Best Destiny 2 weapons for PvE in Season of the Seraph

Prepping for your next Raid run? Here’s an extensive list of the very best Destiny 2 weapons for PvE activities in Season of the Seraph

Best Destiny 2 Weapons: Three Guardians in shiny armour, with the one in the middle holding a rocket launcher

Bungie’s looter shooter is always growing and the selection of weapons now on offer for players to equip can be overwhelming. If you’re looking to jump into a Raid with your fireteam, you’re going to need the best Destiny 2 weapons in hand and ready to go.

When you’re preparing for a high-level activity in Destiny 2, it’s important to keep your loadout in mind, and Season of the Seraph has added a wealth of new weapons. While the right subclass, armour, and mods are all important, making sure you have the best Destiny 2 weapons equipped can also be the difference between success and failure.

Before we dive into the list, it’s worth keeping in mind that Destiny 2’s PvP combat is a different beast altogether – this list will only focus on top weapons for PvE activities like Nightfalls or Raids. If you do want to slay out in the Crucible though, head over to our best Destiny 2 PvP weapons guide.

Anyway, let’s get stuck in. Here’s everything you need to know about the best Destiny 2 weapons available right now – and how you can obtain them.

Best Destiny 2 weapons

Here are our choices for the best Destiny 2 weapons available right now:

  • Divinity
  • Aurvandil FR6
  • Gjallarhorn
  • Long Arm
  • Riskrunner
  • Disparity
  • The Manticore
  • Malfeasance

Divinity – Exotic energy trace rifle

There are currently four Exotic trace rifles in Destiny 2, and they all have their perks when it comes to PvE combat. However, if you’re looking for the best of the bunch and one of the top Destiny 2 weapons for the game’s high level activities, you’re going to need to get your hands on Divinity.

Best Destiny 2 Weapons Divinity: An image of the Divinity in-game

This weapon comes with two perks that make it a boss at taking down bosses: Judgement and Penance. Judgement creates a debuffing field around an enemy after sustained damage and Penance will deal a burst of damage to enemies under the effects of Judgement for long enough. If you’re struggling to land critical hits, Judgement’s debuffing field actually makes every hit a critical, so it’s a fantastic option for quickly dealing damage to enemies with large health pools.

Interested? You can be in with a chance of unlocking the Divinity Exotic by completing the Garden of Salvation raid in the Shadowkeep expansion. There’s no longer a risk of the Shadowkeep expansion content being vaulted, so squad up and grab this beaut. If you want to team up with your friends – check out our Destiny 2 cross-play guide for help on how to do this.

Aurvandil FR6 – Legendary Fusion Rifle

The Aurvandil FR6 is one of the best fusion rifles in the game if you can get your hands on a Chill Clip and Reconstruction (yes, the Deep Stone Crypt Raid perk on a World Drop weapon).

Chill Clip fusion rifles are excellent for dealing with tankier enemies, and Aurvandil being able to get Reconstruction as well elevates its potential even further. Chill Clip causes direct hits with the top half of the magazine cause a Stasis detonation, meanwhile Reconstruction will increase magazine capacity. Therefore, this rare perk combination makes Aurvandil a force to be reckoned with.

Gjallarhorn – Exotic rocket launcher

Gjallarhorn is one of Destiny’s most iconic weapons – and it’s also one of its best. This rocket launcher isn’t going to be your main weapon, but it offers a huge damage payload that can take chunks out of enemies when you need it to.

Best Destiny 2 Weapons Gjallarhorn: An image of the Gjallarhorn in-game

This rocket launcher comes equipped with two perks that are at their best when you’re shoulder to shoulder with your other Guardians: Wolfpack Rounds and Pack Hunter. Wolfpack Rounds cause any fired rounds to split into tracking cluster missiles upon detonation – something nearby allies can enjoy with any non-Exotic rocket launcher, thanks to Pack Hunter. This second perk also increases the reload speeds and handling with the Gjallarhorn when it’s used near allies. There’s never been a better reason to stick with your Fireteam in Destiny 2 – especially if they’re all packing launchers.

If you want to get your hands on it, then you can unlock it through the And Out Fly The Wolves quest, or in the Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack.

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Long Arm – Legendary Scout Rifle

Long Arm, found in the Spire of the Watcher Dungeon, is one of the best scout rifles in Destiny 2. Based on the Dead Man’s Tale Exotic scout rifle, the Long Arm brings the excellent weapon stats of the Exotic weapon to the field of Legendary scout rifles. While many scout rifles struggle in the closer ranges, the Long Arm is highly versatile, able to content very well at all ranges.

Not only does Long Arm pack a punch and boast high accuracy, but it can also drop with great perk combinations. For instance, Subsistence and Dragonfly, or Rapid Hit and Explosive Rounds are both excellent options. Given Long Arm is an Arc weapon, it also works well with Arc 3.0 builds for generating Arc Wells.

Riskrunner – Exotic Submchine Gun

Yes, you read that right. Riskrunner is an old Exotic that’s been around so long most Guardians have forgotten it exists. But it has always been potent, and since the advent of Arc 3.0, this little monster has a new lease of life.

Riskrunner’s unique perk is the Arc Conductor, which reacts to incoming Arc damage (such as enemy weapons fire). It becomes more powerful and resists the incoming damage – but the real beauty is the Superconductor element that procs with it. This turns your shots into chain lightning that can absolutely decimate crowds of enemies. It’s particularly lethal for mob-clearing in Gambit.

Destiny 2 best weapons: A white gold and blue Riskrunner submachine gun

It’s also an easy weapon to get hold of. New Lights will receive the quest from Shaw Han when finishing up the opening questline in the Cosmodrome, and the steps to acquiring the weapon are pretty simple. It also comes with the Catalyst, which increases range when unlocked.

Pair this with any Arc build (or any build at all, really), and the addition of Arc Conductor and Superconductor make it a truly terrifying force on the battlefield.

Disparity – Legendary Pulse Rifle

Here’s the thing: regardless of any associated Perks or stats, Disparity is one of the best-looking guns we’ve seen in Destiny 2 for a while. Introduced in Season of the Seraph, it’s a 450 RPM Stasis Pulse RIfle with a dual Origin Trait and a great Perk pool.

You can either use Hakke Breach Armaments for increased damage against enemy machinery like turrets, or you can use the new trait, Ambush, which gives you enhanced damage and handling during the opening moments of an encounter.

It’s an easy weapon to get hold of as it drops pretty regularly from Season 19 activities. If you’re lucky enough to drop it with Outlaw and Desperado, you’ll never leave home without it in PvE. But it can also roll with perks like Frenzy, Rapid Hit, and Headstone.

Disparity is not only super stylish, it’s also a beast of a gun in the right hands.

The Manticore – Exotic Submachine Gun

In order to make The Manticore really work for you, you have to play a certain way. It’s almost useless in PvP, given that its intrinsic perk will suspend you in the air while firing and make you an easy target for distant snipers. However, in PvE, it can be incredibly deadly.

Destiny 2 The Manticore: The Manticore can be seen

Introduced in Season of the Seraph as the Season Pass Exotic, The Manticore has a cool perk that’s almost a gimmick. Dealing damage on the ground will charge up the weapon’s “antigrav repulsors”, then aiming and firing while in the air will activate them, suspending you above the battlefield for a few moments. It also increases the damage output when you’re in the air.

Maybe Bungie are just intent on pushing their slightly odd Airborne Effectiveness agenda, but either way it makes for a fun Exotic that gives you a different perspective of the battlefield and deals steady, accurate damage at the same time.

Malfeasance – Exotic Hand Cannon

Originally introduced in Season of the Outlaw, Malfeasance is a 180 RPM Exotic hand cannon often slept-on due its higher potency in Gambit. Its unique Taken Predator perk is enemy-specific, while its increased damage to other Guardians only procs in Drifter’s little pocket dimension.

However, its high magazine capacity of 20 and its other unique Perk, Explosive Shadow, make it a formidable weapon for any encounter. Explosive Shadow fires volatile slugs that lodge in the target; build up enough, and they’ll explode to deal massive damage. Not only that, but Malfeasance has received a rework in Season of Plunder to add intrinsic anti-Unstoppable capability, making it even more useful in endgame content.

The biggest downside to Malfeasance is the stress you’ll need to go through to acquire it. Its questline is massive, requiring a huge amount of Gambit and completion of a tougher version of The Corrupted Strike. You’ll receive this questline from Drifter when you reach the Tower for the first time as a New Light.

Well, that’s all there is to it – the best Destiny 2 weapons available right now and how you can get your hands on them. If you’re not sure you’re a fan of Bungie’s looter shooter, you can check out our guide to the best free Xbox games here and the best free PS5 games here.