Fall Guys Xbox release date, previous seasons, and more

Get the latest details on the Fall Guys Xbox release date from Mediatonic

A Fall Guys can be seen waving at the camera.

Xbox players are more than keen to know more about Fall Guys on their platform, with Mediatonic not mentioning the upcoming release for months. With the studio so silent, doubts about the Fall Guys Xbox release date are starting to rise and fans aren’t sure if it will hit 2021 and become one of the best Xbox Series X games of the year.

Fall Guys was released back in August 2020 for PS4 and PC. Since then it has launched five successful seasons full of content and costumes. The game is still going strong with player counts high and new modes shaking up the formula, even if the buzz surrounding the game isn’t as big as it was in 2020.

But, enough about the past of Fall Guys, read on to find out more about the upcoming Fall Guys Xbox release date, including what we know about Xbox players being able to catch up on previous seasons they have missed.

Fall Guys Xbox release date

The Fall Guys Xbox release date is set for sometime in 2021. This date was announced when Mediatonic confirmed they were bringing the game to the platform in February 2021.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging on, this date may have changed and the game could have slipped into 2022. Although, this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

A recent leak has suggested Halo costumes are coming to Fall Guys. Therefore, the Fall Guys Xbox release date might be right around the corner.

Fall Guys Previous Seasons Rewards

Mediatonic hasn’t commented on if there will be a way for players to re-earn all the cosmetics and items which have been available in the five Fame Paths since the game launched.

These items may be put into the game’s store, or each Fame Path could be added to the Xbox version of the game, allowing you to earn XP towards each of them at the same time.

Once we have more information from Mediatonic, we will be sure to update this article.

There you have it. Everything we know about the Fall Guys Xbox release date. If you are looking to take a trip back to the launch of the game, read our launch interview with the team which discusses the success of the game during those initial weeks.

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