Destiny 2 cross-play: how to play with friends across platforms

Bungie has listened to player feedback and is adding cross-play to Destiny 2 next year


Destiny 2 cross-play is finally arriving soon with Season 15, the Season of the Lost. Set to release in the first half of the Season, according to Bungie, cross-play will finally unify all the platforms Destiny 2 is available on after cross-progression was added.

In order to ensure cross-play works, Bungie will be introducing the Bungie Name system, This will unify all platforms you play on behind this name. Bungie Names will work in tandem with cross-progression and cross-gen play creating a unified triangle of systems that ensure you can play wherever and whenever.

But, enough chatting around the subject, let’s get into how Destiny 2’s cross-play will work when it releases with the Season of the Lost and how you can set-up your account for the feature, to ensure you are fully prepared.

Destiny 2 Cross-Play Release Date

Destiny 2’s cross-play functionality will launch in Season 15, Season of the Lost. It is live now in-game with the new season.

Destiny 2 Cross-Play How To Set-Up

There are no firm steps you need to take to enable Destiny 2 cross-play. It is live now in-game so when you next log-in you will be able to play with everyone, no matter what platform they are on.

Destiny 2 Can You Turn Off Cross-Play

You can turn off cross-play from the game’s settings. You can’t choose who to play against and specific platforms to play with. The only options are to to turn it off or on.

That covers Destiny 2 cross-play. For the latest on Destiny 2’s upcoming expansion, including the Destiny 2 Witch Queen release date stay tuned.