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Each Destiny 2 Strand subclass in detail

Get an overview of all three of the Destiny 2 Strand subclass for Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans so that you know what you can expect from the Darkness power

Destiny 2 Strand Subclass: A player can be seen using grapple to fly as a Strand Guardian

Destiny 2 Lightfall is bringing a brand new element and set of subclasses with it in the form of Strand. The Destiny 2 Strand subclass for each class will be a brand new way of fighting for Guardians as they discover the power for the first time. So, there are a bunch of new ways to fight with the power of Strand.

In this guide, we will give you a brief overview into what you can expect from the three subclasses in the game. Whether you are looking to summon your own minions, become an unstoppable force, or just bounce around an environment, Strand should offer something for your playstyle as either a Berserker, Broodweaver, or Threadrunner once the Destiny 2 Lightfall release date arrives.

Destiny 2 Strand subclasses

There are three Destiny 2 Strand subclasses: one for Titans, one for Warlocks, and one for Hunters. The subclasses are described as follows by Bungie:

  • Berserker (Titan): The Berserker severs their targets and tears them apart with Strand claws they can summon. They are a wrecking ball that can tear through groups of enemies or large foes.
  • Broodweaver (Warlock): Broodweavers manipulate the Strand weave using their mind acting as telekinetic sorcerers. They are also able to summon small creatures made of Strand that attack for them.
  • Threadrunner (Hunter): As masters of movement and speed, the Threadrunner sees the world as a playground, darting about with bouncy attacks and mobility options.

Each of the classes has its own super with Berserkers able to summon those claws and perform large ranged uppercuts, spinning attacks, or lunge from enemy to enemy. The goal is to create untamed power severing victims, reducing their damage output and landing heavy attacks.

Threadrunners are AoE specialists with a large Strand blade tied to a rope that they spin and sling around them hitting multiple enemies at once or pulling them across environments. They are bouncy and able to dart around and pass that damage around between enemies.

Finally, the Broodweaver is able to summon a swarm of Strand missiles that can completely obliterate an army of enemies. They are also able to summon small Strand minions that they can use in fights.

In addition to the super options, each class also has access to a grapple ability that allows them to swing around anywhere on the destination or PvP map they are on.

We will be seeing even more from each of the classes as we get closer to the Lightfall release date, so be sure to keep an eye out for a breakdown of each one. In addition, why not prepare yourself for Lightfall with our guides on the best Destiny 2 PvP weapons and best Destiny 2 PvE weapons to grab right now?