Echo Apsey

Job Title
Guides Editor
July 2021
Echo Apsey is a writer with five years of experience covering the PS5Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, as well as the biggest games and franchises. You'll find plenty of guides on Call of Duty, XDefiant, Spider-Man 2EA Sports FC, Starfield, Mortal Kombat 1Street Fighter 6, and more. Additionally, they regularly update The Loadout's PS Plus Extra and Premium games list and write up the monthly PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass games lists. You can also find reviews and features on games, as well as hardware for PS5, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. In their time writing, they have attended industry events like Gamescom, WASD. Additionally, they have conducted interviews with the teams behind Lords of the Fallen, Blue Protocol, Dying Light 2, and more since beginning their writing journey at university.

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