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Exoprimal Nimbus build, best modules and rig setup

Combining healing and damage, the best Exoprimal Nimbus build makes this class one of the most powerful and stylish in Capcom’s PvPvE dinosaur shooter.

Exoprimal Nimbus build: The Nimbus exosuit with both their guns up at the ready, striking a pose.

What is the best Exoprimal Nimbus build? Though damage dealers often steal the spotlight, Nimbus is invaluable when it comes to team survival. However, Nimbus isn’t all about healing, they’re also capable of dealing a surprising amount of damage using their dual-pistols. The best Exoprimal Nimbus build seeks to take this potential even further, improving both their healing and damage using the best modules and rig selection for this support character.

The Exoprimal Nimbus build takes the top spot for the support class in the Exoprimal tier list, but there are other options if you’re not a fan, such as the Exoprimal Skywave build. Nevertheless, this Nimbus build in Exoprimal will let you dominate the opposition in what could be one of the best competitive FPS games.

Exoprimal Nimbus build

The best Exoprimal Nimbus build is:

  • Module 1 – Speed Shot
  • Module 2 – Rapid Switch
  • Module 3 – Quick Holo
  • Rig – Aid

This Nimbus loadout works on both her healing and damage capabilities to hone her speciality as a support that does more than just heal. While the best Exoprimal Witchdoctor build might have more straightforward and consistent healing, you can’t beat the versatility and raw potential of the best Nimbus build.

For our first module in the best Nimbus build, we’ve opted for Speed Shot to increase healing effectiveness. This module modifies the Mend mode of Nimbus’ primary weapons to increase health repaired, allow healing shots to over-penetrate, and even increase projectiles speed, though it does some by removing the homing effect. While the removal of homing shots will take some getting used to, it’s worth the trade-off to get even better healing. If you really can’t get on without homing shots, we’d recommend picking Critical Shot instead, which will increase overall damage. Whichever one you pick, you can’t really go wrong.

In the second slot, go for Rapid Switch to increase the speed and frequency with which you can swap between healing and damage mode. Nimbus is heavily reliant on their weapon to heal teammates, so you don’t want to be caught out waiting to be able to swap back and forth in an intense fight while you’re team are dying. This is where Rapid Switch comes in, letting you swap between them immediately once fully upgraded. This goes a long way in helping Nimbus reach nearly the same level of healing as Witchdoctor, while also maintaining strong damage output.

Quick Holo is the final module in this Nimbus build, reducing the cooldown of Holo Warp significantly. Not only is this great for getting out of tough situations but, in Mend mode, it can also be used to heal allies. Having it back off cooldown more often is a bonus too good to turn down, as it also makes you a little less reliant on Mend mode for your weapons.

The rig is the last element of a good build, and for Nimbus, we recommend Aid. Since Nimbus can’t heal themselves on demand, unlike Witchdoctor, a self-heal like Aid is vital to staying alive with such a low max health. It’s also great for healing allies when they’re grouped up. If you’ve got another healer on your team or a strong tank, you could swap this safety net for Blade to paralyze hordes of dinosaurs or even players to play more into Nimbus’ surprising damage potential. It’s also great for setting up enemies for your allies to wipe out, maxing out Nimbus’ support potential.

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Should you play Nimbus in Exoprimal?

Nimbus is a superb support, one of the best in the game in fact, so we’d recommend playing this class no matter which of the Exoprimal game modes you’re in. Being able to stay at range, unlike Witchdoctor, you can stay out of harm’s way most of the time, while healing allies and dealing damage.

While they don’t quite have the utility of Witchdoctor or Skywave, Nimbus makes up for it with versatility in spades, and they’re likely to only get better with new equipment in the Exoprimal roadmap. With this class, you’re able to help deal damage when you need it most and keep your team topped up at all times, which is one of the reasons why they’re so strong in the Exoprimal Savage Gauntlet mode.

This suit will require some getting used to though, as you’ll need to be able to aim and track allies well to heal them and make great use of Holo to avoid an untimely death at the hands (claws) of a pack of raptors.

Nimbus treads a fine line between support and DPS, but if you’re looking for a full-on damage dealer, then you can’t do better than the best Exoprimal Deadeye build. Otherwise, there’s the intimidating Exoprimal Krieger build that will keep your enemies at bay and your team alive through strong tanking capabilities.

And that’s everything you need for the best Exoprimal Nimbus build to have the most deadly and stylish character in the game. Depending on who you ask, some may argue that title goes to Murasame, so we’ve also got the best Exoprimal Murasame build for you to dive into.