Bloodhunt PS4 release date rumours – is it coming to PS4?

Is Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt coming to PS4? Here's everything we know about a potential Bloodhunt PS4 release date

Bloodhunt PS4: A vampire can be seen shooting at another vampire in the distance.

Is Sharkmob planning a Bloodhunt PS4 release? With the Bloodhunt PS5 release date having come and gone, those who haven’t been able to pick up a PlayStation 5, are desperate to know if they can get their hands on the battle-royale game set in the mystifying and long-running Vampire: The Masquerade universe. And well, it looks like those fans might be waiting a while.

Bloodhunt offers a different look at the classic Vampire IP, focusing on vampires at war. This big-budget game is the first in the series for a number of years, boasting free-to-play gameplay, customisation, and more. In other words, there’s a real chance Sharkmob is onto a winner here and can entice more people into the Vampire: The Masquerade world.

However, will that release be limited to just PS5 and PC, which are the platforms announced so far, or is Bloodhunt coming to PS4? Read on for more information about whether we’ll see a Bloodhunt PS4 release date, including comments from Sharkmob on their commitments to various platforms.

Bloodhunt PS4 release date speculation

There are currently no plans for a Bloodhunt PS4 release according to Sharkmob.

The game director of Bloodhunt, Craig Hubbard, told The Loadout in October 2021 that the studio did not want to  “risk spreading ourselves too thin”, by expanding Bloodhunt’s platforms beyond what they could manage.

“Launching a PVP game is a huge undertaking that requires commitment, adaptability, resourcefulness, and focus,” Hubbard goes on to say. He also mentions that the team would rather focus on a few select platforms.

So, while a Bloodhunt PS4 release isn’t ruled out, it will most likely be some time before PS4 players get their hands on the multiplayer experience.

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