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How long to beat Scorn - what is the length of the game?

Find out how long to beat Scorn with this handy guide on how long you can expect to spend in its haunting, errie world filled with disgusting creatures

scorn how long to beat the hr giger horror game enemy in cocoon

The HR Giger-inspired horror game Scorn is here and lurching its way onto our console and PC hard drives and we are terrified. We love first-person shooters, but when your gun is made from what looks like someone’s bones and flesh, we draw the line. But, if you are jumping in you likely want to know how long to beat Scorn, so you can anticipate how many hours you are going to have to look at its gross environments.

Read on below to find out what we know about how long to beat Scorn. We recommend the hide-and-scream-in-fear playstyle when playing and looking at its horrifying sites, but you can also take in the world in slowly if you are a fan of Giger’s art.

Whatever works for you though, the length of the game will be about the same for everyone.

How long to beat Scorn?

Scorn takes between six and eight hours to complete. This is according to what the horror game’s developers said in a blog post on Steam.

The game world has a variety of different environments and levels, so the time it will take to complete will vary based on your play style and if you explore everything or rush through it. But, generally you are looking at a playtime about this length no matter what you do.

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