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Is Phasmophobia coming to PS5 and Xbox?

After several years of PC exclusivity, find out if Phasmophobia is still on course to launch on PlayStation and Xbox consoles in the future.

Phasmophobia PS5 Xbox Release Date: A person can be seen

Is Kinetic Games still releasing Phasmophobia PS5 and Phasmophobia Xbox ports? If you’re a console gamer and a horror fan, that’s likely a very important question. The hit ghost hunting game was announced for PlayStation and Xbox many moons ago, but it still remains playable on PC only.

Phasmophobia is one of the best horror games of recent years, so naturally a console version of the game has been highly requested. It’s initial popularity among Twitch streamers and YouTubers shot the game to success during the pandemic and it is still played quite a bit on Steam today. So what’s happened to the console port, and when might it jostle for a spot on our best PS5 games and best Xbox games lists?

Is Phasmophobia still coming to PS5 and Xbox?

The Phasmophobia PS5 and Xbox ports have been indefinitely delayed, but thankfully they have not been entirely scrapped. Kinetic Games says it is “still hard at work” on developing them and that it will be share more details on its console development plan soon.

The PS5 and Xbox versions of Phasmophobia were initially set to launch in August 2023. However, after missing that deadline, Kinetic revealed it was facing “challenges” with following a fire at its head office. As a result, it indefinitely delayed them.

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Kinetic then gave a further update at the beginning of 2024, confirming that the console ports weren’t being canceled.

“We’re still hard at work trying to get this ready for you eager console players, and it’ll arrive as soon as it’s ready,” the studio said. “With the delay comes extra changes for console players on day one; the new and improved upcoming Shop experience, the upcoming adjustments to the leveling and equipment tiers, as well as minor balance changes. This will all result in Console players getting the best experience as soon as they receive the game, instead of large portions of gameplay and progression changing just after it releases.

“Additionally, when it is released, console players will receive a game that looks and runs better. We plan to implement a large amount of optimizations across the board, which will allow us to keep the game’s graphical quality as close to PC as possible.”

Then, in June 2024, it said that it will “share more information on the development and plans for the Console within the next few weeks”.

Phasmophobia PSVR 2 support

According to the game’s original console release trailer, Phasmophobia will support PSVR 2 on PS5. To get a sense of what that’ll look like, check out some gameplay of the VR version on PC below.

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In its October announcement of the console port’s delay, Kinetic Games confirmed that it was “diligently reviewing the game’s performance and optimizing it across all maps to ensure a seamless experience”, primarily to help the performance for PSVR 2 players.

The game will allow for optional crossplay across PSVR 2, PC, PS5, and Xbox when it does finally arrive on console platforms.

That covers what we know about the console version of this hit multiplayer game. For even more great co-op games, check out our list of the best Xbox co-op games and best PS5 co-op games available right now.