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All Starfield companions, how to recruit, and romance options

Find out the Starfield companions that can join you, including loyal robots, avid explorers, and a space cowboy, along with how to recruit and romance them.

Starfield companions: From left to right, Barrett, Andreja, and Sarah Morgan standing looking towards the camera.

Who are the Starfield companions? Companions are a staple of Bethesda games and Starfield is no exception. As you’re exploring the vast universe, you’ll have several Starfield companions to choose from, each with their own story, quests, romance path, and skills. Most excitingly, your companions are much more engaged in the story than ever before, piping up in conversations and sparking debate. So, here’s all you need to know about the Starfield companions, how to recruit each of them, and how to romance your companions to get the most out of the system.

While having the best Starfield builds is the most effective way to increase your effectiveness in combat, your companions aren’t useless. In fact, equipping them with the best Starfield weapons can turn them into quite the killing machine if you’re willing to trade one of your prized possessions. But companions are more than just an armed follower or cargo storage in Starfield, each providing depth to the world you find yourself in, as we’ve discovered in our Starfield review.

All Starfield companions

The four main Starfield companions are:

  • Sarah Morgan
  • Sam Coe
  • Barrett
  • Andreja

These are the main Starfield companions that can accompany you, each having unique interactions in quests, their own distinct companion missions, and are Starfield romance options.

However, there are other followers that can join you, including unique companions, crew members, and more, though these are not considered fully fledged companions in-game, like the four above.

Starfield companions: Sarah Morgan looking towards the player.

If you’re already familiar with Starfield’s story, then you’ve no doubt noticed that all of the main companions are members of Constellation, one of the Starfield factions. This faction and the companions you’ll meet are the main group you’ll interact with during the Starfield missions, so you’ll get to know them quite well from this alone. However, if you choose to build affinity with a specific companion, then you can also experience a companion quest that will delve deeper into that companion, and also open the door for romance.


As mentioned, this is the defining aspect of what makes a true companion in Starfield, as the various crew members and lesser companions don’t have quests. However, that doesn’t mean these full companions can’t also be assigned to your Starfield ships and Starfield outposts. Confusingly, companions can be assigned to work in your facilities, much like crew, despite the clear distinction between the two categories in terms of characterization and depth.

Starfield companions: Barrett talking with the player while holding a pistol.

Importantly, you can also play Starfield solo, without any crew members or companions. There are traits and skills that support players wanting to do solo playthroughs of the game, such as Introvert, one of the best Starfield traits. With that said, you will certainly still want to assign companions and crew to your ship and outposts, even if you don’t want a follower adventuring with you. Despite their being options to compensate in combat and exploration, their expertise and ability to contribute some of the best Starfield skills to your facilities without you having to spend a skill point is too good to pass up. After all, why do all the manual labor yourself when you can have companions do it for you?

Starfield companions: The companion management screen, displaying companion skills and assigned tasks.

Below you can find details on every Starfield companion and crew member you can recruit, including their companion skills and how to recruit them.

Sarah Morgan

  • Recruited – The Old Neighborhood
  • Romance option
  • Companion quest

Sarah Morgan is one of the most pivotal Starfield characters. She is the head of Constellation, but can also accompany you on your journey or be assigned to your ships and outposts. As an ex-soldier-turned-adventurer, Sarah is both a knowledgeable and strong ally to have with you. Given how integral she is to the story, she’s also got a lot to say about the quests and world as you explore alongside her, especially in regards to the Starfield UC Vanguard.

Sarah Morgan skills:

  • Astrodynamics 4
  • Lasers 3
  • Leadership 2
  • Botany 1

Sam Coe

  • Recruited – The Empty Nest
  • Romance option
  • Companion quest

Sam Coe is another member of Constellation. Given his space cowboy getup, it’s not all that surprising to learn that Sam was a member of the Starfield Freestar Collective as a ranger. As a Coe, Sam is also a direct descendant of Solomon Coe, the founder of the Freestar Collective and Akila City, so there’s a lot of additional lore surrounding this companion. Similarly, he has a daughter, Cora, who travels around with him on adventures, so you’ll often see them both together.

Sam Coe skills:

  • Piloting 4
  • Rifle Certification 3
  • Payloads 2
  • Geology 2


  • Recruited – Back to Vectera
  • Romance option
  • Companion quest

Barrett is another member of Constellation and loves nothing more than being out in the field. In fact, you’ll first encounter Barrett and his irresistible charm at the start of the game when he meets you to collect the artifact, only to find out he’s being chased by pirates. Barrett is always getting himself into sticky situations, but he always manages to find a way to wriggle out.

Barrett skills:

  • Starship Engineering 4
  • Particle Beam Weapon Systems 3
  • Robotics 2
  • Gastronomy 1

Starfield companions: Andreja talking to the player.


  • Recruited – Into the Unknown
  • Romance option
  • Companion quest

Andreja is the last member of Constellation that can be recruited as a companion during the Into the Unknown quest. Given her past with House Va’ruun, one of the Starfield religions, she’s often unsure of herself and defensive, preferring to be left to her own devices. However, if you get close enough, Andreja will open up more on this aspect of her past.

Andreja skills:

  • Stealth 4
  • Particle Beams 3
  • Energy Weapon Systems 2
  • Theft 1

Starfield companion crew members

While very similar to companions, you can also recruit crew members. Crew members can still help you out in the field but their main use is to provide additional skills to your ship or your outposts. Again, the main companions like Starfield Sarah Morgan also offer these skills. Crew members are essentially companions but without dedicated storylines and romance options.

Crew members can be found in spaceports throughout the galaxy, such as The Viewport in New Atlantis, The Hitching Post in Akila City, and the Broken Spear in Cydonia. More unique companion crew members, however, have more specific unlock requirements. Be sure to check out our Starfield crew members guide to learn more about this integral system.

Unique companion crew members

The unique Starfield companion crew members we’ve found are:

  • Vasco
  • Marika Boros
  • Heller
  • Adoring Fan
  • Lin
  • Gideon Aker
  • Simeon Bankowski
  • Rafael Aguerro
  • Mickey Caviar

These are unique companions that are primarily crew members that you will assign to your ships and outposts since they lack the functionality of true companions. However, they have unique names, backstories, and high-rank skills. Often, these companions are also recruited through specific means during the main story, such as Vasco, Lin, and Heller.

Starfield companions: A white bipedal robot stands in front of a large spaceship


  • Recruited – One Small Step

Vasco was the very first companion to be announced for Starfield and is the first companion you’ll have access to. The utility robot was revealed in an official video from Bethesda in April 2022 and fans immediately fell in love with this versatile companion. Despite being part of Constellation, Vasco is not a fully-fledged companion, as they don’t have a companion quest and can’t be romanced. Nevertheless, Vasco has in-built weaponry, so it will be handy in a fight as you explore uncharted Starfield planets, or can be stationed on your ship for a friendly face.

Vasco skills:

  • Shield Systems 2
  • Aneutronic Fusion 1
  • EM Weapon Systems 1

Starfield companions: Marika Boros looking upwards when talking to the player.


Marika Boros

  • Recruited – The Viewport spaceport

Marika Boros is a crew member that can be hired from The Viewport spaceport in New Atlantis, Jemison. She’s capable with ballistics, so she could be a helpful supporting companion crew member.

Marika Boros skills:

  • Ballistics 2
  • Shotgun Certification 1
  • Particle Beam Weapon Systems 1

Starfield companions: Heller looking up at the player. His skills are displayed to the right.


  • Recruited – Back to Vectera

Heller is another companion crew member that can be recruited. If you recognise the name, that’s because Heller is, in fact, one of the first two characters you meet in the game, alongside Lin. He’s a strong companion, boasting a high Outpost Engineering stat, that makes Heller a great crew member for your outposts. Just don’t miss out on recruiting him during the Back to Vectera main mission when you find him stranded on a planet.

Heller skills:

  • Outpost Engineering 3
  • Geology 1

Starfield companions: The Adoring Fan talking to the player. Their skills are displayed to the right.

Adoring Fan

  • Recruited – Hero Worshipped trait

The Adoring Fan is a unique crew member acquired through choosing the Starfield Hero Worshipped trait during Starfield character creation. You might recognize this highly obsessive character from The Elder Scrolls Oblivion, and he makes a return to shower you with compliments once more. Additionally, the Adoring Fan will also give you gifts from time to time. The Adoring Fan can be a crew member and can journey alongside you – if you can put up with their incessant jabbering for long enough.

Adoring Fan skills:

  • Weight Lifting 2
  • Scavenging 1
  • Concealment 1

Starfield companions: Lin talking to the player.


  • Recruited – Back to Vectera

Like Heller, Supervisor Lin is the other character you’ll meet right away. Despite her initially being your boss, you can invite her to work for you instead during the main mission Back to Vectera, when she mentions she’s considering a career change. Doing so will let you recruit Lin, a great companion crew member when assigned to outposts, much like Heller once again.

Supervisor Lin skills:

  • Outpost Management 3
  • Demolitions 1

Starfield companions: Gideon Aker talking with the player.

Gideon Aker

  • Recruited – The Viewport spaceport

Gideon Aker is a named crew member that you can recruit in The Viewport spaceport in New Atlantis. Aker not only packs Ballistic Weapon Systems, but Missile Weapon Systems, too. This makes him a suitable assignee to your ships.

Gideon Aker skills:

  • Ballistic Weapon Systems 2
  • Missile Weapon Systems 2

Starfield companions: Simeon Bankowski looking at the player during dialogue.

Simeon Bankowski

  • Recruited – The Viewport spaceport

Simeon Bankowski is another crew companion that can be hired from The Viewport spaceport in New Atlantis. Coming with some low ranks in several firearm skills, Simeon can be alright when brought on adventures, though you’re better off with someone else alongside you.

Simeon Bankowski skills:

  • Sniper Certification 2
  • Sharpshooting 1
  • Marksman 1

Rafael Aguerro

  • Recruited – Entangled

Rafael Aguerro is a unique companion crew member because he can be hired during a main quest if you make a specific decision. During the Entangled mission, you’ll have the choice between saving Patel or Rafael. Saving Rafael will then let you recruit him to your team, so it’s possible you could miss out on this companion entirely. Check out our guide on whether you should save Patel or Rafael in Starfield to learn more.

Rafael Aguerro skills:

  • Starship Engineering 2
  • Outpost Engineering 1
  • Outpost Management 1

Mickey Caviar

  • Recruited – Astral Lounge, Neon

Mickey Caviar is a washed-up cook looking for a job. While he certainly acts like he’s a desirable companion to have as part of your crew, his skills aren’t all that useful.

Mickey Caviar skills:

  • Wellness 2
  • Gastronomy 1
  • Incapacitation 1

Starfield companions: A Ballistic Weapons Specialist looking at the player.

Generic companion crew members

Generic companion crew members lack names, personalities, and other details that even the unique crew members have, serving more as stat improvements to their assigned positions through their skills.

These companion crew members can be hired at spaceports, so head to these locations and speak to the patrons of the bars. Chances are, they can be recruited to join your team. It’s worth noting though that these generic companion crew members generally have very weak stats, so you’re better off choosing another companion or crew if you can.

That covers all the Starfield companions, how to recruit them, and which ones are romance options. No matter the fate of your companions, Starfield New Game Plus is the perfect opportunity to change who you romance and adventure with, as change up your crew composition. With so much depth, it’s no surprise Starfield is already one of the best Xbox RPG games you can play.

Still looking for more? While a good Starfield wiki can be a handy source of information, our new Starfield Database goes further, offering you daily news, searchable databanks, and even interactive tools.