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Exoprimal Krieger build, best modules and rig setup

If you want to dominate every fight as a tank, then the best Exoprimal Krieger build will do just that, with great survivability, utility, and even damage.

Exoprimal Krieger build: Krieger standing holding their minigun against blurred, blue tinted background.

What is the best Exoprimal Krieger build? Equipped with a hulking minigun and rocket feet, Krieger is an action hero you can’t help but love. But you won’t notice their power immediately, as they do start quite weak. Once you’ve got some levels under your belt though, Krieger is an unstoppable force. So, here’s the best Exoprimal Krieger build you can make right now, including the best modules and rig setup.

The Exoprimal Krieger build puts this exosuit at the top of the Exoprimal tier list, with high damage, survivability, and even paralyzing rockets that make defeating bosses or other players easy. While there’s plenty of different setups you can do, this is our recommendation for the best Krieger build in Exoprimal.

Exoprimal Krieger build

The best Exoprimal Krieger build is:

  • Module 1 – Rapid Shot
  • Module 2 – Electro Missile
  • Module 3 – Thrust Enhancer
  • Rig – Blade

As a tank, Krieger excels at controlling engagements and the best Krieger build does just that, amping up their damage and crowd control.

Firstly, the Rapid Shot module for slot one significantly improves our DPS capabilities by modifying the K-40 Repulsor Minigun. This will cause it to always fire at its maximum rate of fire, resulting in sustained, high DPS before it overheats. While Scatter Shot can be great for taking down hordes, it requires the weapon to be firing at its maximum fire rate, which will take a long time to reach without Rapid Shot. Unfortunately, you can’t have both, so we recommend Rapid Shot over the competition.

Next, the Electro Missile module for slot two is the perfect pick for all scenarios. Krieger’s homing missiles are already a strong pick, tracking priority enemies and dealing surprisingly good damage for a tank, but Electro Missiles take it to a whole new level. This will add a paralyzing effect to the ability that can stun both dinosaurs and other players for a short period of time. With boss rounds and PvP encounters often being the most important, being able to stop these enemies in their tracks and leave them vulnerable to damage is lethal. While the Sturdy Dome module can also be great for stunning larger enemies with your shield, Electro Missile is significantly more versatile.

And for the last module, we recommend the Thrust Enhancer which modifies the Thruster Dash ability by increasing the chance of knocking back enemies and decreasing its cooldown by five seconds. This is perfect for controlling the hordes of dinosaurs gunning it for you and your team, letting you carve a path through them every few seconds. You really can’t go wrong with the Thrust Enhancer module.

To wrap up this Krieger build, the Blade rig will be your best bet. This will further let you control the hordes of hungry dinos by paralyzing packs in one fell swoop. It’s even great against other players, letting you lead the offensive in the final mission stage. However, if you’re not a fan of Blade, then both Cannon and Aid can work wonders, offering up damage and healing respectively.

With the best Exoprimal Krieger build at the ready, you’ll be an unstoppable tank that can stun enemies frequently, control hordes of dinosaurs, and even deal great damage thanks to Krieger’s weapon and abilities. There’s a reason Krieger is dominating the meta right now in what could be one of the best co-op games, and it’s due to the incredible utility they provide to almost any team composition.

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Should you play Krieger in Exoprimal?

If you’re looking for a tank class, then Krieger is definitely a character we’d recommend using. While Roadblock might be the more traditional tank character, Krieger’s balance of damage and tanking makes them a potent pick no matter the mission type or team composition.

As a frontline character, Krieger’s shield protects the team and can even stun larger dinosaurs should they charge into it, giving it offensive utility to boot. Outside of this, their intimidating presence with their minigun and paralyzing homing missile make them a force to be reckoned with. If you’re looking for a more agile tank that gets up close and personal with the enemy, we’d also recommend the best Exoprimal Murasame build, though this character can be tricky to use in some mission types.

Nevertheless, you’ve now got the best Exoprimal Krieger build all setup, so you’re ready to tackle even the hardest of the Exoprimal game modes. With the Exoprimal roadmap adding even more modules and even variant suits to the game, there’s potential for Krieger to be even better in the future.