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Hyenas release date speculation, latest news, gameplay

Are you interested in when the Hyenas release date could be? Here is what we know about Creative Assembly's FPS and when it is looking like it could come out.

Hyenas Release Date: A character can be seen

When is the Hyenas release date? Hyenas is a brand new, inventive FPS from Creative Assembly, the team behind Alien Isolation, and a number of PC strategy games. Set in space, the game tasks you with hunting down merchandise and facing off against other players to be the last team surviving.

So far, we haven’t seen much of the game when it comes to public showcases. But, Creative Assembly is consistently holding private closed playtests. This has meant some information has come out and even gameplay has leaked! This article will chronicle all that information over time as we lead up to the Hyenas release date which might enter the list of the best competitive FPS games.

Hyenas release date speculation

The Hyenas release date is 2023 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC, which was confirmed in the gameplay trailer for the shooter. The game is being extensively tested and played on PC right now, with another closed beta starting on August 2023. 

The game will be hosting its first wider test in August 2023 with this beta, which suggests it is getting closer to release after hosting a number of restricted closed tests. We may even end up getting a date around Gamescom this month.


Hyenas story

The story of Hyenas takes place after the earth has been ruined. The rich decide to colonize Mars and the rest of humanity is living their dreadful lives on an orbiting slum called The Taint. Trying to gain status, you can purchase priceless pop-culture artifacts salvaged from ruined Earth to be sold on a massive retail ship called the ‘Plundership’.

As a pack of robbers, the Hyenas are talented at stealing these items and aiming to hit the Mars elite where it hurts. Where it hurts is grabbing a bunch of old SEGA merchandise for franchises like Sonic The Hedgehog, Super Monkey Ball, Jet Set Radio, and more.

Hyenas gameplay

In the first gameplay trailer, we got a look at some of the characters in the game, their abilities, and the wacky environments you will fight on in space. The game looks like quite a fast-paced hero-shooter, full of bright colors, unique, stylized environments, and merch to hunt down and extract.

Overall it is looking quite good and it won’t be long until we can play it for ourselves.

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While you wait for the Hyenas release date, Creative Assembly has shown off a lot on the game, this includes the fact that they have been working with Drag Queens on the Galaxia character in the game to help bring her to life. In addition, after our time with Hyenas at Gamescom 2022 we came away keen on the game but highlighted that it needs to focus on its key features, rather than crafting a familiar marketing plan for the shooter.