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Destiny 2 crossplay: how to play with friends across platforms

Here's how to set up and use Destiny 2 crossplay and cross-progression features so you can play Bungie's FPS anywhere.


Destiny 2 crossplay was finally added with Season 15, Season of the Lost back in August 2021. Since then, all platforms have been able to play together, unified thanks to Destiny 2’s seamless crossplay and cross-progression systems.

You do, however, have to juggle accounts when you set it up, making it a little confusing at first glance. Fear not though, here’s how to set up Destiny 2 crossplay and cross-progression, known as Destiny 2 Cross-Save, so that you can play with friends on any platform.

How to set up Destiny 2 crossplay

Destiny 2’s crossplay features are enabled automatically across all platforms, meaning you don’t have to activate it yourself. With the launch of crossplay back in 2021, the Bungie Name system was introduced which automatically prepares your account for cross-platform play.

Your Bungie Name is created using the first platform account name you log into, as well as a simple four-digit, unique number. For example, if you first log in on PlayStation, it will create an account using your PlayStation name and simply add an associated number.

How to turn off crossplay in Destiny 2

Players on PlayStation and Xbox can actually disable crossplay via the in-game settings menu. Keep in mind though that this will likely make your matchmaking times for certain activities longer as a result.

Destiny 2 Cross-Save

Destiny 2’s Cross-Save and cross-progression features are separate from crossplay and require more effort on your end. With Cross-Save active on your account(s), you can access your Guardians no matter where you play.

To set up Destiny 2 Cross-Save, you must:

  • Link all of your platform accounts
  • Choose which characters you would like to keep and use as your active cross-progression characters

Head over to the Bungie website to manage your accounts.

Well, that covers how to set up and use Destiny 2 crossplay and Cross-Save so that you can enjoy one of the best FPS games wherever you game.