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Exoprimal tier list - the best suits and classes

Our Exoprimal tier list ranks all the best suits you can use in Capcom’s unique competitive dinosaur PvPvE shooter, so you know who to pick for each class.

Exoprimal tier list: The Deadeye suit aiming their weapon. A line graph icon is tucked behind their shoulder. In the background is a blurred image of gameplay.

What are the best suits in Exoprimal? Capcom’s multiplayer dinosaur shooter pits two teams against each other in a race to complete objectives quicker than the enemy, making every second count. Our Exoprimal tier list of the best suits in the game will give you the edge you need to complete stages as fast as possible to, hopefully, avoid an untimely death at the hands (claws) of hungry raptors.

Exoprimal has a wide variety of classes and Exosuits to choose from, though with every match being an intense race to beat your opponent, you’re going to need the best of the best. Sometimes, you just need the help of some friends, though Exoprimal crossplay is more complicated than you might expect.

Exoprimal tier list

Here is the current Exoprimal tier list ranking the best Exosuits for August 2023:

  • S-tier: Krieger, Nimbus, Deadeye, Barrage
  • A-tier: Witchdoctor, Zephyr, Roadblock, Murasame
  • B-tier: Vigilant, Skywave

When it comes to the best suit in Exoprimal, you can’t really go wrong. All of the suits have potential to be deadly in the right situation, some are just significantly more versatile than others. In a game where every second counts, having a character that is more consistent and versatile goes a long way, leaving Exosuits like Vigilant in the dust despite their high damage potential.

Exoprimal tier list: A ranking of the best suits and classes in Exoprimal.

Furthermore, with five-person teams and three classes, you will want a diverse range of characters from the Exoprimal tier list to succeed. Simply having five Krieger’s or Deadeye’s is a surefire way to lose a match. Make sure you switch your suit depending on the team composition and mission objective.

Remember, Exoprimal is a hybrid PvPvE game but most of your time in the Exoprimal game modes is often spent during the PvE sections which place greater emphasis on AoE damage and crowd control compared to PvP. With that said, the final mission is often the most important, so there’s a balance to be struck when thinking about the best suits in Exoprimal. With how complex strategies can be, it’s worth diving deeper into the Exoprimal tier list to determine why each class is ranked where they are.

S-tier suits – Krieger, Nimbus, Deadeye, Barrage

The S-tier suits are the best Exosuits in Exoprimal, offering high damage, healing, or crowd control with little effort required. If you’re looking to dominate in nearly every scenario the game will throw at you, then you’ll want to pick one of these characters.

Exoprimal tier list: Krieger holding their minigun towards the camera.


Krieger is one of the best suits in Exoprimal, taking the top spot for the tank class. With his hulking minigun in tow, Krieger is capable of dishing out heavy suppressive fire at all ranges. While the other tanks require close-quarters combat, which can be difficult in the current PvP meta, Krieger can go toe to toe with just about any suit at all ranges.

Pair that with their stellar abilities, from a huge dome shield to protect the team to his homing missiles that can paralyze foes, and Krieger is a force to be reckoned with in both the PvE and PvPvE sections of Dino Survival. It’s the perfect balance of tank and damage dealer that will lead your team to victory. Even if their kit wasn’t as strong as it is, who could say no to playing as a towering mech with a minigun? Our Exoprimal Krieger build will help you out.

Exoprimal tier list: Nimbus holding their dual-wield weapons at the ready.


Nimbus is another suit at the top of the Exoprimal tier list, claiming the title of the best healer in the game. With their roller skates and dual-wield weapons, they’re also arguably the most stylish character of all. Nimbus ranks so highly due to its power to both heal allies and damage enemies by switching firing modes on their weapons, which also alter their abilities.

Nimbus’ Spreadshot ability unleashes a barrage of either healing or damage, depending on your weapon mode when activated. Whether your team needs healing in a pinch or you’re looking to finish off an enemy, Nimbus has you covered. The same goes for its Overdrive power which heals allies and repulses enemies. Overall, Nimbus is nimble, versatile, and deadly, all without too much effort on your part. You can find a great Exoprimal Nimbus build here.

Exoprimal tier list: Deadeye aiming their rifle to the right of the camera.


Despite being the most basic suit you can pick, Deadeye ranks at the top of the Exoprimal tier list as one of the best damage dealers in the game. Equipped with an assault rifle, Deadeye can adapt to nearly all situations, including both PvE and PvP fights.

But it’s in Deadeye’s abilities where they really shine. The Rifle Grenade skill is one of the best in the game right now thanks to its ability to quickly deal massive damage on a short cooldown. Deadeye’s Overdrive, Cluster Salvo, is as powerful as it sounds, deploying multiple heavy weapons to unleash an overwhelming amount of damage. So, whether you’re trying to take down a boss dinosaur in record time or wipe out an enemy player, you can’t do better than Deadeye. We have a great setup and Exoprimal Deadeye build here.

Exoprimal tier list: Barrage leaping into the air with their explosive crossbow.


Barrage is the second damage dealer at the top of the Exoprimal tier list simply due to its unbelievable damage output. With their trusty grenade launcher, while not quite as easy to use as Deadeye, Barrage is unstoppable in the right hands.

Barrage’s abilities give them not only unbelievable damage but also agility. Triple Threat mines can be used to set fire to enemies and catapult Barrage, while Flip Dodge uses an explosive blast to evade. Stun Grenade also lets Barrage stun enemies, giving you a leg up. Because of this, Barrage can stay right on top of the enemy dealing heavy damage while they scramble to avoid the damage. Much like Deadeye, if you’re looking to burn boss dinosaur health bars in seconds or wipe out enemy players, Barrage is a great pick.

A-tier suits – Witchdoctor, Zephyr, Roadblock, Murasame

The A-tier suits are often just as potent as the S-tier suits in the Exoprimal tier list, they just require a little more work to get the job done or are more situational. Still, they’re a lot of fun and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Exoprimal tier list: Witchdoctor jumping into the air with their weapon.


Witchdoctor is the dedicated support that will keep your team alive against all odds but also offers some great utility thanks to its primary weapon, the Neuro Rod. This staff deals continuous damage in a cone in front of you but, most importantly, it can also paralyze dinosaurs. This comes in handy when you’re tasked with taking down a boss dino as quickly as possible, leaving them vulnerable to damage dealers. It’s also this weapon that holds Witchdoctor back though, as it lacks range. This causes Witchdoctor to struggle in the PvPvE encounters as they can be quickly defeated by a damage dealer.

However, it’s their abilities that bring it all together. Feed will heal and boost ally movement speed, while also capable of draining enemies and reducing their movement speed. Repair Leaps lets Witchdoctor dash around, which comes in handy when you’re caught off guard, as Witchdoctor is relatively squishy. And best of all, Rescue Field provides great healing in a large zone that can absolutely turn fights in your favor. That’s before even thinking about Vital Aura, Witchdoctor’s Overdrive, which fully heals allies, boosts defense, and reduces enemy speed. If you’re looking for a dependable healer, especially if you’ve already got strong DPS characters on your team, then Witchdoctor is the one to pick.

Check out our Exoprimal Witchdoctor build guide for the best setup on this powerful healer.

Exoprimal tier list: Zephyr attacking with their dual blades.


As an incredibly nimble, melee-focused damage dealer, Zephyr is capable of high damage provided you can get in range. While this isn’t usually a problem against dinosaurs, it can be tricky against other players, particularly if you don’t have an aggressive team setup. Nevertheless, in the right hands, Zephyr’s power cannot be understated.

Linear Strike tackles enemies, dealing even more damage should enemies collide with the surrounding environment or other enemies. Meanwhile, Turbine Step gives you a quick evade. Sky High kicks foes into the air, disrupting their flow and giving your team an opening to attack. Perhaps best of all though, Zephyr’s Overdrive, Limiter Override, lets them go all out on damage with reduced cooldown times and a burst of healing. If you can get up close and personal with your foes, then Zephyr will be a great choice.

Exoprimal tier list: Roadblock bracing with their shield up.


Roadblock is the most traditional tank you can choose so far in Exoprimal, boasting a shield, a taunt, and a high defense. With hundreds of dinosaurs out to get you, Roadblock stops them in their tracks and can even lead the charge against them with strong melee damage and shield blasts.

However, as a more traditional tank, Roadblock can suffer against enemy players or in team comps that lack close-range damage dealers. You’re often very reliant on your team to stay alive, despite the large shield and high health, simply because your role is to take damage for your team. Nevertheless, with an aggressive team like Barrage, Zephyr, or Witchdoctor alongside them, Roadblock can dominate the battlefield in PvE and PvPvE encounters.

Exoprimal tier list: Murasame posing with their sword.


Murasame is perhaps the most complex character in the game, being a hybrid DPS tank. While Murasame could certainly be considered S-tier in terms of damage output, it requires greater skill and effort, and, like most melee characters, they can struggle against enemy players.

Murasame is all about using its massive blade to block and counter enemy attacks. If you know what you’re doing, then Murasame can wipe out boss dinosaurs with ease using Vajra Counter to unleash powerful counters. Right now, this is the main reason many players have been picking Murasame as killing the bosses is often the most time-consuming objective in a game all about being quicker than the enemy team. Murasame can also be absolutely devastating against other players, though they need support to survive. Diving into enemy lines alone is a death wish, so make sure you’ve got characters like Witchdoctor, Zephyr, or Barrage alongside you.

We’ve also got an Exoprimal Murasame build so you’ve got the best setup on this unique tank-damage hybrid.

B-tier suits – Vigilant, Skywave

The B-tier suits are still capable in the right situation and aren’t necessarily bad suits, but they lack versatility or potency which makes them less reliable. With no time to waste, you could do better than these suits but don’t let that stop you from enjoying their unique kits.

Exoprimal tier list: Vigilant aiming down their scope.


Vigilant is a long-range damage dealer that rewards positioning and precision. However, in a game where hundreds of dinosaurs are charging right for you, neither of which is encouraged too much. This suit excels in the later PvPvE stages, where you can specialize in taking out the enemy team. While this can certainly change the tide of the game, the other damage dealers are significantly more effective in the bulk of scenarios you will encounter, which explains its low rank in our Exoprimal tier list.

Nevertheless, their Frost Lock ability offers great crowd control, even if it lacks damage. On the other hand, Stinger Shot provides a highly-damaging shot that can pierce enemies. This suits Overdrive, Barrel Breaker, lets you fire devastating railgun shots without charging. These abilities can certainly come in handy against bosses, but they are more aimed at taking down enemy players instead. So, if you’ve got a good aim and want to be a pain to the opposition, then Vigilant is the one for you, just consider swapping suits for the strictly PvE encounters.

Exoprimal tier list: Skywave hovering and firing their weapon.


Skywave is a support Exosuit that is more focused on debuffing the enemy than healing. While they are a valuable addition to the team, you will likely find yourself needing a second support to keep up with healing, resulting in less team damage. Ultimately, so long as you have enough healing to keep the team alive, damage is the most valuable role as every second counts.

Nevertheless, Skywave can disrupt both dinosaurs and players alike. Their Aether Lance weapon can heal allies and injure enemies, though its slow rate of fire makes it clunky and often unreliable when you need it most. Optics Jammer and Graviton Cage offer great crowd control against dinosaurs and players alike, and the former can also heal the team. Their best ability, however, is the De-Synchronize Overdrive which stops enemies in their tracks for a short time. This comes in very handy when your team needs to take out a boss or a group of players as they’ll be unable to avoid any damage you throw their way. So long as you’ve got a more healing-focused teammate, Skywave can still be a great support.

For a great setup our Exoprimal Skywave build will help you out.

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Does the Exoprimal meta matter?

Exoprimal is not your typical co-op horde game where you’re focused solely on surviving against AI-controlled enemies. With the competitive element added into the mix, tasking you with completing objectives faster than your enemy, the Exoprimal meta and best suits definitely matter if you want to win more matches.

Nevertheless, since there is no ranked competitive mode – only a ‘casual’ Dino Survival playlist – at the end of the day, Exoprimal is all about having fun. While the S-tier characters in the Exoprimal tier list will generally be stronger picks, and we’d recommend them if you want to win more often, every suit has its uses. So, pick your favorite suit and dive in to learn the ins and outs of its unique playstyle.

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All Exoprimal classes

The Exoprimal classes and suits are:

  • Assault class: Deadeye, Zephyr, Barrage, Vigilant
  • Tank class: Roadblock, Krieger, Murasame
  • Support class: Witchdoctor, Skywave Nimbus

Following the trend of many co-op shooters and PvP games nowadays, Exoprimal has three classes that categorize its characters. Assault is your typical damage dealer, trading survivability and utility for the highest damage potential of all the suits. Tank, meanwhile, is all about protecting allies, offering crowd control effects, and relatively strong damage overall. Last but by no means least, the support class focuses on healing and buffing your allies or debuffing your enemies. A combination of all three will be required to win.

At the start of the game, you will begin with all of the classes and suits besides Vigilant, Murasame, and Nimbus, which need to be unlocked by increasing your player level. Thankfully, you therefore have access to all of the Exoprimal classes at the start of the game, letting you play whichever playstyle suits you best. These later exosuits simply offer even more variety and give you something to chase as you increase your account level.

What is the best class in Exoprimal?

The best class in Exoprimal is the damage class with either Deadeye or Barrage ranking above the rest. This is because damage plays the main role in completing big objectives faster, such as defeating bosses or delaying the enemy in PvP action.

With that said, you will need a balanced team to win. Tanks and support characters are a must, not only to keep the damage dealers alive but because they offer great utility to assist the DPS. For example, Skywave can lock enemies in place, while Krieger can paralyze foes and shield the team. While more damage typically results in faster objective clears, the other classes bring it all together.

What is the best Exoprimal team composition?

The best Exoprimal team composition is one tank, one support, and three damage dealers. This gives your team plenty of damage, with enough defense and healing to keep the enemies at bay and your health full.

However, there are great alternative team comps. For example, two supports like Nimbus and Skywave work great together, meaning you can run one tank, two damage, and two supports. Likewise, you could use Krieger and Murasame as two aggressive frontline tanks, with either one or two supports depending on the chosen Exosuits.

And that’s the complete Exoprimal tier list ranking the best suits in the game. With variant options on the way in the Exoprimal roadmap, we could see some Exosuits rise and fall in the ranks, particularly the lower-ranking suits. If you’re looking to scratch that competitive itch even more, check out the best competitive FPS games right now.