How long to beat Scorn – what is the length of the game?

Are you trying to find out how long to beat Scorn, the latest first-person shooter come horror game? Here's everything you know about this HR Giger nightmare

scorn how long to beat the hr giger horror game enemy in cocoon

The HR Giger-inspired horror game Scorn is soon going to be lurching its way onto out consoles and we are terrified. Have you seen the way those squirmy things do the squirmy thing? We love first-person shooters at The Loadout, but when your gun is made from what looks like someone’s bones, we draw the line.

With that in mind, we all want to know how long to beat Scorn so that we can get it over and done with and tell people we wore our big people pants and played through the whole game like the adults we are. I mean come on, the levels look like you’ve been consumed by a giant.

Anyway, read on below to find out what we know about how long to beat Scorn. We recommend the hide and scream in fear playstyle, but you may prefer another kind. Let us know how it works out for you.

How long to beat Scorn

Scorn takes between six and eight hours to complete. The game world has a variety of different environments and levels, so the time it will take to complete will vary based on your playstyle, and so it could be longer or shorter than the above time. This is according to what the horror game’s developers said in a blog post on Steam.

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