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The best Xbox co-op games 2024

From competitive shooters to challenging platformers, these are the best Xbox co-op games right now for split-screen or online cooperative play.

Best Xbox coop games: A split image showing a woman in a pink and black outfit with long wavy pink hair and a Spartan from Halo wearing a white and grey armor set

What are the best Xbox co-op games? Videogames help you connect with friends, and even make new ones, and in recent years there’s been a resurgence in new (and excellent) cooperative games to go alongside plenty of established classics. But what are the best Xbox co-op games for those looking for a collaborative experience on their Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S?

The best co-op games and online games with cross-platform play are easy to find, but which ones are definitely deserving of your time? And your friends’ time, for that matter. Whether its grabbing an extra controller for some couch co-op, or jumping in an Xbox party or Discord server to play online, these are the best games you can play right now. As you can see, we’re absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to amazing co-op titles.

Here are the best Xbox co-op games:

Best Xbox co-op games: a giant tentacle-touting creature in Destiny 2

1. Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has peaked and troughed over the years, but developer Bungie has worked hard to ensure that each expansion brings major improvements, and each season brings exciting new content to what is one of the best FPS games (as well as one of the best co-op games) out there.

In a classic light vs. dark story, you take on the role of a Guardian tasked with protecting the former while destroying the latter. Destiny 2’s gunplay and puzzles remain a major draw for PvE players (there’s also a lot of loot, including some of the best Destiny 2 weapons to hoover up), while there’s plenty of Guardian-on-Guardian action to be had in its PvP modes. Oh, and if you love raiding, then Destiny 2’s toughest challenges are always a joy to run.

Destiny 2’s base game is free-to-play, but its juicy seasonal content and expansions will cost you.

Best 2 player Xbox games: The Overcooked 2 gang with the onion in a triuck

2. Overcooked All You Can Eat Edition

Overcooked All You Can Eat is the definitive way to play Overcooked, containing every bit of content released across the first two Overcooked games. It’s not the easiest game to categorize but this chaotic cooking simulator is great to play at parties.

In Overcooked, up to four players play the role of chefs in a kitchen preparing meals as they are ordered. It might sound simple, but as all good chefs know, you’ve got to keep your cool as the orders come in thick and fast. Expect this puzzle game to put your relationships to the test – especially if you’re the one who’s just set the kitchen alight.

Best 2 players Xbox games: The two parents in It Takes Two on the ski lift

3. It Takes Two

Released under the EA Originals banner, It Takes Two is an incredible co-op experience with a story full of heart. Part platformer, part puzzler, it offers a gentle experience that is more about the journey than the destination.

You and your second player take on the roles of Cody and May, a married couple going through a divorce. They break the news to their young daughter Rose and she attempts to use her dolls (which are modeled after her parents) to act out the reconciliation of their relationship.

Thus begins a story filled with heart-wrenching moments that will stick with you for years to come. In fact, Jess nominated it for Game of the Year in 2021 and it features in our overall list of the best Xbox games out there.

Best 2 player xbox games: three players from Chaosbane ready for action

4. Warhammer: Chaosbane – Slayer Edition

This selection will be a little out there for many but stick with us. Warhammer: Chaosbane is a brilliant ARPG much like Diablo or Path of Exile. The Slayer Edition offers a souped-up version specifically for the Xbox Series X, adding all additional content, as well as 4K visuals.

You and a friend can select from a variety of classes familiar with the Warhammer universe and start plowing through waves of enemies like a hot knife through butter. It’s mindless fun that offers a kick of adrenaline every so often as encounters become increasingly more difficult.

While there is a story in play here, there is no prior knowledge of the Warhammer universe needed and everything is laid out in simple terms. This allows you to enjoy it as a generic fantasy ARPG with fun and engaging combat.

Best 2 player xbox games: a rally car from DiRt

5. DiRT 5

One for the racers out there, DiRT 5 was one of the first true racing experiences built for the Xbox Series X|S generation, and it shows. Fantastic visuals alongside a solid frame rate offer the ultimate thrill ride as you travel around the world racing on all sorts of terrain.

With split-screen racing, DiRT 5 allows you to settle your arguments on the track. With so many races and vehicle types to choose from, you can go straight and serious or get extreme with your couch co-op sessions. While this is a slightly more competitive experience, rather than a collaborative one, anything that you can play with a pal in the same room is a great co-op game in our books.

Best 2 player xbox games: a character screams in The Quarry

6. The Quarry

It’s a little-known fact that Supermassive Games’ titles are co-op friendly and The Quarry is the best yet. Whether you’re a fan of horror or not, these games offer an atmospheric rollercoaster like nothing else on the Xbox Series X.

You can use the Movie Night feature to play in co-op, which allows you and a friend to select which characters you’ll be in control of. The game is very clear in letting players know who is in control at what time allowing for a smooth experience with little confusion.

We rave about it in our The Quarry review, so imagine what it’s like with a friend.

Best 2 player Xbox games: A person jet washes a train

7. PowerWash Simulator

The addition of PowerWash Simulator might seem a little strange, but hear us out. It’s one of the best two-player Xbox games if you’re looking to sit back, relax, and catch up with a friend.

In Jesse’s thoughts on why PowerWash Simulator is one of the best Xbox co-op games he notes that there’s more to it than just cleaning stuff. “The environmental storytelling in the game is fantastic, and it’s great fun to piece things together with co-op company,” he says. Additionally, if you’re looking for a chill experience then “PowerWash Simulator provides a calm sandbox for you and your co-op partner to actually socialize in.”

If that sounds good, then be sure to grab PowerWash Simulator on Xbox or PC. You can also pick up your hose on Xbox Game Pass.

Best Xbox co-op games: Characters shooting at a boss in Remnant 2

8. Remnant 2

Following up on the incredible cult-hit phenomenon Remnant From the Ashes is no easy task. But Gunfire Games’ second outing in the universe, Remnant 2, is an incredible co-op game worth playing, regardless of your experience with the first game, or lack thereof.

In Remnant 2, you can choose from a variety of Remnant 2’s best classes in this challenging soulslike with a focus on guns, and fortunately, you can bring friends along for the ride. Our Remnant 2 review praises the game, calling it “an enjoyable and action-filled romp”.

While a Soulslike with guns instead of the usual affair of swords and shields is novel in of itself, Remnant 2’s procedurally-generated levels also add an intriguing element that will keep you on your toes. It also boasts epic boss battles that require both teamwork and firepower.

Best Xbox co-op games: Exosuits standing in Exoprimal

9. Exoprimal

The idea of killing thousands of dinosaurs while piloting a variety of powerful exosuits with your friends sounds incredibly fun on paper. And in our experience, it’s equally fun to play it. Exoprimal takes the idea of dinosaur-culling chaos and blocks out all else.

The exosuits act like a class system, and each one has different strengths, weaknesses, and weaponry – just make sure to use our Exoprimal tier list to know which suit is worth using. While the standard game modes are great fun, squads that really want to test themselves can participate in weekly Savage Gauntlets – timed PvE challenges that will push your dino-doming skills to the limit.

While our Exoprimal review did find a few negatives, it’s still definitely worth playing with pals – especially if you can all access it at no extra cost through Game Pass.

Best Xbox co-op games: Nobody Saves the World key art featuring Nobody holding a wand

10. Nobody Saves the World

Nobody Saves the World is an action role-playing game where you play as Nobody. However, you can bring a friend to help you on your journey, so two nobodies save the world instead. Inspired by Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda series, as you explore dungeons, take on different forms to defeat enemies, and more.

It’s certainly one of the most unique and interesting games on our co-op list, but it is definitely worth jumping into when you get the chance.

Best Xbox co-op games: a man and a woman that look like they're from a Tim Burton film in Don't Starve Together

11. Don’t Starve Together

You’d be forgiven if you though Don’t Starve was some form of Tim Burton side project, but developer Klei Entertainment wears its influences proudly.

In the standalone multiplayer expansion of the timeless wilderness survival game, you and up to five other homies will have to forage, hunt, and craft your way through an incredibly (incredibly) hostile environment. With the threat of death hiding under every bush, Don’t Starve Together will test the sanity of you and your cohort – literally, there’s a whole sanity meter in-game.

Don’t Starve Together may have been released back in 2016, but it still receives regular content updates to this day. It’s a rarity to see titles get this much post-launch support, so you know that it’s clearly a labor of love.

Best Xbox co-op games: two sleeping dogs in PHOGS


What’s better than being able to play as one good boy? Being able to play as two good boys alongside a homie. PHOGS is a bouncy, barky, bitey puzzler that’ll literally stretch you and your companion to the limit. Here, you’ll be navigating three puzzle-filled worlds as a conjoined doggo duo.

Each world is thematically linked to the core tenets of all things dog: food, sleep, and play. It’s giving Bread and Fred in a big way, though the good news is that this is a far more casual (read: not infuriating) experience that will ensure your relationship remains intact by the end of it.

Best Xbox co-op games: a tiny white clay person on a disco floor in Human Fall Flat

13. Human: Fall Flat

Sometimes modern problems require modern solutions, and Human: Fall Flat solves the age-old conundrum of ‘how do you besiege a castle single-handedly?’ beautifully – be the cannonball.

This, along with plenty of other whacky puzzles forms the basis of Human: Fall Flat. The original floppy physics-based puzzle platformer that will have you and a pal causing all kinds of chaos across its multitude of levels, making it one of the best co-op games you can play on Xbox consoles.

While you won’t find quite as much to do as in the PC version – Steam Workshop’s user-generated content farm can attest to that – but since the console version’s release in 2021 developer No Brakes Games has added new levels for you and a friend to waddle through. You’ll have to know your left hand from your right, though, as each is controlled by a separate input. Y’know, just to make it that bit trickier.

Best Xbox co-op games: a dog vs. dinosaur tug-of-war showdown in Party Animals

14. Party Animals

One of the best co-op Xbox exclusives available right now is the hilarious physics-based Party Animals. For those familiar with games like Gang Beasts and Human Fall Flat, this is one for you and your pals.

After choosing from the various members of the animal kingdom that constitute the Party Animals characters, brawl it out across various unique arenas, each with their own gimmick that you’ll have to watch out for as you seek to knock your pals out of the game. You can even accessorize your cuddly combatant – consult our Party Animals codes guide for a couple of freebies to get you started.

In our Party Animals review we highlight the enjoyment factor, noting that it “offers a fun time with friends thanks to its visually distinct art style and party antics.” Party Animals is available on PC and Xbox only – Game Pass is your best friend here for both.

Best Xbox co-op games: a crunchy pixel vampire fighting off hordes of undead in Vampire Survivors

15. Vampire Survivors

Don’t let Vampire Survivors’ old-school graphics fool you – this really is one of the best co-op games you can sink your fangs into, as well as one of the best Xbox Game Pass games the service has to offer.

The plucky survival horror game is all about power scaling and becoming the biggest, baddest vampire you can over the course of a run. Throughout, you’ll have to navigate hordes of hellish beasties using the suite of powers that can be accrued after killing enough of them. Vampire Survivors even has its own permanent progression system, rewarding you for your time played long-term.

Though it only supports couch co-op, it just means Vampire Survivors’ multiplayer is more of a treat when you have up to three of your buddies over. It gets pretty hectic pretty quickly, so one mi-stake will see your run meet a premature end.

Best Xbox co-op games: a soldier wearing a green suit of armor in Halo Master Chief Collection

16. Halo: The Master Chief Collection

If you’re looking for the ultimate shooter experience that can only be enjoyed on Xbox then look no further. Sporting 67 missions across multiple Halo titles, The Master Chief Collection is the definitive way to experience the stoic Spartan’s grand sci-fi narrative.

Available in split-screen and online multiplayer, the MCC campaign can be enjoyed by you and your player two from the comfort of your couch, or from afar.

While the collection doesn’t include Halo 5: Guardians or Halo Infinite – the most recent installment in the legendary videogame series, both can be snagged separately via Game Pass (as can MCC, though it’s often on sale for those who prefer to own their games.)

Best Xbox co-op games: a restaurant with a red carpet in PlateUp!

17. PlateUp!

Overcooked! fans have been treated to a brand new kitchen and restaurant management sim on Xbox Game Pass this year in the form of PlateUp! However, developer It’s happening’s maiden voyage into the gaming market does have a couple of major points of difference from Ghost Town Games’ hit series.

Firstly, PlateUp! will let you design your dream restaurant before the furious food flinging begins. As such, there’s a major strategic element you and up to three friends will have to navigate when it comes to min-maxing your culinary process. The other thing? PlateUp! is a roguelite.

Whether you’re putting on your best Chef Ramsay impression in the kitchen, or are out mopping up mess on the restaurant floor, there’s a role for everyone – just make sure you don’t get fired.

Best Xbox co-op games: a giant disgusting green-hued beast in Diablo 4

18. Diablo 4

If you love a good dungeon crawler then few have ever done it better than Blizzard’s Diablo series. Set in Sanctuary – the precipice between Heaven and Hell, Diablo 4 will pit you against the Queen of the Succubi, Lilith, who is trying to make sinners of its inhabitants. ‘Why?’ You may ask… well, you’re just going to have to find out.

Sporting a diverse roster of Diablo 4 classes to choose from, crafting the perfect Diablo 4 build for your playstyle is always a pleasure – theorycrafting is a big passion of ours here at The Loadout.

Our friends over at PCGamesN note in their Diablo 4 review that the latest installment “embodies the essence of what makes Diablo so great,” so know that this is an experience which can be enjoyed not only by seasoned veterans but total newcomers to the series. Couch co-op is also available, so get the snacks in and get demon hunting with a loved one.

Best Xbox co-op games: Obi-Wan and Maul clash lightsabers in Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

19. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Lego games have been mainstays in any best co-op gaming list worth its salt for the past two decades. The Skywalker Saga – the amalgamation of all nine mainline Star Wars movies – is a real testament to that.

With hundreds of characters for you and a pal to play as, as well as a whimsically comical retelling of some of Star Wars’ most iconic moments to enjoy, it’s little wonder why we gave it a 9/10 in our Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga review.

“Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is everything you want it to be and more,” we write. Though the camera can be a little close for comfort sometimes during split-screen sessions, it’s nonetheless one of the best Star Wars games on the market.

Best Xbox coop games: two shrunken down people walking through plant stems

20. Grounded

If you’re after a super accessible, unique-feeling co-op game on Xbox, Grounded is guaranteed to deliver. This Honey I Shrunk The Kids-style game gives you a look at the world (or rather, a backyard) from an ant’s-eye-view.

With base building, exploration, and creepy-crawly combat, Grounded weaves survival game elements into a charming co-op experience that you can share with up to three other players. There’s also a shared world feature that allows any member(s) of your garden gang to hop on and complete challenges, expand your base, and fend off bugs, which all contributes to that world’s collective progression.

Oh, and if the idea of coming face-to-face with a giant spider terrifies you, Grounded’s famous arachnophobia filter can come to your aid.

Grounded is available to buy outright on the Microsoft Store, or you can play it through Xbox Game Pass. 

Best Xbox coop games: A person in yellow trousers and blue crop top standing next to a giant black, white, and yellow beast that is emanating electricity

21. Palworld

Similarly to Grounded, the slightly bonkers but totally engrossing Palworld is a co-op game with lots of survival elements. However, instead of a back garden, you’re cast out into a vast open-world that features sandy beaches, icy mountains, and bustling forests.

The aim of the game in Palworld is to explore and survive in this world, all while battling, catching, and training a variety of creatures in magical, spherical objects. Sounds like another big game beginning with ‘P’, doesn’t it? The similarities to Pokémon are striking in terms of its line up of monsters, known as Pals, but in many ways Palworld is actually far more ambitious.

There’s a crafting system that lets you create Pal Spheres (Palworld’s PokéBall equivalent), weapons, armor sets, complex resources, and much more. There’s also base building, which lets you set up a camp anywhere across the game’s massive map. Within both of these systems, Pals can help you out – they aren’t just there for battling. You can assign them to harvest resources, join assembly lines to craft your gear faster, or help build structures within your base. It’s very dystopian, but it’s a blast.

Palworld supports all of this for up to four players in the same Xbox server, but this may expand in the future, as the Steam version of the game currently supports 32-player servers.

There you have it – our list of the best Xbox co-op games to play. Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive, and there is a whole load more on the Xbox Game Pass – the all-you-can-play subscription service boasting hundreds of games. You can check out the full Xbox Game Pass games list right here.

If anything else pops up that’s made for couch co-op, we’ll add it to the list above. But for now, pick up one of the best Xbox controllers, make yourself a coffee, find your player two, and get cracking – if you want to team up with your friends who have other consoles, our list of the best cross-platform games will give you a few recommendations of what to play.