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All Exoprimal game modes and mission types

There’s plenty of Exoprimal game modes and mission types to play besides Dinosaur Cull, though you will have to unlock them first, so here’s all the details.

Exoprimal game modes: Nimbus looking directly into the camera.

What are the Exoprimal game modes? As a PvPvE cooperative dinosaur shooter, Capcom’s Exoprimal is quite a confusing game on the surface. What’s more, when you boot up the game, you’ll be met by only one game mode and very few mission types, leaving many to wonder how many game modes there are in Exoprimal. Well, there’s actually a lot more than you might release at first. Here’s everything you need to know about the Exoprimal game modes so you know what content is in the game, including whether you can play single-player.

Exoprimal actually has more diversity than the game lets on at first, which is unfortunate since many players are likely to drop off before releasing there’s more on offer. Nevertheless, if you can stick with it, there’s plenty of game modes in Exoprimal to sink your teeth into, including many challenging ones that will require the best suits. Be sure to check out our Exoprimal tier list so you’re prepared for anything.

All Exoprimal game modes

There are 11 Exoprimal game modes and mission types available in the Dino Survival playlist. These are:

  • Dinosaur Cull
  • Dino Pursuit
  • VTOL Defense
  • Data Key Security
  • Omega Charge
  • Energy Taker
  • Escort
  • Neo T. Rex
  • Vortexer Sabotage
  • Area Defense
  • Uplink

There is only one playlist in Exoprimal, known as Dino Survival. This is the main game mode per se, seeing two squads of five players race to complete objectives and reach the end before the enemy. This is the core of Exoprimal, though there are 11 mission types and game modes within this playlist that you will be tasked with completing to win.

However, there is also the upcoming Exoprimal Savage Gauntlet game mode arriving on July 28, 2023. This dynamic new game mode is designed for veteran players using high level exofighters, so you’ll have to put some work in to be able to compete. In Savage Gauntlet, you will compete against other players for the fastest clear time each week, with new challenges and rules with each reset.

When you start the game, you will only have access to Dinosaur Cull and Data Key Security in Dino Survival. As you progress through Exoprimal, you will unlock more game modes for Dino Survival, such as Area Defense and Omega Charge. Alongside this, there will also be new dinosaur types to face off against, such as self-destructing dinosaurs and even sniper dinos to contend with.

Though you might expect Exoprimal’s story to have its own unique game mode and playlist, the story is instead told through cutscenes and data logs unlocked by completing Dino Survival matches.

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Dinosaur Cull

Dinosaur Cull is the most common game mode and mission type in Exoprimal’s Dino Survival. It’s also the most straightforward, tasking you with eliminating a number of specific dinosaur types. Keep in mind that you only need to kill those required for the objective. For example, if you need to kill a Carnotaurus, you’re wasting your time killing the near infinite waves of raptors that spawn. So, pay close attention to the specific objective, as this will be randomized at the start of each activity.

Dino Pursuit

In Dino Pursuit, you must eliminate a specific target dinosaur, often being a significantly tougher opponent. However, this target can move to other areas, requiring players to chase after it to finish the job. Other dinosaurs will appear to slow you down though, so stay light on your feet.

VTOL Defense

In VTOL Defense, simply defend the VTOL from waves of dinosaurs. This game mode can be quite difficult to gain time on your opponents with, so just focus on defeating the waves as quickly as you can and make sure none slip through the cracks.

Data Key Security

Data Key Security tasks players with escorting a data key payload to the target location. Stand nearby the payload to passively push it, with more players nearby speeding up the process. Beware though, as the payload can be destroyed by enemy attacks and will take time to repair. This is a great opportunity to slow down your opponents, so take advantage of it.

Omega Charge

In Omega Charge, players will need to collect their team’s Omega Hammer and charge it to destroy three objectives to advance. The first two objectives are individual to each team, but the final stage involves both teams fighting to destroy a single objective before the opposition. Defeat dinosaurs to change the Omega Hammer, with tougher enemies contributing more charge.

Energy Taker

Energy Taker sees two teams fighting to acquire energy located around the arena. To up the stakes, however, players can also get energy by stealing it from the enemy players they defeat. So, stick as a team and stay alert so your enemies don’t get the drop on you.


Escort involves players defending an NPC exofighter as they conduct an investigation. Since these AI’s are defenseless, players must work as a team to fight back waves of dinosaurs to protect the NPC.

Neo T. Rex

The Neo T. Rex is a unique raid mission that sees both teams – working together for a change – fight a deadly, mutated T. Rex boss. With limited respawns, players need to play well to defeat this powerful foe.

Vortexer Sabotage

In Vortexer Sabotage, players must stop the vortexer in the arena that summons more dinosaurs into the action. Keep the dinosaur hordes back while you race to destroy the vortexer armor and shut it down.

Area Defense

Area Defense tasks teams with protecting a device in a small zone from hordes of dinosaurs. If the dinosaurs destroy the device, you’ll have to stay nearby to repair it. The more players are nearby, the faster you will complete this objective, so be sure to stick together within the area.

Uplink Control

Uplink Control is akin to Domination from Call of Duty and other shooters, tasking teams with securing three zones until a score limit is reached. However, both dinosaurs and enemy players will be fighting over the same three zones, making for some intense and chaotic action.

Special Missions

The last mission type is a rare event that occurs during the story. These are known as Special Missions and are created by Leviathan, the rampant AI that hosts the Dino Survival game mode.

Exoprimal game modes: The main menu of the game, showcasing the Dino Survival playlist mode selector.

Can you play Exoprimal single-player?

All of the Exoprimal game modes involve playing with other players, meaning there is no single-player. However, not all of them require direct confrontation with the enemy team in PvP. You can filter Dino Survival to feature only PvP final missions, PvE final missions, or both, but you will always have other players alongside you and be racing enemy players to win.

What is the hardest Exoprimal game mode?

The hardest Exoprimal game mode is the Neo T. Rex raid mission. Given this requires all players in the match to work together, as well as having limited respawns, the Neo T. Rex is a very difficult challenge. You will need a varied team comp to be able to take this mutated beast down, with tanks and healers being vital, not just damage output.

And that covers all the Exoprimal game modes available in the game right now, though there will be more on the way, as promised in the Exoprimal roadmap. While playing solely Dinosaur Cull and Data Key are certainly a slog in the first few hours, you will shortly begin unlocking more of the mission types in this guide. If you can stick with it, you’re in for one of the best co-op games. However, if you want to scratch more of that competitive itch with PvP action, check out the best competitive FPS games for some great recommendations.