Rory Norris

Job Title
Guides Writer
November 2022
When not playing Honkai Star RailDestiny, or any other looter-shooter, Rory is writing about them avidly. In fact, having played Bungie's looter-shooter ever since launch, it's one of his most played games of all time, with thousands of hours sunk into it's rich universe. His love for all things loot, RPGs, and questing led him to begin a career as a freelance games journalist before becoming a full-time guides writer for The Loadout. Since then, he's written hundreds of guides covering everything from his old favorites to new titles like FC 24 and Assassin's Creed Mirage. There's also a high chance that he's using his History degree to make some wild connection to real history in the games we love on PS5, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. He's fascinated by the connection between the Cold War and the development of the first 'true' videogames, and the way our experiences shape the gaming industry and how we interact with it. Currently lost exploring the universe in Starfield and making tough decisions in Baldur's Gate 3 while waiting for Call of Duty MW3 to airdrop into our hands.

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