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Exoprimal Skywave build, best modules and rig setup

With the best Exoprimal Skywave build right now, you can watch this great support become the best healer in the game, perfect for any team composition.

Exoprimal Skywave build: Skywave in front of a blue background in Exoprimal

What is the best Exoprimal Skywave build? This exosuit is wonderful at dishing out heals and damage while avoiding damage by staying in the air, but using our best Exoprimal Skywave build will turn this exosuit into the ultimate support character.

While not the best support in our Exoprimal tier list, it’s definitely one of the most interesting. With abilities that allow Skywave to stay agile, avoid enemies while suppressing them, and heal or damage with its primary fire, it’s easily one of the most fun classes in the best co-op game right now.

Exoprimal Skywave build

Here’s the best Exoprimal Skywave build right now:

  • Module 1: S01 – Aether Enhancer
  • Module 2: S – Graviton Shackle
  • Module 3: Durability Module
  • Rig: Blade

Skywave excels at keeping in the air with her Slipstream ability, which contains two charges and has quite a quick cooldown. Alongside that, her primary fire, Aether Lance, deals both damage to enemies, as well as heals allies.

Her other abilities include Optics Jammer, which can blind or jam foes, depending on if they’re dinosaurs or enemy players, and her Graviton Cage will trap unknowing enemies in a black hole-like vortex for a small duration, allowing you to kill plenty of enemies in a group.

This build focuses on strengthening the damage and healing of Aether Lance with the Aether Enhancer module, while also making Graviton Shackle even stronger while decreasing the cooldown by using the Graviton Shackle module. However, this does decrease the duration too.

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Skywave’s biggest weakness is its health, which is why we suggest using the Durability Module to help keep her fighting for longer. If another player is a support on the team, she’ll also benefit by having higher maximum health, which means more points for your other support.

As for the rig, we’ve gone with the Blade, as it allows you to paralyze any foes and damage them with the Aether Lance, considering it can be pretty difficult to hit moving enemies. However, you could also equip the Shield rig so you can defend yourself easily.

We’d also suggest gaining knowledge of the various Exoprimal game modes, so you can make sure that you stick with your team and know the best method to winning, as Skywave can be challenging to master. However, our build makes Skywave much better to play.

Should you play Skywave in Exoprimal?

Skywave is, unfortunately, one of the weakest supports in the game right now. However, it’s our favorite support exosuit, as it offers a lot of verticality as well as the fact it is a lot of fun to play. While other supports may be better suited, Skywave is the most exciting support to use.

As for an alternative to Skywave, we would suggest playing as Nimbus. She is an extremely agile support that is able to switch between damage and healing on the fly, and she’s rated as our best support in the game. If you’re playing Exoprimal on Game Pass right now, you can’t go wrong with Skywave or Nimbus.

That’s the best Exoprimal Skywave build right now. If you’re getting bored of the standard Dino Survival in Exoprimal, check out the Exoprimal roadmap to see what content is coming to one of the best PS5 co-op games and best Xbox co-op games right now.