Destiny 2 cross-play coming in 2021

Destiny 2 gameplay

Cross-play is coming to Destiny 2 next year, Bungie says in its most recent Dev Update. Joe Blackburn, Assistant Game Director, penned the blog to highlight changes to rewards and the weapon ecosystem as Destiny 2 moves from season to season. While his announcement of adding six new Legendary weapons to the game’s ritual activities is exciting in its own right, cross-play is the star of the post.

Fans have been asking Bungie to introduce cross-play for what seems like years at this point, but the requests seemed to go unnoticed. The game currently has cross-progression, meaning players can take their progress from one platform to another, but they still cannot play with friends who are using another system.

Recently, Bungie introduced cross-gen gameplay, but only among the same console families. So PlayStation 5 players could jump into a Destiny 2 session with friends on a PlayStation 4, but not with players using an Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or PC. However, it seemed at the time like a baby step in the right direction.

Now, Bungie has skipped past toddlerhood and the moody teenage years to take huge, adult-sized strides towards full cross-play. Although a full release date isn’t mentioned, the fact that cross-play is coming is hidden in a tiny bullet point of the Dev Update. As small and unassuming as the sentence is, it’s written in black and white, and Destiny 2 players can finally get excited.

However, on the main focus of the update, here’s the commitments that Bungie is making concerning Destiny 2 loot in the future:

  • With each season in Year 4, Destiny 2 will grow the overall Power ecosystem for weapons.
  • With very few exceptions, all weapons you can take to the Power cap should still be earnable in game
  • Future annual releases will contain more new weapons to collect than Beyond Light or Shadowkeep

As well as cross-play, 2021 will see the release of transmogrification of armour, DDOS protection for console players, the return of Vault of Glass raids, and three new pieces of Exotic armour located on the Lost Sectors on the Moon, which will be included in the Legendary and Master Lost Sector rotation in Season 13.

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