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Modern Warfare 2 battle pass release date and details

Here's when the original Modern Warfare 2 battle pass release date was, as well as how CoD shook things up for the new system on PlayStation and Xbox.

Modern Warfare 2 Battle Pass Release Date: A Player can be seen

When was the first Modern Warfare 2 battle pass release date? Modern Warfare 2 brought with it a whole new way of doing battle passes, and its unique layout is something that has persisted through to subsequent installments on PlayStation and Xbox.

Below you’ll find a reminder of when the very first MW2 battle pass arrived, as well as how it dramatically shook things up. For better or worse, the FPS game series’ seasonal reward system is certainly unlike anything else out there.

Modern Warfare 2 battle pass release date

The first Modern Warfare 2 battle pass was made available on November 16, 2022, alongside the release of Season 1 for the game. The Battle Pass launch coincided with Warzone 2’s, with both passes linked as we have seen for the past several years.

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Modern Warfare 2 had six seasons in total, with the final one – Season 6 – wrapping up just in time for the MW3 launch on December 6, 2023.

Modern Warfare 2 battle pass details

The battle passes for Modern Warfare 2 had both free and premium rewards for you to earn. However, beyond that core structure, the battle passes offered players more “choices and more agency than ever before” – at least, that’s what Activision reckoned.

As with Modern Warfare 3’s current battle passes, instead of a linear stream of items, the MW2 battle passes formed a multi-sector map. Players unlocked items using earned Battle Token Tier Skips across the map with five items in each sector for a total of 20. You could then unlock each sector and a host of rewards within it.

Each pass brought with it items like Double XP Tokens, Double Weapon XP Tokens, emblems, calling cards, Operators, operator skins, camos, weapons, weapon blueprints, weapon vaults, and other cosmetics.

And that’s all you need to know about the Modern Warfare 2 battle pass release date and details about the unlockable tiers available. If you’re looking for another great game to play with pals, check out our best multiplayer games guide.