Scorn puzzle solutions and answers

If you are stuck in Scorn or just looking for some pointers, this article will help you out. You can find all the Scorn puzzle solutions and answers here

Scorn Puzzle Solutions: A small creature can be seen inside a robotic body

Scorn is unconventional in a number of ways. But, one of the biggest ways it doesn’t follow most other experiences is that it doesn’t tell you how to solve any of the game’s puzzles. As mentioned in our Scorn review, all of them are for you to discover and understand, as you slowly learn about the alien race in the game. But, if you don’t feel like thinking and testing how to solve a puzzle for more than 30 minutes (which we did multiple times while playing) then this guide will cover all the key Scorn puzzle solutions and answers to help you out.

Scorn puzzle solutions and answers

There are around a dozen main puzzles in Scorn, spread out between Act I to Act V. You can find solutions for them in each act below:

Act I-I puzzle solutions and answers

The only puzzle in Act 1 is the egg puzzle which you have to complete to be able to open the large door. This puzzle can be solved once you reach the wall of eggs. The central console controls the grabber for the main conveyor belt in the middle of the wall, while the right console controls a grabber which moves the clusters of eggs about.

Use the right console first and you will see that you can interact with the eggs and pull and drag them along the rails on the wall. But, some are single eggs, and others are tied in clusters of two or three.

Two of the eggs on the wall have lights on them, this shows they are alive. In the middle rail horizontally, you want to grab the set of two eggs that are dead (have no light) and drag them along to the right. Then you can move the egg in the third horizontal row, five columns along, up to the top left corner. Interact with the central machine to destroy it as it is picked up.

Scorn Puzzle Solutions: The egg can be seen in the top corner

While this didn’t work, it does allow us to get that egg off the board and better manoeuvre the rest of the dead eggs to get the other alive one. Below, you can find a grid to help with the solution to moving the one alive egg to the top left corner of the rails. This grid shows different cell numbers for each spot on the rails.

Scorn Puzzle Solutions: The grid of eggs can be seen

To begin with, move the egg from B8 to C8, followed by moving B5 to B1. From there, move C3 to B8. Then, shift C9 along one to C10. Move D8 to C9 and then B8 to D7. From there shift C7 up to B7. Lower A4 to B3 and move A6 to A3. To cap off the initial placement of the eggs, then move B7 up (which should be the lit egg) and then down again from B7 to B5.

Scorn Puzzle Solutions: The closeup of the rail of eggs can be seen

Following that, shift A4 along to A7 and then down to C8. Take B3 and lift it up and then down again to B8. From there, move the egg in C1 up and fill in the single gap in B6. Finally, move C3 to A7 and you can then move B5 up and then down again and up to the lit-up cell. The final image should look like this.

Scorn Puzzle Solutions: The final solution can be seen

Use the middle console and you will see that you have given birth to a creature and completed this puzzle. You can now go back downstairs.

Act I-II puzzle solutions and answers

The only puzzle in Act I-II comes after you have obtained your weapon. As you explore, you will find a small slot you can put your gun in that will cause the barriers to release and these circular white floating pods to float around on this side of the map. The large core will also be carried over to the central column, which you saw when you grabbed the gun.

Scorn Puzzle Solutions: The player can be seen interacting with the hole

On your way to the pillar, you can destroy the fleshy creatures with your poker weapon. But, it isn’t necessary.

Next, head over to the opposite side of the hall, past another set of fleshy pillars and repeat this sequence of events. The same thing will happen.

Now, head back to the central tower in the area. Use the central console and you will see an incubator drone-like thing fly up. You can control this and manoeuvre it to the core in the centre, right, or left of you. Interact when the incubator is above it to then have it pick it up. From there, fly it up into one of the holes in the large tower. Interact again to impregnate that spot on the tower. Then, interact with the newly opened fleshy console to fully lock it in.

Scorn Puzzle Solutions: The large tower with the pods can be seen

Repeat this two more times for the other spots higher in the tower, using the other cores, and you will see the large metal grates lifting to the outside, completing this puzzle and moving you onto the next part of the game.

Act II-I puzzle solutions and answers

Act II-I does not have any puzzle solutions. All you have to do in this chapter is make your way back into the large building by finding your way through the open rocky expanse.

Act II-II puzzle solutions and answers

The main puzzle at the beginning of Act II-II are the set of four cylindrical keyhole puzzles. You will find the first big hole you can put that cylindrical key you pick up by the locked door right next to it. This will open it and you will see you have to connect the outer moving point in the circle to the multiple circles surrounding the key.

If you turn the key you will see the point on the outer ring turns. Each of these consoles has six slots the outer point can move into. So, the goal is to align the outer point and the inner circles. You will need to do this four times. But, for the first one, going clockwise, to solve it you need to move the outer point to point slot 5, then slot 3, then slot 2, and then finally slot 1.

Scorn Puzzle Solutions: The solution to the first key puzzle can be seen

The next console and keyslot are down the left path when you are presented with three choices on where to go. This puzzle is a little different when you find it as the rings inside are now moving on their own. So, you need to watch where they align with an outer ring slot and move the outer point to that slot. The solution is to move it to slot 5, then slot 2, and then slot 6, before moving it to the first slot.

Scorn Puzzle Solutions: The console solution can be seen

From that last puzzle, head back to where you can create a path and head to the one on your left again. The solution for this one when you get to it by stopping the fan is slot 5, then slot 1, slot 3, and then finally slot 1 again.

Scorn Puzzle Solutions: The console with the final solution can be seen

After getting that key, head down the elevator next to you and you will see another tube which you can graft a spike onto your hand, which is needed for the main puzzle. So, grab it and then go back to the first path we went down and use the console at the top of the ramp.

Scorn Puzzle Solutions: The grafting machine can be seen

With this console, you can cause the big brain thing in the middle of the circular room with the different paths to spew acid on one of the paths. So, direct it to spew acid on the path northeast of where you are centred, as this path has been blocked by bodies. This acid will decompose the bodies and allow you to get through. Connect the path up to the one you just sprayed acid on by going back downstairs and use the key on the console in front of you to get the last disc for the key.

The solution for this one is a lot harder as you have to listen for the click, given 50% of it is covered up. But, the solution is slot 2, then slot 3, then slot 5, and finally slot 1.

Scorn Puzzle Solutions: The final puzzle console can be seen

From there, you can take the path to your left in the fleshy corridor creator back to the room with the eggs and begin to solve the central room puzzle now you have the four discs for the key.

Insert the key into the device on your right to drop all four of the eggs. Now, use the console just next to it to see another puzzle involving the discs for that key. On your right, you will see four slots with red jewels. This is where the individual disc points need to go, which are on your right. But, the catch is all the discs are aligned perfectly, whereas the slots are not. So, you need to turn the discs one by one so they all eventually slot into place nicely.

The solution for this can actually be obtained through mere trial and error. But, you want to get it so the first and second discs are four turns away from one another. This can be done by putting the first disc into the shortest slot and then turning the rest upwards.

Scorn Puzzle Solutions: The first stage of the disc puzzle can be seen

This will allow you to then turn the discs down, moving the first disc into the pathway at the bottom of the cylinder. Once in place, turn the discs down until the third disc fits in the path at the bottom. Once in, then turn the discs outside up until the last one fits in the shortest path. Finish by moving the discs up one more time to get the last one into place.

Scorn Puzzle Solutions: The final stage of the disc puzzle can be seen

This will complete the puzzle and allow you to interact with the console by the eggs, pick up your key, your ammo holder, and your health regeneration creature.

ACT III Puzzle Solutions

The two main puzzles in act three are the light node puzzles, which you come across as you get the keys for the console, that remove the barriers blocking your way. The goal is to have all the nodes light up, by connecting the pipes to one another. This is actually really tricky to do.

But, the solution for the first puzzle on the top level of the area in act 3 is as follows: turn the bottom node three times, then the right node four times, the left node four times, the bottom node two times, the left node five times, and then the bottom node two times. This will complete the puzzle and get you the first key.

Scorn Puzzle Solutions: The answer to the first puzzle solution can be seen

The second puzzle, which can be found on the middle level of the area is a bit harder with an extra node. But, the solution for this one is turn the bottom node three times, the left node three times, the top node once, the right node three times, the bottom node once, the top node once, the left node once, the right node three times, the bottom node three times, and then the top node three times. This will solve the puzzle and let you get the final key.

Scorn Puzzle Solutions: The second puzzle solution can be seen

This will get you all of the keys for the console, allowing you to progress onwards.

Act IV puzzle solutions

There is only one puzzle in Act IV. This puzzle is the maze puzzle after you have raised all of the pillars within the structure the creature had grown into.

The goal with this puzzle is to get the little dot into the centre. But, the dot is in the same place on all three of the pillars. So you will need to use the different layouts of the three mazes on each pillar to get that dot to the centre.

Below, you can find a guide with each square. The solution to complete this puzzle is to move the dot to A3, turn the pillar twice, move the fot to C5, and then turn the pillar once and move the dot to E6. From there, turn the pillar once and move the dot to D3, turn the pillar once and move the dot to E3. Turn the pillar twice and then move the dot to D2. Turn the pillar two more times and then move the dot down to C3 to complete the puzzle.

Scorn Puzzle Solutions: The maze puzzle can be seen

With this puzzle complete you can head upstairs and onto the final part of the game.

Act V puzzle solutions

Act V doesn’t really have any puzzles like there are in previous chapters. But, there is one obscure mechanic that may not be easy to understand.

One of those is what to do with the red pods. When you get them, you want to put them in the body of the mechanical robot on the opposite side of the room. Then, you want to burst the pods either by using a weapon or killing the bosses, taking the fetus creatures to the machine you put the jar in.

With that mechanic locked in you can make your way through the rest of the act, getting rid of that pesky parasite, and finally being able to breathe. At least for a bit until your reach the ending.

With these Scorn puzzle solutions and answers, they should help you get through the really tricky moments in the game that may leave you stumped. We had to take quite a bit of time to work these out ourselves, so this should help you beat Scorn in a quicker time than most people. If you want some additional tips to help you out during the combat sections of the game we also have a few key combat tips that make those parts of the game a little more bearable.