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The Day Before release date, platforms, story, gameplay

Fntastic's apoclyptic RPG was once a highly anticipated title, but The Day Before release date buried the game's future once and for all.

The Day Before release date: An image of a soldier in a mall in The Day Before.

When was The Day Before release date? After months of delays and messages of reassurance from developer Fntastic, The Day Before release date finally happened – but the moment didn’t last too long. Despite a strong lack of gameplay footage, the game did generate plenty of hype before launch, though.

At one point, The Day Before had been highly anticipated, giving it a running chance to be one of the best survival games. However, this just wasn’t to be, due to a massive myriad of issues. Here’s what you need to know about The Day Before.

The Day Before release date

The Day Before was released on PC on December 7, 2023. However, the game is no longer available to purchase on digital storefronts, following the closure of developer Fntastic. The game’s closure comes after scathing reviews of the title, which cited poor performance, a strong lack of content, and uncompelling narrative as The Day Before’s biggest issues. 

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The Day Before platforms

Due to the abysmal reviews and closure of Fntastic, The Day Before is no longer available to buy on PC, and thus, the PS5 and Xbox console version has been canceled too. The game’s death happened just over a month after launch, and is unlikely to be resurrected in any capacity. 

The Day Before story

The Day Before’s narrative takes place in a post apocalyptic version of the United States, where zombies have overrun the nation. Players could explore the fictitious location of New Fortune City, which is set in the East Coast of the United States. As you navigated different quests and locations, you would find resources to build a small colony along the way. 

The Day Before gameplay

The Day Before was an open world RPG that is all about survival during the middle of a deadly apocalypse. Similar to Ubisoft’s The Division franchise, The Day Before’s gameplay allowed players to loot, craft upgrades, eliminate players in PvP, and upgrade their safe-house.

However, due to the limited resources that the studio had available, The Day Before’s quests were sparsely fleshed out, failing to replicate the scale of other games in the genre. It was also riddled with bugs and glitches at launch, making the game borderline unplayable in some instances for players. 

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There you have it, that’s all you need to know about The Day Before release date, as well as story and gameplay details. For more on other survival games, check out the best PS5 survival games and the best Xbox survival games.