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Exoprimal Witchdoctor build, best modules and rig setup

If you want to paralyze foes into submission, or heal allies in a large area, our Exoprimal Witchdoctor build is perfect for your needs.

Exoprimal Witchdoctor build: Witchdoctor from Exoprimal in front of a rainbow gradient background

Who called the Witchdoctor? One of the best supports in the game, capable of great crowd control and using healing without putting down your defense, our Exoprimal Witchdoctor build will help you become the ultimate healer in this exosuit. It definitely feels electrifying to play.

No matter which of the exosuits you decide to play as from our Exoprimal tier list, Witchdoctor is pretty much seen in every match, and there’s a good reason for that. No matter which of the Exoprimal game modes you’re on, Witchdoctor excels at being a supportive character for any team, and is one of the best classes in one of the best co-op games right now.

Exoprimal Witchdoctor build

Here’s the best Exoprimal Witchdoctor build right now:

  • Module 1 – Impact Reduction Module
  • Module 2 – Repair Boost
  • Module 3 – Safety Leap
  • Rig – Cannon

Arguably the biggest problem for Witchdoctor is its survivability. A low amount of health and lack of damage or agility abilities means that Witchdoctor can be dead within moments if a dino swarm or a large dinosaur catches you off-guard.

So, this build not only focuses on Witchdoctor’s ability to heal but also on surviving. And fortunately, this build should last no matter what content comes from the Exoprimal roadmap.

Firstly, the Impact Reduction Module is a general one that any exosuit can use, but it works wonders for Witchdoctor by allowing it to take reduced damage from dinosaurs. Next up, Repair Boost increases the repairing ability of the Repair Field skill, which also works on Witchdoctor.

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The last module is Safety Leap, which gives Witchdoctor another use of Repair Field whenever it uses its leap ability, at the cost of an increase in the leap’s cooldown. However, since we’re increasing Repair Field’s power, it’s worth having to wait for leap longer.

As for the Rig, you can’t go wrong with the classic Cannon, which helps with Witchdoctor’s two major weaknesses; a lack of range and a lack of damage output. If the Cannon isn’t to your style, you can use either Aid to increase the healing output or use Shield for more protection.

Should you play Witchdoctor in Exoprimal?

Absolutely, as Witchdoctor is one of the best support classes in the game. You can also gain thousands of points a minute by using Witchdoctor, thanks to the fact that Repair Field passively heals allies, allowing you to paralyze enemies and gain ‘stunning’ medals consistently.

Failing that, you could always use our Exoprimal Nimbus build to play the other support that’s high on our tier list. But you can’t go wrong with Witchdoctor.

That’s the best Exoprimal Witchdoctor build right now. If you’re playing Exoprimal on Game Pass right now, you’ll want to check out our other class guides, including our Exoprimal Krieger build and our Exoprimal Deadeye build.