third-person real-time/turn-based hybrid experience similar to that of Final Fantasy 15. Intergrade also adds a new episode to the remake where players take control of Yuffie in a bid to take down Shinra Electric Power Company.

PS5 exclusives: Characters from Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth fighting enemies on a beach, with a large fire magic symbol at the center of the image.

24. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is the second entry in the planned FF7 Remake trilogy, and will go down as one of the best games in the series’ long history. Like its predecessor, Rebirth expands upon and alters the original FF7 game in various ways while still offering (hopefully) an incredible remake of the beloved 1997 title.

After escaping from the dystopian city of Midgar, Cloud and his friends set out on a journey across the planet. Combat is as bombastic as ever, with even more characters battling it out and joining the party. Likewise, due to the huge open-world areas of the game, exploration is taken up a notch too – there are even rideable chocobos!

PS5 exclusives: A car driving down a road in a forest at night, with glowing shop signs on the right side of the road in the distance, from Pacific Drive.

25. Pacific Drive

Pacific Drive is a unique survival adventure game developed by Ironwood Studios. With the monolithic task of escaping from the long-forgotten Olympic Exclusion Zone with only your trusty (and temperamental) station wagon, you’ll have to explore the stunning yet haunting environment as you upgrade and repair your car.

Whether you choose to take the safest route out or solve the intricate mysteries left behind by ARDA, you’re in for a wild and thrilling adventure. The art direction also makes it look and feel unlike any other driving game we’ve played. 

PS5 exclusives: A player firing green foam at an enemy in a foam-covered arena in Foamstars.

26. Foamstars

If you’re a PlayStation player who’s longingly looked over at Nintendo’s Splatoon hoping to get in on the paint-splatting action, then Foamstars is for you. Foamstars is a 4v4 online shooter in which you blast your enemies with colorful foam, build structures, and surf around the arena on your slick suds.

With a diverse roster of heroes to play as, the titular Foamstars, each character has a unique weapon that changes up how you play.

The game launched with three enjoyable core game modes, which range from escort-style gameplay to a kill-the-king mode that makes the lobby’s top Foamstar the final target. This game was the first of many live service titles Sony wants to deliver for the rest of this console generation, so expect more content to be added regularly.

PS5 exclusives: A samurai wearing a large hat overlooking a village by a river in Rise of the Ronin.

27. Rise of the Ronin

Any fans of Ghost of Tsushima need to give Rise of the Ronin a look. This open-world action RPG from Team Ninja sees you embark on a journey across war-torn 19th-century Japan as the Tokugawa Shogunate meets its end.

With a blockbuster narrative, exceptionally stylish and slick melee and ranged combat, and engaging exploration in its vast world, it takes what you love from Ghost of Tsushima and injects some satisfying Souls-inspired action. There are even horses and a glider to spice up traversal. Sure, it’s not quite as effortlessly cinematic as Ghost of Tsushima, nor as rich and challenging as a Souls game, but this PS5 exclusive has a lot on offer.

PS5 exclusives: a woman fights a giant golden monster

28. Forspoken

Frey is having a bit of a rough time making it in the Big Apple, and quickly finds herself indebted to a mob of magical gangsters. After her apartment is ceremoniously burned down, she happens upon a bracelet of great power called Cuff, which subsequently portals her over to the fantasy world of Athia. Of course, Athia has its own dangers, including powerful beasties known as Tantas.

Though this is one of the few isekai-style narratives out there that doesn’t require the main character to be hit by a truck, Forspoken did arrive a bit of a car crash. Though its “generic” narrative makes it one of the rockier PS5 exclusives out there according to our 6/10 Forspoken review, it’s somewhat salvaged by the sheer magic of its combat. If you’re after a gripping story, steer clear. But if you love zapping stuff with cool spells, then dig in.

PS5 exclusives: The main character of Stellar Blade crouched down on one arm holding her sword in her other hand.

29. Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade is a stunning action-adventure game on the way to PS5 in 2024. With blisteringly fast hack ‘n’ slash combat, you need to save what’s left of Earth and save humanity from extinction, inevitably involving toppling hordes of enemies and epic bosses that stand in your way.

If you’ve seen Stellar Blade in action, then you’ll no doubt know just how incredible the visuals are in this PS5 exclusive. Taking full advantage of this next-gen console, the sci-fi world and characters are hard to look away from, and the combat effects are certainly flashy, with particle effects left, right, and center.

Protagonist Eve is also highly customizable with dozens of outfits to unlock, and while she’ll start the game as a ruthless super soldier, over the course of your adventure her character and emotions will develop and become more human.

If you’re unsure, then there’s actually a Stellar Blade demo that gives you a taste of everything this PS5 exclusive has to offer.

PS5 exclusives: The main character of Silent Hill 2 holding a noose, with his head framed within the loop.

30. Silent Hill 2 remake

The seminal Silent Hill series is making a comeback with its stunning remastering of the scarily good Silent Hill 2. With the horror veteran Bloober Team taking the reins on the remake, we’re close to getting the first proper Silent Hill game in over a decade, and we couldn’t be more excited. Though we’re yet to see much of the game beyond a short cinematic teaser, we’re in for one of the best horror games on PS5.

Check out the Silent Hill 2 remake release date to learn more. 

PS5 exclusives: Knights of the Old Republic Remake

31. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is legendary in videogame history. It’s that game all your friends talk about and tell you that ‘you just have to play it.’ Released in 2003 on the original Xbox and PC only, The KotOR remake currently in the works is, ironically, a PS5 console exclusive.

The remake is in development by Aspyr, the team responsible for porting classics like Star Wars Jedi Knight and Star Wars Republic Commando, so chances are it’s going to be a decent offering. But this isn’t just a port; this is a full remake. Aspyr is “rebuilding” the game from the ground up with the “latest tech.” The KotOR remake was first announced at the PlayStation Showcase in September 2021, so it will likely be a while before any further details emerge on when the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic release date will be.

PS5 exclusives: Wolverine

32. Marvel’s Wolverine

A 54-second trailer is all we have to officially go on for Wolverine’s PS5-exclusive Marvel jaunt. It depicts the aftermath of a bar brawl where the denizens have been… incapacitated… by a brooding Wolverine, who sits lonesome at the bar sipping at his drink. We know it’s Wolverine because he unsheaths his claws when a knife-wielding bad guy approaches him before the trailer fades to black.

While that’s the only official look we’ve had, a ransomware attack at Insomniac Games resulted in screenshots and gameplay leaking online.

Details may be thin for now, but be sure to keep tabs on our Marvel’s Wolverine release date guide for the latest news and info.

PS5 exclusives: Sam Bridges standing with greying hair in Death Stranding 2

33. Death Stranding 2

Hideo Kojima’s walking-sim masterpiece was more than deserving of a sequel, and Death Stranding 2 looks to send Sam on an even more daring (and weird) adventure.

From what we’ve seen already, you’ll be using an enormous battleship as your home base, you’ll take on a boss wielding a lethal electric guitar, and you’ll be accompanied by a low-res talking puppet that looks like Alan Wake. We told you it was weird.

You can keep up to date with the latest news and updates in our Death Stranding 2 release date guide, and check out the full Death Stranding 2 cast that’s been confirmed so far.  

PS5 exclusives: A spaceship preparing to warp through a multicolored portal

34. Concord

The Concord release date is coming soon, and while our first impression wasn’t great we’re excited for the PVP shooter nonetheless. Coming from Firewalk Studios, Concord utilizes the talents of former Bungie and Activision developers to conjure a fresh, new sci-fi universe. According to the developer in a PlayStation blog, the game “is a bringing together of peoples. It’s the power of games to build connection and inspire social play.” Early screenshots reveal gritty weaponry, dingy ships, and colorful galaxies that we’ll likely explore.

With so much promising talent involved behind the scenes, it may just give competitors like Destiny 2 and Bungie’s upcoming extraction shooter Marathon some sturdy competition.

PS5 exclusives: An image from the Fairgames trailer, showing three bank robbers with weapons on their backs walking through pink smoke.

35. Fairgames

Fairgames has no doubt slipped under your radar – though that’s not your fault. This upcoming PS5 exclusive has more or less gone AWOL since it was revealed in May 2023. Nevertheless, this fresh take on the heist genre could become one of the best FPS games once it’s finally in our hands.

Focusing on competitive multiplayer, Fairgames looks to be a fun crossover between The Finals and Payday 3, promising to deliver a creative sandbox that immerses you in its epic heist fantasy. 

PS5 exclusives: a masked man raising his arm into the air

36. Phantom Blade Zero

S-GAME gave us an exciting first look at Phantom Blade Zero last year, with the Chinese studio showing off nearly four minutes of sword-swinging perfection. Each kling klang of the blade was expertly choreographed, making for one of the most ambitious combat systems we’ve seen to date.

Taking its cues from the likes of God of War and Stellar Blade, Phantom Blade Zero looks to those rhythmic sequences to form the basis of its combat. However, it’s got a bit more drama in its presentation. Between fending off attackers on a moving horsecart and parkouring up pillars to strike from above, there are all sorts of impressive setpieces and environmental utility to be experienced – if S-GAME manages to fulfill its potential, of course.

There isn’t a release date on this one just yet, but be sure to keep tabs on the site for when we hear more.

PS5 exclusives: a person wearing blue riding a hoversword through a desert

37. Sword of the Sea

Giant Squid is back at it again with Journey Hawk. Sorry, no, that’s not quite right, though you’ll be forgiven for thinking that way considering Sword of the Sea’s sand-surfacing protagonist is beautifully rendered in creative director Matt Nava’s trademark style.

In Sword of the Sea, you will embody the Wraith, a resurrected entity tasked with restoring life to a desolate, albeit gorgeous, world. Not only do you get a cool-ass hoversword to do the job with, but you’ll also get to surf for your life away from huge leviathans – Dope! scary! AHH!

As with Phantom Blade Zero, Sword of the Sea doesn’t have a release date yet, but we’ll be sure to deliver the news as soon as we hear anything.

And that’s it. That’s every single PS5 exclusive that is out now, and a look ahead to some of the biggest exclusives that have been revealed so far. There will be more games announced, and when that happens or we get a release date for the ones already on the list, we’ll come back and update it. One thing is clear, though: if Sony releases any more exclusives, we’re gonna need a bigger boat.

If you’re looking to take full advantage of the hottest PS5 exclusives, then you’re going to definitely want some of the best PS5 accessories that make use of the console’s exclusive features. You can thank us later. Otherwise, learn about how PS Plus added 251 games worth up to $8,000 in 2023 as you consider investing in another year of Sony’s subscription.