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The best Xbox horror games 2024

If you're after a jump scare or two, treat yourself to some of the best Xbox horror games that can be found on Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Series X|S.

What are the best Xbox horror games? From certified classics of the genre to incredible newcomers, the horror game scene is absolutely popping off. The best Xbox horror games will make your heart race and your skin sweat, all as you second guess yourself from taking that one little peek around the next corner.

If you’re having a spooky evening in, or just looking to scare your socks off, these horror games have something for everyone. Some of them are so good we’ve even named one of these titles on our overall best Xbox games list. With new Xbox games coming out all the time, we’ll keep this article updated with the latest and greatest Xbox horror games.

The best Xbox horror games are:

Best Xbox horror games: Saga wearing an FBI uniform standing in the road of a small town.

1. Alan Wake 2

Remedy Entertainment is well-renowned for its penchant for eerie, mind-bending games, and Alan Wake 2 takes the developer to new heights. As our Alan Wake 2 review explains, sequels are often a dangerous proposition, especially after such a long time away from Bright Falls. However, Remedy takes all its lessons from Quantum Break and the superb Control to create one of the best survival horror experiences of them all.

Best Xbox horror games: Alan Wake walking through a dark and foggy urban area in Alan Wake 2.

With a dual-protagonist setup between FBI agent Saga Anderson and horror writer Alan Wake himself, you’ll venture deeper into the twisted world Remedy has created. As Saga, you’ll be investigating a death in the mysterious town of Bright Falls, while as Alan you’ll be desperately trying to escape The Dark Place – which is much easier said than done in a realm that twists itself to Alan’s own stories.

At every turn, you’ll have your jaw dropped by stunning and nightmarish scenarios, with a captivating mystery and spine-tingling horrors to pull you through to the end. It’s an absolute must-play for both newcomers and fans alike, offering an experience worthy of our best games list. However, you might have noticed that Alan Wake Remastered is also on our list of the best Xbox horror games, so that’s equally worth experiencing if you’re interested.

Best Xbox horror games: Dani talks to Jacob in the airlock in The Callisto Protocol.

2. The Callisto Protocol

If you love a bit of gore, then The Callisto Protocol is a game for you. Set on the dark moon of Jupiter in the future, you’ll need to break out of Black Iron Prison in the midst of a necro morph outbreak and discover what’s really going on.

With a horror engineering system that is designed to keep you second-guessing yourself, incredible audio design, and gorgeous visuals, The Callisto Protocol is one of the best horror games out there right now, taking great inspiration from Dead Space, one of the most prestigious sci-fi horror games ever.

Don’t believe us? Read our The Callisto Protocol review.

Best Xbox horror games: A decomposing body has its head in hands in Scorn.

3. Scorn

Do you love the work of H. R. Giger? Well, you’ll love Scorn. Scorn divided critics when it first hit Xbox Game Pass and when you boot it up for the first time you’ll see why.

That’s because Scorn is Xbox Game Pass’ most gruesome game, as we explain in our Scorn review. Filled with parasitic creatures, blood and guts, and phallic-looking objects, everything about this game is set to repulse you. However, if you can endure it long enough, you’ll find its obtuse puzzles rewarding to solve.

Best Xbox horror games: Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village smiling at the camera.

4. Resident Evil Village

Everyone loves a good Gothic setting and Resident Evil Village has all that and more. Following on from Resident Evil 7, you’ll once again follow Ethan Winters as his world is turned upside down – this time in a remote village.

You’ll face all sorts of enemies along the way, including some pretty big vampires. If you’ve not seen Lady Dimitrescu before, say hello now – you’ll be getting to know each other very well indeed, especially in the Halloween content drop.

Best Xbox horror games: Leon and Claire standing in the rain in Resident Evil 2 remake

5. Resident Evil 2 remake

Whether you’re a newcomer to the series or a fan of the classics, the Resident Evil 2 remake is a faithful recreation of the iconic horror game, turning the old tank-style controls into a full third-person shooter that also amps up the fear.

You play as Leon, a rookie police officer heading for his first shift in Racoon City, but things quickly turn south as an outbreak has caused chaos within the city. As Leon, you’ll discover the mystery behind the events, while surviving on limited ammunition and against hordes of infected.

Resident Evil 2 is a true survival horror that gives you limited inventory space, and many life-and-death situations that will get your pulse racing.

Best Xbox horror games: Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 4.

6. Resident Evil 4 remake

Capcom has been on a run of fantastic Resident Evil games recently, and Resident Evil 4 is the best of the bunch. In our Resident Evil 4 review we call it “a masterfully crafted action game”. Enhancing everything about the original and modernizing it in key ways, Capcom’s latest is the peak of the franchise in its current form.

Resident Evil 7 and Village are both worth your time, but for the perfect mix of action, horror, and combat, you can’t do better than the Resident Evil 4 remake, which balances every aspect of the series perfectly. In addition, the game also has fantastic pacing and a constant thrill ride feeling as you take on new enemies and jump from setpiece to setpiece.

Spread across a number of different locations, and full of boss fights, extra modes, and replay value, Resident Evil 4 is packed, making it well worth your money if you’re in the market for one of the best Xbox horror games. Make sure to use our Resident Evil 4 walkthrough, including the Resident Evil 4 best weapons to make things a bit easier.

Best Xbox horror games: An Alien hunts down Ripley in Alien Isolation.

7. Alien Isolation

Despite the 2014 release date, Alien Isolation feels every bit the modern horror, as a Xenomorph hunts you relentlessly through a doomed space station.

While its spooky and intense atmosphere is a good enough reason to play it, what sets Alien Isolation apart from other horror experiences is how the Xenomorph learns and reacts to your movements and patterns. If you keep hiding in that same spot, it will eventually weasel you out.

It’s also a perfect Alien game: the beeps and whirrs of the ’80s envisioned future tech are all present and correct, and it really feels like you’re exploring that world. Then, suddenly, before you remember that you’re being hunted by something smarter and stronger than you, the Xenomorph’s drooling mouth fills the screen.

Best Xbox horror games: A low-lit living room with an old-style CRT TV on in Visage

8. Visage

A few years ago, before leaving Konami, Hideo Kojima created a playable teaser called PT, which was a demo of an upcoming Silent Hills game. Despite being exclusive to PlayStation, PT is still the scariest horror experience in gaming despite being removed from the PS store and has yet to be topped.

Why is that information necessary? Well, Visage is inspired by PT, with designer Jonathan Vallières confirming so, and it shows throughout. Taking you into a suburban home in the 1980s, you’ll experience paranormal events that will quickly drop your sanity, but if you don’t find light, these horrors will get worse.

Visage is a true psychological horror, one that made us stop playing frequently for breaks. If you want a game that is horrifying in how little you can do to prevent the scares, then Visage is one for you.

Best Xbox horror games: Isaac cowers from an enemy with long claws leering over him in Dead Space.

9. Dead Space Remake

Dead Space, meanwhile, takes its horror cues from a different space-based scare fest. This horror owes a debt to Event Horizon. If the Xenomorph moved on Isaac Clarke, the tough-as-nails protagonist of Dead Space, he’d tear it apart with a laser cutter.

Clarke’s default weapon is a yep, you guessed it, a white-hot laser that can dismember enemies with ease, while the armored suit Clarke wears can protect him from most mundane hazards. As a result, the enemies have to be even nastier: the Necromorphs are dead bodies with flesh twisted into blades and other weapons, and they are terrifying.

You can play Dead Space as an action game, and you should, because it’s the only way to put the grotesque horrors out of your mind and rescue your wife.

While the original is still great to play, the remake is the best way to enjoy everything the series offers. You can read our Dead Space remake review here.

Best Xbox horror games: A killer on the loose in Dead by Daylight.

10. Dead by Daylight

The only multiplayer game on the list, and also the only one that will let you hunt down Leon Kennedy while playing as Ghostface from the Scream series, Dead By Daylight might sound like a horror-themed Fortnite, but it’s one of the best ways to get your jump scares.

It’s also one of the minority of horror games that let you be the terror. Whether you’re one of the four survivors desperately trying to escape or one of the Dead by Daylight killers running around trying to take them out, it’s compelling stuff.

Plus, anyone worth their salt in the horror world is wedged into the game, with the only notable omission being Jason from Friday the 13th, who vanished off to play his own game. Freddie, Ghostface, Mike Myers, Ash Williams, Leon Kennedy, Pyramid Head, Jigsaw… they’re all in here, and they all feel brilliant.

This is a must for horror fans looking for a twist.

Best Xbox horror games: Sebastian fires at a zombie in Evil Within 2.

11. The Evil Within 2

Courtesy of horror master Shinji Mikami, who was a key part of Resident Evil’s success and the director of Resident Evil 4, we have The Evil Within 2, a classic creature feature of a horror that has you adventuring into someone’s mind to try and rescue his daughter.

As a result, we have a game that blends its horror with a good dollop of Christopher Nolan’s Inception. The Evil Within 2 feels like the Resident Evil games of old, with a good mix of scares, blasting, and twisted architecture.

As the game rolls on and the fictional town of Union – a US town located inside someone’s mind – starts to unravel along with the mind holding it, things get really wild, and it quickly becomes one of the more bizarre gaming experiences you can have on your Xbox.

Best Xbox horror games: Alan Wake shining a torch towards the camera.

12. Alan Wake Remastered

Do you like shining a light on the truth? Then Alan Wake Remastered is for you. All good horror games have received a fresh lick of paint in recent years, and the original Alan Wake game is no exception.

Set in the mysterious town of Brightfall, you play writer Alan Wake who is currently going through writer’s block. As events written on pages start coming true, Alan will uncover what’s happening in Brightfall. And be prepared to keep the lights on in your home as you deal with shadowy creatures that only light can weaken in this survival-horror title.

This action-adventure game is one of Remedy’s best and the remaster allows fans – old and new – to enjoy this timeless classic set in Bright Falls. It’s also the perfect time to catch up with the story, considering the incredible Alan Wake 2 is out in the wild after so long.

Best Xbox horror games: An old lady raises her hand in The Quarry.

13. The Quarry

Supermassive Games and narrative-based horror games go hand in hand and The Quarry is arguably its best yet.

The Quarry follows nine teenagers on a summer trip to Hackett’s Quarry Summer Camp for two months, but, like with all good horror games, nothing is as it seems. Here, you’ll need to do your best to keep all nine teens alive as they fight for their lives. Narrative-driven choices and quick-time actions will get in the way, but that’s all part of the fun, right?

The consequential choices mean there’s plenty of room for replayability, something we go into detail more about in our The Quarry review. Still, this is a cracking game that you absolutely must play – especially if you’ve got a friend who doesn’t mind getting spooked.

Best Xbox horror games: Texas Chain Saw Massacre promotional art showing key characters stacked above a cabin.

14. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Based on the classic 1974 hit film, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game makes for an experience that Dead by Daylight fans will certainly enjoy. In this 3v4, asymmetrical game of hide-and-seek, you can take on the role of either a Slaughter family member or one of their victims.

Thanks to the unique match setup, there are some incredibly tense and thrilling moments waiting for you. This multiplayer-focused title is perfect for scares and laughs, but things can get intense fairly quickly.

While you can pick up The Texas Chain Saw Massacre on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, you can also grab it on Game Pass.

Best Xbox horror games: The character from Amnesia: The Bunker getting ready to throw a grenade in a dark hallway.

15. Amnesia: The Bunker

The Amnesia series is still going after all these years, albeit with some ups and downs. However, Amnesia: The Bunker represents arguably the best entry in the series to date. This survival horror game sees you managing your resources, including your torch, to make it out of a WWI bunker alive. As you might expect, however, there’s a relentless, sinister monster stalking you.

The dank and dark environment is horrifying before even considering the monster lurking in its shadows, constantly hunting you. Keep a close eye on your torch, fuel, and tools, as you navigate the maze-like bunker.

Best Xbox horror games: A character holding a UV light against a zombie monster in Dying Light 2.

16. Dying Light 2: Stay Human

Dying Light 2 might not strictly be a horror game, but if you’re looking for a great mix of horror and light-hearted fun, then it will be perfect for you. During the day, this open-world zombie slasher is just that, a moderately tense yet over-the-top zombie game. However, it is absolutely terrifying once it gets dark. At night time, special zombies come out that are much faster and more ferocious than standard zombies. In fact, these will put your parkour skills to the test as you race across the rooftops looking for any shred of safety as these monsters hunt you.

Yes, you read that right, Dying Light 2 features one of the best first-person parkour systems out there. You’ll make great use of this to avoid packs of zombies, equally dangerous bandits, and the aforementioned amped-up beasts at night time. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock even more traversal options too.

It’s also got an interesting story to back up the exhilarating gameplay, making it a good fit for someone looking for a more balanced, heart-racing experience, rather than all-out horror. Be sure to read our Dying Light 2 review to find out more. 

Best Xbox Games 2024: An image of a man in a pool in the game Dead Island 2.

17. Dead Island 2

Somehow, after all the years of waiting, Dead Island 2 emerged as a solid action-RPG that’s worth giving a spin. You’re tasked with finding other survivors and refuge after surviving a plane crash, oh and there are zombies everywhere.

Fans of the original will find plenty to enjoy here, but newcomers looking for some undead chaos will get their fill of head rolling goodness. You can even team up in co-op to fight off zombies with your mates, and you’ll do it across an open world iteration of Los Angeles. But you know, with zombie guts and what not all over it.

So there you have it, the best Xbox horror games you can play right now. If you’re looking for more suggestions though, make sure to read our guide to the best Xbox Game Pass games – there are some titles on those lists that frankly shouldn’t be overlooked. And for ways to drastically improve your gaming experience, why not take a look at the best Xbox accessories? You’ll be able to get much more immersed in the horrors with the right kit.