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Wolverine game release date estimate and latest news

We're all eager to suit up as Logan on PS5, so here's what you need to know about the Wolverine game release estimate from Insomniac Games.

Wolverine game release estimate: an image of Wolverine in Marvel's Midnight Suns and Marvel's Wolverine.

When is the Wolverine game release date? With bangers like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart in its library, Insomniac’s version of everyone’s favorite X-Men character is bound to be awesome. Marvel’s Wolverine is one of the most exciting games on the horizon, and we’re all eager for the Wolverine game release date to arrive.

Just like Insomniac’s other titles, Wolverine will likely be a showcase for the PlayStation 5’s capabilities. With any luck, it might just become one of the best PS5 games available. Below, you can find out everything we know about the Wolverine game so far, bub.

Wolverine game release date estimate

We anticipate Marvel’s Wolverine to release on PlayStation 5 in late 2025, or early 2026. The game’s reveal trailer was released in 2021, indicating that the game was in early development. Now that Spider-Man 2 is available on PS5, it is likely that Insomniac Games is also dedicating its resources to creating post-launch content akin to the first game.

Furthermore, the massive Insomniac Games data breach showcased that the game still had a long way to go before completing development. As a result of the leaks, Insomniac may have changed the direction of the game, which could extend its development cycle.

It is possible that more information will be revealed in a State of Play presentation from Sony later this year, but we aren’t holding our breath on that one. 

Wolverine game story

Marvel’s Wolverine is a brand-new adventure set in the same canon as Insomniac’s Spider-Man games. Although specific story details are unknown, we know that Logan/James Howlett is separated from the X-Men and living a lonely life on the road. The game’s reveal trailer finds Logan in a bar, before he’s forced to engage in combat, revealing his iconic Adamantium claws.

It is possible that other X-Men characters like Professor Xavier and Jean Grey could be featured in the game, but we won’t know for sure until the game arrives. Judging by the game’s only trailer, the tone of it appears similar to that of James Mangold’s Logan, which is partially based on the Old Man Logan run of comics by Jeff Lemire and Ed Brisson. Expect plenty of gore, whiskey drinking, and cigars.

That is all the information we have on the game’s story right now, but once marketing ramps up or leaks emerge, we’ll keep you updated with the latest info. 

Wolverine game gameplay

Sadly, there isn’t any Marvel’s Wolverine gameplay to look at just yet. For now, you can keep repeatedly watching the reveal trailer from the 2021 State of Play presentation it was debuted within. Speculatively, the Wolverine game could play similar to Spider-Man 2, offering up third-person combat with a fantastic sense of the character’s abilities. Logan is nowhere near as agile as Spider-Man, though, so it is possible that traversal may be aided by Logan’s signature motorbike. Hell yeah. 

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Wolverine game easter eggs

The first trailer for Wolverine did feature some easter eggs which could hint at what we can expect from the game. The Princess Bar is the name of the bar Wolverine is drinking in, which is from the comics, and is a bar located in Madripoor, a fictional island in South-East Asia. This could be where the game is set.

On top of that, the Wolverine trailer features a number-plate reading ‘HLK 181’. If you look at issue 181 of The Incredible Hulk comic, you will find that in this issue, Wolverine fights Hulk. Therefore, we could be in for a Hulk vs. Wolverine fight in the game. 

That covers all we know about Marvel’s Wolverine right now, including the Wolverine release date. Stay up to date with even more new PS5 games with our guide on the console’s upcoming releases.