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Exoprimal Murasame build, best modules and rig setup

If you're hoping to become the ultimate blade and tank, here's the best Exoprimal Murasame build right now, with the ultimate module loadout.

Exoprimal Murasame build: Murasame in Exoprimal trailer in front of a green background

What is the best Exoprimal Murasame build? Murasame is strong enough on its own but, with the best Exoprimal Murasame build, you can turn this excellent tank into the ultimate killing and defending machine. And, it becomes the best tank for damage and style.

Exoprimal on Game Pass is one of the best co-op games right now, and it’s pretty competitive. Thankfully, Murasame is one of the best exosuits in the Exoprimal tier list, so if you’re hoping to win matches, you’ll want to use the best loadout too.

Exoprimal Murasame build

Here’s the best Exoprimal Murasame build right now:

  • Module 1: M01 – Radiance
  • Module 2: M – Steadfast
  • Module 3: Crisis Module
  • Rig: Cannon

The Murasame exosuit is one of the best tanks in the game, thanks to its high damage output, great defense, and decent mobility skills. While it suffers at mid to long-range and can be outclassed by many assault exosuits, it can quickly close the gap.

This Murasame build helps highlight the exosuits biggest strength: the Varja Counter ability. When used, this ability allows you to block all damage, while building up a powerful counterattack that can deal with crowds of dinos and do great damage against larger dinosaurs.

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The Radiance module helps increase the range of the counterattack, while the Steadfast is easily the highlight of the build by decreasing the cooldown of the Varja Counter ability. As for Crisis Module, this will help you escape from enemies when the Murasame suit is damaged, which will happen when you’re close to so many enemies.

As for the rig, we recommend going with the Cannon. It’s one of the first rigs you’ll unlock in the game, but considering the Murasame excels in close-range combat, it’s useful to equip yourself with something that can deal damage at mid to long-range. Alternatively, you can use the Blade rig to paralyze your enemies and catch up with them if they’re fleeing.

Should you play as Murasame in Exoprimal?

While Murasame may not be the best tank in Exoprimal, it’s definitely one of the most fun. Also, many players early on in the game haven’t figured out that damaging Murasame during Varja Counter is dangerous, so it can be a great way to deal with unknowledgeable enemies.

Typically, Murasame’s score won’t be too high until the final mission of each Wargame. During the final mission, the high crowds of dinos, and various larger dinosaurs can bring a lot of damage which Murasame can easily block and use against enemies. Therefore, you can go from 15k to 70k score by the end of each match.

If Murasame’s playstyle isn’t fun for you, we recommend using Krieger, another tank that excels at suppressive fire and is easily the best tank in the game.

That’s the best Exoprimal Murasame build for you to use. If you think the game is lacking in content right now, check out the Exoprimal roadmap to know what new content is coming up. Also, game knowledge is key in Exoprimal, so make sure to find out about all Exoprimal game modes so you know how to win.