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The best RPG games on consoles 2024

Here's our enormous list of the best RPG games to play right now in 2024, and you can dive into all of them on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Best RPG Games: An image of Sarah Morgan from Starfield.

What are the best RPG games right now? The roleplaying genre of games has come a long way in recent years on PlayStation and Xbox, and our list of the best RPG games reflects that. We’ve got something for everyone here, from certified classics to new RPGs that are doing something fresh and exciting in the genre.

If you get tired of roleplaying, you can always take a look at our general best games list to see some great console titles to play in other genres. Otherwise, there are plenty of new PS5 games and new Xbox games coming out all the time that could scratch your gaming itch. However, if you’re ready to head into some of the greatest RPG stories and worlds, then prepare for your next adventure.

The best RPG games are:

Best RPG games: Four characters from Baldur's Gate 3 standing in a line, three of which are companions.

1. Baldur’s Gate 3

With Baldur’s Gate 3, Larian Studios has made one of the best RPG games of all time, going down as an instant classic. And it’s not just us that thinks that, as it was nominated for both the Game of the Year award and the Best RPG award at The Game Awards 2023. When you dive into this rich world for yourself, it’s not hard to see why.

BG3 has an answer for seemingly everything. Whether you happen to kill an NPC, set someone free, complete a side objective, or anything else, these events ripple through the world and your playthrough, as characters, quests, and more react. At the end of the day, isn’t this one of the core pillars of the genre? A world that feels alive and reactive to give you absolute freedom while also immersing you in its surroundings? Baldur’s Gate 3 makes it look easy.

Outside of this incredibly rich world and story, packed full of player choice, there’s an equally deep BG3 classes system. Though with 12 classes and 46 subclasses, picking the best Baldur’s Gate 3 class isn’t easy. No matter what class you choose though, you’ll get to engage in incredibly intricate turn-based combat, letting you move, use a variety of ranged and melee attacks, use the environment, and even throw objects around.

Along the journey, you’ll level up your character, spend time with various entertaining and well-written companions, solve quests, and explore dense and visually stunning locations. It’s a traditional RPG in every sense of the word, putting all the cards in your hands to experiment and explore.

With all these layered systems, it can be quite hard to get into it, even with the bombastic introduction. If you need a hand, we’ve got you covered with guides to the best Baldur’s Gate 3 builds, the best Baldur’s Gate 3 party, and even things like the best BG3 spells – there are over 200, after all.

PCGamesN gave the game a 10/10 and called it “an instant RPG classic” in their Baldur’s Gate 3 review. Larian has promised to keep supporting it too, so there really is no reason not to jump in.

Best RPG games: The player engaging in dialogue with another character, standing on a wood platform outside a building in Divinity Original Sin 2.

2. Divinity Original Sin 2

While Baldur’s Gate 3 brought with it several great additions, Larian’s previous game, Divinity Original Sin 2, is just as spectacular – so it’s a shame it’s often overlooked. Whether you’ve played BG3 and looking for more, or you’re brand-new to the classic RPG genre, Divinity Original Sin 2 is one of the best RPG games you can play. With slightly less moving parts than BG3, it’s a little easier to get into as well, and you don’t even need to have played the previous Divinity games.

Nevertheless, you can expect Larian’s impeccable writing to take center stage, especially as it’s not needing to conform to the Dungeons & Dragons universe. Gathering your party of four, you’ll develop relationships with a variety of great characters. This is crucial as, with the Divine dead, you’ll have to decide who takes its place. It’s not an easy journey, as the world reacts to your every decision, and there may be unintended consequences of your actions.

Pair this engaging narrative and world of Rivellon with similarly superb turn-based action, and you’ve got your hands on a must-play RPG in our eyes. Like BG3, you can pick from a variety of different classes and races to change how you play, though the world will also react differently to who you are, so there’s lots of replay value in this already long and detailed game.

Best RPG Games: Tarnished from Elden Ring going against another player in colliseum

3. Elden Ring

Elden Ring is known for its brutal combat, seamless open world, and in-depth class and builds system. It ruled the 2022 Game of the Year discussion, and for good reason. FromSoftware brought us its magnum opus, a role-playing game so beloved and difficult that once you sink your teeth into it, you won’t want to stop. And no matter which Elden Ring boss order you decide to take, you’ll be treated to some amazing, memorable, and challenging encounters.

There’s a good reason this game won the highly coveted The Game Awards’ Game of the Year 2022, as well as the fact it came out top in our The Loadout Awards 2022 as GOTY too. Check out our Elden Ring review to see exactly why we adored it so much.

And if you get hooked into the world of The Lands Between, the Elden Ring DLC release date will give you even more content to enjoy.

Best RPG games: Geralt riding on a horse towards a fire in The Witcher 3

4. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

The third game in The Witcher series, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, is renowned for its incredible narrative and amazing world, among many other things. The game is so incredible that The Witcher series went from niche to pop culture fame, catapulting developer CD Projekt Red into stardom.

Now, on PS5 and current-gen Xbox consoles, you can experience an enhanced and improved version of the RPG full of content, including two expansive, massive DLC packs. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the best RPG games out there and one of the most highly-rated RPGs ever, and it’s usually on sale too. You can pick it up on all major consoles.

Best RPG games: A woman wearing a beige spacesuit and white helmet

5. Starfield

Bethesda is one of the all-time greats when it comes to making immersive, massive RPGs, and Starfield is its most ambitious project yet. This takes Bethesda’s tried and tested RPG formula and spreads it across an enormous galaxy of over a thousand Starfield planets.

Our Starfield review goes into more detail about what makes the game so great, but rest assured that whether you buy the game outright or play it through Game Pass, you won’t be short of content.

Both hand-crafted destinations and procedurally generated planet landscapes play host to hundreds of story missions, Starfield factions quests, and side quests. Oh and did we mention there’s also ship and base building? That’s right – expanding on Fallout 4’s brilliant settlement system are customizable Starfield ships and Starfield outposts. You can build ships and bases from scratch, letting you flex your creative muscles before heading out on another interstellar adventure with your Starfield companions. It’s enormous, and it’s excellent.

It also boasts a great story, full of twists and turns as you seek to solve the mystery of the universe. Once you reach the end, there’s even a very interesting implementation of NG+, though you can read our Starfield New Game Plus guide to find out more.

Best RPG Games: Jin Sakai in Ghost of Tsushima key art

6. Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut

Sucker Punch hit us with, well, a sucker punch, when it dropped Ghost of Tsushima. This RPG sees you take the role of Jin Sakai, a Samurai and the last descendant of the Sakai clan. When the Mongol Empire, led by Khotun Khan, attacks the island of Tsushima, Jin will have to become the Ghost of Tsushima, bending and breaking the Samurai code to outsmart the Mongols.

Ghost of Tsushima has very exciting combat, faithful to the Samurai style, as well as the fact that the Director’s Cut boasts a decently sized expansion of a new island for those on PS5 and PS4 wanting extra content. It’s one of the best modern PS5 games, unmissable if you are a PS5 owner, and a huge step up for the studio.

Best RPG games: FF16's Clive

7. Final Fantasy 16

If the more modern Final Fantasy games haven’t been to your taste, then you’re in luck. Final Fantasy 16 puts you in the boots of Clive Rosfield, the first son of an empire at war in a medieval setting. Of course, in a high fantasy setting it’s not any old war, and the protagonist must call on the powers of the gods – Eikons – to exact his revenge.

In our Final Fantasy 16 review we praise everything from its dynamic, Devil May Cry-style combat, to the impressive depth of its narrative. Should you choose to pick up one of the best PS5 games, then be sure to bring our Final Fantasy 16 walkthrough with you on your adventures throughout Valisthea. You won’t regret parting with your pennies.

Unfortunately for Xbox fans, FF16 launched exclusively on PS5, and there’s no sign of an Xbox version coming anytime soon.

Best RPG games: The player fighting a puppet boss in Lies of P, set in a dark, open arena.

8. Lies of P

Lies of P is very much inspired by From Software’s Bloodborne, but no other developer has quite captured the same magic in a bottle as Neowiz has – it’s arguably the best Soulslike game not made by From Software itself. As our Lies of P review explains, despite it borrowing “heavily from a tried-and-tested formula indicative of the Soulslike genre”, “it still has combat mechanics and secrets that set it apart from the rest of the pack”.

Set in a grim retelling of the classic Pinocchio story, you can immediately tell you’re in for a wild and unique adventure. Featuring references to the original story through, including Pinocchio himself, Gepetto, and more, the narrative is one of the main draws. For a Soulslike, this was quite surprising for us, as it’s common for the ‘story’ to be hidden away in dense lore pages. However, Lies of P puts it at the forefront, and it’s exciting to see how the story takes inspiration from the classic tale, while also keeping you on your toes as it’s reinvented.

Perhaps most importantly and surprisingly of all though is just how much Lies of P feels like a true Souls game. In fact, it would be easy to think it was developed by From Software themselves, as it’s as silky smooth as Elden Ring. Whether you’re fighting packs of corrupted puppets or a towering boss, combat is incredibly tense and challenging, though always fair. We found the Lies of P bosses’ designs to be one of the highlights, as we were always looking forward to finding out what they would look like and how best to beat them.

This Bloodborne Pinocchio edition is undoubtedly one of the best RPG games for those up for a challenge. If that’s you, then you’ll need the best Lies of P builds and best Lies of P weapons by your side. Trust us, this game is hard.

Best RPG Games: Cloud with Buster sword in Final Fantasy VII Remake

9. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

The remake of the hit classic Final Fantasy VII isn’t exactly a direct retelling of the original version of the game brought up for the current generation, but instead more of a sequel, expanding upon the world and story crafted decades ago.

The party is still here, including Cloud, Aerith, Tifa, Barret, and more, alongside a new and improved combat system that focuses on real-time battles and blending those battles with classic tactical choices. There are a few big changes towards the end that set the stage for radical changes in the next two games in the trilogy. Those who want to give the Final Fantasy VII Remake a try can purchase a copy on PS5, PS4, and PC ahead of the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth release date.

Best RPG Games: mutliple characters can be seen

10. Genshin Impact

While Genshin Impact may often be overlooked due to its gacha mechanics gating characters behind a luck-of-the-draw, a rich RPG experience lies under the surface that is consistently being built upon and expanded three years on from its initial release.

Besides the story and world, which are key to any RPG experience, Genshin Impact also boasts fast-paced combat. Making use of an ever-expanding roster of Genshin Impact characters, you’ll assemble a team and make use of various Elemental Reactions to devastating effect. You can also use some Genshin Impact codes to get you started when you first arrive in Teyvat, which is great for keeping up with the Genshin Impact tier list. Start playing Genshin Impact for free on PS5, PS4, PC, and mobile.

Best RPG Games: V with his motorbike in Cyberpunk 2077

11. Cyberpunk 2077

Despite a rocky launch, Cyberpunk 2077 is definitely the best it has ever been. With a next-gen update and the Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty expansion now here, Night City is more enticing than ever before. After a number of stability patches, improvements, and system reworks, the game is finally what it should have always been.

It’s good that it has reached this point too because CD Project Red has finished updating it and Phantom Liberty is the final piece of content before The Witcher 4 and the sequel arrives. But, those are years away. Either way, if you love a sci-fi cityscape and CD Projekt Red’s style of gameplay, then Cyberpunk 2077 is worth your time.

Best RPG Games: Mass Effect Legendary Edition

12. Mass Effect Legendary Edition

What’s better than one great RPG game? Well, three of course! And that’s exactly what you get in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. The Mass Effect trilogy is consistently praised and loved for being one of the best RPG series out there, with this sci-fi RPG offering a variety of incredible planets, an interwoven narrative with consequential moral choices, and a crew of characters worth taking a bullet (or laser) for.

While Mass Effect 3 was controversial for how it ended the trilogy, it is still absolutely worth playing the whole series, and the Legendary Edition is the perfect package for newcomers, especially as we approach the Mass Effect 5 release date. You can pick it up on Xbox Series X|S, PS5, PC, and last-gen consoles.

Best RPG Games: Character from Tales of Arise looking at grassy environment

13. Tales of Arise

The Tales series is a franchise that has gone under most mainstream players’ radar. However, Tales of Arise brings the game to modern consoles with an updated art style, enhanced gameplay, and an ambitious open-world RPG format. The game is set across two worlds, Dahna and Rena, where a man and a woman from these opposing worlds must work together to stop the Renan’s reign of oppression on the Dahnans.

It might sound like a simple story, but the cast of characters, the fast and fluid combat, and the visuals really create one of the more memorable and exciting RPGs of the last decade. It is also a great jumping-in point as it’s the most modern game and each Tales game is set in a unique world with its own story.

Best RPG Games: Noctis from Final Fantasy XV picking up a sword

14. Final Fantasy 15

The Final Fantasy series is one of the biggest and most celebrated in the world, so it’s no surprise that Final Fantasy 15 is the third Final Fantasy game to appear on our best RPGs list.

While not quite as accessible as Final Fantasy 16 or 7 Remake, Final Fantasy 15 features Noctis, heir to the throne of Lucis, who is on a quest with his friends to defeat the empire of Niflheim, which seeks to control a powerful Crystal protected by the royal family of Lucis. It does stand out from the rest due to its unique setting, and road trip story, offering a distinctively different experience from other games in the long-running series. And since it’s the last major Final Fantasy game to come on Xbox, it definitely stands out as one of the top games there.

Best RPG Games: Hunter with a bow aiming at monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

15. Monster Hunter Rise

Sometimes, fun can simply come in the form of killing large things. Enter the Monster Hunter series, a set of games that offers hundreds of hours of fun, so long as you have the time. Monster Hunter Rise, the latest in the series, is by far the most accessible with its tools and gameplay options.

If you love using a variety of incredible weapons, crafting specific gear, and taking on big monstrosities in their habitats, Monster Hunter Rise is likely for you. You can play the game on all major platforms and Game Pass players can play it as part of the Xbox Game Pass games list.

Check out our Monster Hunter Rise review to find out more.

Best RPG games: Seele from Honkai Star Rail

16. Honkai Star Rail

If you love a good anime experience and are a turn-based RPG enjoyer, then Honkai Star Rail is undoubtedly the game for you. Boasting a great cast of Honkai Star Rail characters to meet, a compelling story, and some of the most forgiving gacha mechanics in the genre, there’s a lot to like – our Honkai Star Rail review can attest to that.

What you might not expect is such simple yet engaging turn-based combat, considering it’s a gacha game available on mobile as well as PS5 and PC. Each character has only a handful of abilities, but it’s how you use these characters to form a coherent party that’s able to take on all the challenges the game throws at you, from boss fights to round-limits.

With frequent updates adding more characters, items, quests, and even new locations to visit and explore, HSR is only getting better with each update.

To help get you started, check out our Honkai Star Rail codes guide – you’re going to want to pick up as much extra Stellar Jade as you can to ensure you get the characters you want as the Honkai Star Rail banner schedule rotates.

Best RPG games: Lilith from Diablo 4

17. Diablo 4

The long-awaited sequel to one of the best action RPG franchises of all time, Diablo 4 has not disappointed so far. If big damage numbers and mounds of loot are to your liking, then Blizzard’s game is for you. It is packed with replayability and quests for you to lose your life too. Overall, the seasonal content has been underwhelming so far, but there is still enough in the base game to warrant your time.

Should you travel to Sanctuary, then be sure to bring our Diablo 4 walkthrough with you. You’ll be thankful for it when you’re tearing up the Diablo 4 endgame. Diablo 4 is available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Best RPG games: A woman in a blue boiler suit with makeshift weapons strapped to her back walks through a post-apocalyptic wasteland with a dog by her side

18. Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is the most complete and ambitious RPG in the famous, post-apocalypse series. To escape the world-ending nuclear armageddon, you and your family are hurried into Vault 111, but when you emerge from your cryosleep, you find that your spouse has been murdered and your infant son has been kidnapped.

What ensues is an incredible journey across an expansive, apocalypse-ravaged world, where you encounter fellow surviving humans, ghouls, power armor-wearing military factions, and plenty of terrifying mutated creatures.

Fallout 4 carries all the hallmarks of a Bethesda RPG – factions to align with, points of interest that lure you off the well-beaten path, and the ability to build your character out any way you want. On top of this, Fallout 4 lets you build sprawling settelments, has Bethesda’s first and only voiced protagonist, and the console versions have full mod support too. 

Best RPG games: A soldier in red uniform aims down the scope of a sniper rifle from the top of a tower down onto a road bridge below

19. Fallout New Vegas

Let’s continue on the Fallout theme with an older entry in the series that is stands the test of time and remains a must-play. Fallout New Vegas is actually not developed by Bethesda, but is instead a spinoff set in the Mojave desert from the RPG magicians at Obsidian.

New Vegas is widely considered to have the best storyline and characterization in the series – and that’s saying something. Its splintering narrative that sees you side with various factions is epic, and while it’s mostly set in desolate, ravaged desert and wasteland, the bright lights of its bustling main city, New Vegas, brings a whole new energy to the game.

New Vegas also hits the RPG sweet spot with its length – it’s meaty and full of content, but isn’t an intimidating, 100-hour ordeal. Completing the main story and side quests should take around 55-60 hours.

Best RPG games: Horizon Forbidden West's Aloy and another character standing overlooking an overgrown Hollywood sign, covered with leaves and massive robotic limbs.

20. Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West tops its already excellent predecessor by taking full advantage of the next-generation PS5 hardware to offer up breath-taking graphics and an immersive world that “has raised the bar for open-world action-adventure games”, as our Horizon Forbidden West review notes.

Following on from the powerful story of Horizon Zero Dawn, Forbidden West sees Aloy… head west. Here she finds stunning but dangerous new frontiers that are home to all-new threats, including viscous storms and a malicious blight that’s destroying the last remnants of humanity – another extinction is looming.

Exploring this detailed environment with overhauled movement mechanics, you’ll fight bigger and even more awe-inspiring robotic dinosaurs than even the first game accomplished. What’s most surprising about the Horizon series is how engaging and tactical the combat is. With a variety of weapons, tools, and traps, including Aloy’s trusty bow, you have to think strategically about how to take down the metal monsters in your path.

Overall, it’s the perfect sequel to Zero Dawn, expanding on the already excellent gameplay with an equally intimate and intriguing narrative – and robot dinosaurs.

If this has you interested in diving into this PS5 exclusive, then we’ve got a Horizon Forbidden West walkthrough just for you, as well as all the best Horizon Forbidden West skills and best Horizon Forbidden West weapons to use. No one ever said taking down a hulking robot crocodile monstrosity would be easy.

Best RPG games: Dragonborn standing in front of a grey background in Skyrim key art

21. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

There’s a reason that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is still one of the biggest games of all time, with veteran developer Bethesda Game Studios delivering an essential role-playing experience that has delighted fans for years.

In Skyrim, you play as the Dragonborn, and after the first dragon sighting and attack in centuries, you’ll find yourself in a world of brutal creatures, a challenging political landscape, and a huge open world filled with places to explore and gear to find.

Skyrim has become somewhat of a meme for its re-releases, with the game currently available on 11 different platforms (including Amazon Alexa, of all things) and five different versions of the game. However, there’s a good reason for its constant upgrades or changes, and that’s because Skyrim is a modern classic worth every bit of your time.

And now’s a great time to finally play Skyrim, with The Elder Scrolls 6 release date coming within the next few years.

Best RPG games: Eivor holding an axe and facing right in Assassin's Creed Valhalla key art

22. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Since 2007, the Assassin’s Creed series from Ubisoft has kept players like us jumping back into the Animus for another journey into history, with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla taking you into the era of the Vikings. You play as Eivor, a Viking who is part of the invasion of the United Kingdom, but things are definitely expanded upon that.

As you create a settlement, build your followers, and attempt to take over the UK, you’ll find a narrative that is emotionally engaging and lengthy (coming in at around 60 hours on average), with solid gameplay as you deal brutal Viking-like attacks against your foes.

Compared to other titles on this list, Valhalla certainly prioritizes the action over the role-playing, but that doesn’t make it any less of an RPG. In fact, it’s a great experience if you like different genres or if you’re new to role-playing games.

And if you enjoy the core experience, Valhalla has plenty of expansions that can increase your playtime, while also adding to the lore of the protagonist, their cohort, and the entire Assassin’s Creed series itself.

Best RPG Games: An image of Warframe.

23. Warframe 

The support that developer Digital Extremes continues to pour into Warframe is commendable, as the popular RPG has been going strong since 2013. Thanks to some glossy updates for the game, you can play with anyone, no matter which platform you choose to fight on. Warframe is all about controlling your own Tenno, an ancient race of warriors that find themselves awoken after centuries to battle in an intergallatic war.

You’ll explore large open world areas, many of which are randomly generated, completing various quests to bring justice to your people. There’s even room for some PvP action, all while you level up and unlock new skills and powers to master. With over 50 million players signed up, Warframe is still an RPG worth playing.

Best RPG Games: An image of a wizard in Hogwarts Legacy.

24. Hogwarts Legacy 

Not only does Hogwarts Legacy make Potterheads happy, but it is also a cracking RPG game too. You’ll be tasked with making your own wizard, learning both light and dark magic spells, and unravelling a mystery well before Harry Potter was born.

The game is complimented by an amazing open world rendition of Hogwarts and its surrounding locales, such as iconic spots like Hogsmeade. Soaring across the sky on a broom or a Hippogriff is just spellbinding, too.

Best RPG games: A top-down screenshot of someone fishing in a lake in Stardew Valley

25. Stardew Valley

The majority of RPGs on this list will consist of deep combat, gritty storylines, and realistic visuals. So how about something completely different – a cozy, chilled, beautifully-designed RPG that is also one of the best co-op games ever made if you want to enjoy it with friends.

Stardew Valley is a farming sim at heart, and drops you into an empty plot of land that you need to build up into a thriving business by growing crops, crafting materials and products, and raising livestock. You can also venture out across Stardew’s surprisingly large and varied map to gather resources, catch fish, and meet NPCs.

However, there are RPG elements here too. Do you train up your character and specialize in fishing? Do you turn them into a master forager? Or do you focus on combat and put it to use in the enemy-filled mines, of which there are over a hundred levels to complete?

Whether you’re riding solo, or with pals, Stardew Valley may look simple and humble on the surface, but there’s a lot beneath its cozy exterior. You can grab it on Xbox at the link above, or on the PS Store here.

Best RPG games: Aigis going for a kick

26. Persona 3 Reload

Atlus’ Persona series is categorically one of the best out there, seamlessly blending incredible soundtracks with immersive social sim elements and stylish turn-based RPG action. Though you may think Persona 3 Reload is older than Persona 5 Royal, the next game on this list, it’s actually the other way around.

That’s right, whereas P5R is an expansion of 2016’s Persona 5, Persona 3 Reload is a full-fledged remake of the 2006 classic, Persona 3. Utilizing many of the same graphical, gameplay, and quality-of-life improvements introduced by P5, Persona 3 Reload is Atlus at its very best.

Protagonist Makoto returns to his hometown a decade after losing his parents in a fatal car crash. However, his attempt to live a normal Gekkoukan High School life immediately goes out the window as he finds himself able to manifest the character of his soul as a physical entity known as a Persona.

After being inducted into the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (S.E.E.S.) alongside some of his schoolmates, Makoto and pals must venture into the mysterious Dark Hour – a hidden 25th hour bridging each day – and destroy the Shadows that threaten society. In typical Atlus fashion, there are plenty of twists and turns, and therein lies P3R’s sauce. It’s undoubtedly the darkest Persona game to date story-wise, so prepare to be hurt emotionally.

Best RPG games: Haru fighting a monster

27. Persona 5 Royal

Not only is Persona 5 Royal considered the best Persona game, but it’s also one of the best games of all time. Heading up the Phantom Thieves is smooth operator Joker, a schoolboy framed for assault and put on probation. Together with his friends, Joker must enter the palaces manifested in the hearts of wicked adults and change their ways.

If you’ve already played Persona 3 Reload, then Persona 5 Royal should feel like a home away from home. The updated 2022 version of 2016’s Persona 5 is almost like an entirely different game thanks to the huge number of additions made by Atlus.

Not only is there now a whole new area to explore and a whole extra school semester to enjoy, but Royal even brings with it a brand new Phantom Thief, Kasumi. Heck, even one of the game’s most important characters has had their story reworked – it’s truly the most complete Persona 5 experience you can get, and it’s brilliant in every way.

Best RPG games: 2B sizes up a colossal robot

28. NieR: Automata

Speaking of the best games of all time, here’s another for ya. NieR Automata is the masterwork of legendary developer Yoko Taro, and it remains one of the most thought-provoking games you’ll ever play.

YoRHa combat androids 2B and 9S are deployed to Earth to help reclaim it for humanity from the alien-made machines that have made it their home. However, while many of the machines are naturally hostile to their invaders, others have absconded their programming, developing a sentience as they’ve learned from human media left behind before the war began.

In this remarkable hack ‘n’ slash ARPG, you’ll uncover a profound narrative piece by piece, charged with philosophical themes that will have you second-guessing what it means to be human. Incredible stuff.

Those are the best RPG games that you can play right now on consoles, but if you want something a little different to pass the time, you can check out our rundown of the best FPS games for all you sharpshooters, or our best horror games list if you want an intense, spooky experience.