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BioShock Isolation release date rumours, reveal, leaks, and more

Want to know everything about the upcoming rumoured BioShock Isolation? We have the latest on the game and the potential BioShock Isolation release date

BioShock Isolation Release Date: A lighthouse can be seen with Colombia above it and Rapture below it.

With rumours, excitement, and speculation rife about BioShock Isolation, the potential name for the next BioShock game, collecting all the past leaks and rumours together to provide a full picture of Cloud Chamber’s upcoming game is a tall order.

Announced in 2019, Cloud Chamber is a brand new studio with talent from Ubisoft, Crystal Dynamics, EA, and more, who have worked on games including Rainbow 6 Siege, Marvel’s Avengers, Assassin’s Creed 3, and Star Wars Battlefront 2. With countless job listings hunting for level designers, writers, and game designers we have learned a lot about cloud Chamber, as well as some details around the fourth BioShock game that it is working

Read on to find out more about the latest game in the BioShock series, including all the leaks and details so far, when you can expect the reveal of the game, and the BioShock Isolation release date.

BioShock Isolation Release Date speculation

As of right now, we don’t know when the BioShock Isolation release date is planned for. However, reports have suggested that Cloud Chamber have been working on the game for at least three years.

A report from Colin Moriarty from the Sacred Symbols podcast says the game is reportedly being planned for a 2022 release, although new leaks suggest development problems may have pushed the game back to 2024.

BioShock Isolation Platforms

BioShock Isolation’s platforms haven’t been announced yet. However, given it is still a little while away it would make sense that it would only come to new generation consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X|S) as well as PC.

We could see a last-generation version as well for PS4 and Xbox One, although it would likely be severely downgraded to run on the old hardware.

It has been previously claimed that BioShock Isolation may end up as a PS5 exclusive, although this has yet to be confirmed by Sony or 2K.

Bioshock Isolation Reveal

A Bioshock Isolation reveal is reportedly planned for Q1 2022, sometime between January and March 2022.

This BioShock 4 announcement leak, came alongside a number of other details about the game, including information on the premise and the fact that a number of Hangar 13 developers are reportedly now working on the game.

BioShock Isolation Leaks

A lot of leaks for BioShock Isolation have emerged since Cloud Chamber’s formation in 2019, including a significant amount of information from the developer’s own job listings.

The latest leak claimed that the game would be revealed early in 2022 and also said the game was pitched under the name “BioShock Isolation”, although the name could have changed during development.

The leaker, ‘Oopsleaks’, also claimed to show an image from an internal presentation, which revealed that the game’s premise is built on a city divided between a free and wealthy society and a poor, lower-class. A border separates the isolated, poor, lower-class underground citizens who are led by a dictator waging war on the wealthy leader of the upper-class city above them.

On top of that, Colin Moriarty from the Sacred Symbols podcast claims that internally the game is referred to as ‘Parkside’ and it is set in a fictional Antarctic city in the 1960s. VGC have also heard this from their sources.

Moriarty goes on to say that he believes the city will be called Borealis and the narrative will connect to the other games in the series, which take place around the same time as the fall of Rapture.

Previously, the game popped up in a leak from Nvidia’s GeForce Now streaming service under the name ‘Bioshock 2022’ which could suggest the game is due to be announced or released then.

Job listings from Cloud Chamber have revealed that the game will be built in Unreal Engine 5 and be open-world.

Even more job listings suggested that the game would be set in an entirely new setting, fitting with the recent leak about a city divided into two halves. Those listings also described a style reminiscent of Wes Anderson’s camera movements and precisions with the game’s world enabling FPS action within a “living” world.

That covers everything we currently know about BioShock Isolation, including the leaks and potential reveal of the game. Stay tuned for more on upcoming PS5 games and upcoming Xbox Series X games as we get closer to the BioShock Isolation release date.