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Is Exoprimal on Game Pass?

If you’re looking to find all of the details regarding Exoprimal and Game Pass, including if the game will join the service, we’ve got the information you need.

Is Exoprimal on Game Pass: Exosuit with a gun in Exoprimal trailer

Is Exoprimal on Game Pass? The upcoming game from Capcom sees players using futuristic technology to take on prehistoric dinosaurs in this team-based action game, but will you be able to get your hands on it as part of Xbox’s subscription service?

As we approach the Exoprimal launch, our Exoprimal open beta preview has a lot of kind words to say about the game, including comparing it to Left 4 Dead. However, if you’re holding back on buying the game and hope you can play it with your Xbox Game Pass subscription, we’ve got the answer below.

Is Exoprimal on Game Pass?

Yes, Exoprimal is a day-one Game Pass release, meaning you can play it right now on the service as it has been released. It is available for both the Xbox and PC Game Pass subscriptions too.

This is obviously exciting news for those waiting for the Exoprimal release date, especially those with an existing subscription. While it is unlikely to remain on the service forever, it will give you enough time to judge the game and purchase it at a slightly discounted price. You can also start the subscription ahead of launch if you’re hoping to check out all Game Pass games for the time being.

Now you know that Exoprimal will be on Game Pass, you can prepare to take on some nasty dinosaurs with your friends. However, while you wait for the game to arrive, be sure to check out the best Game Pass games to play right now, so you can make use of your subscription. Is Game Pass worth it? Well, we think so, and you can read our guide on the subject to find out why.