The Day Before release date, platforms, story, gameplay

Are you curious about The Day Before release date, all the controversy surrounding the game and the story and gameplay? Find out everything you need to know.

The Day Before Release Date: A character can be seen

When is The Day Before release date? After a number of shifts, several controversies, and delays, The Day Before is finally coming out. But, what exactly is this game and why is it such a hot topic? This article is the place for you if you ask those questions as we have everything you need to know.

From the lack of gameplay and trailers to the game becoming the most pre-ordered game on Steam, The Day Before has been highly anticipated, giving it a running chance to be one of the best survival games. But, with concerns starting to settle in, the potential success of the game has been questioned. However, interest in what exactly is going on and why is still pulsating throughout the survival game community.

The Day Before release date

The Day Before’s release date is Friday, November 10, 2023, for PC. A console launch is planned later down the line, but this date was announced after the game was delayed in January 2023 and a new trailer was revealed in June 2023.

The Day Before release date: Main character from key art of The Day Before behind release dates for PC and consoles

This comes after a trademark issue related to the game, which has sowed doubt in the community that the game is real. But, the studio and publisher are adamant that the game is coming and it should release on this day, although we have still not seen very much from it.

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The Day Before platforms

As well as on PC, The Day Before is also set to come to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S later down the line. However, this won’t be at the same time as the PC release.

There isn’t much of a chance of the game coming to PS4 and Xbox One though, especially given that it has been delayed multiple times and seems to be quite technically demanding.

The Day Before story

The Day Before’s story hasn’t been discussed too much, but the game is set in a post-pandemic world where you are trying to survive.

Hopefully, we will get more story details from the studio as we get closer to the launch of the game.

The Day Before gameplay

The Day Before is an open-world survival MMO and seems to be an experience that is like The Division, with realistic weapons and a large sprawling city to explore and find loot in.

As with a lot of this game, we haven’t seen much about it. But, we should get to see a bit more soon.

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There you have it, which covers what we know about The Day Before release date, as well as story and gameplay details. For more on other survival games, check out the best PS5 survival games and the best Xbox survival games.