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Bloodhunt Xbox release date rumours

Could Bloodhound ever release on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One? Here is what Sharkmob have said about the game coming to more platforms

Bloodhunt Xbox: A sniper can be seen shooting at an enemy across the rooftops.

Is a Bloodhunt Xbox release on the way? With the free-to-play battle royale being the first triple-A game based off the Vampire IP in years, players who own an Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One are keen to know if they can hop in on the action.

Set in the beloved universe of the Vampire IP, Bloodhunt offers a different take on vampires and their sects, showing them at war for the first time and exploring the conflict side of their survival. Wielding weapons and using their bloodline-imbued powers, you fight alongside and against other vampires as you try to be the last one standing.

Bloodhunt has released on PS5 and PC and the game is out of early access after an extended period of time, but is a Bloodhunt Xbox release possible? Read on for more information, including what Sharkmob told The Loadout about brining Bloodhunt to Xbox.

Bloodhunt Xbox release Date speculation

There are currently no plans for a Bloodhunt Xbox release, according to developer Sharkmob.

Craig Hubbard, the game director of Bloodhunt, told The Loadout in October 2021 that this is because the studio doesn’t want to “risk spreading ourselves too thin” by expanding the Bloodhunt platforms too much.

Hubbard said that “launching a PVP game is a huge undertaking that requires commitment, adaptability, resourcefulness, and focus”. And right now the team doesn’t want any “distractions” instead, focusing on a few platforms.

While an Xbox release for Bloodhunt is yet to be ruled out, it may be some time before Sharkmob explores this as it focuses on the PC and PS5 versions of the game.

That covers the plans for a Bloodhunt Xbox release. In short, nothing is planned for the short term, but once the team initially launch the battle royale, it has the potential to hit more platforms.

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