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Throne and Liberty release date window, gameplay, and latest details

For MMO fans, the Throne and Liberty release date is one you'll want to mark on your calendars, as an exciting new contender in the genre enters the ring.

Throne And Liberty Release Date: a character can be seen

When is the Throne and Liberty release date? Throne and Liberty is on its way to the West thanks to Amazon Games and NCSoft and there is a lot you can expect from the ambitious new MMO. It’s got massive potential thanks to it heading to Xbox and PlayStation consoles, being free-to-play, and tapping into the fantasy setting MMO fans generally adore, but when will the Throne and Liberty release date arrive?

Want to transform into an eagle and soar above Throne and Liberty’s sprawling world? You can do that. Want to take part in huge battles alongside massive stone monsters? You can do that too. Want to do some cool elemental spells alongside some hack-and-slash combat? Of course you do. After getting hands-on with the game for our Throne and Liberty preview, we were certainly impressed, but when will you be able to play it and see if it stacks up against some of the best MMOs of recent times? Here’s all the latest info.

Throne and Liberty release date window

According to publisher Amazon Games, the Throne and Liberty release date will arrive at some point before the end of 2023. Amazon Games hasn’t committed to a specific date or month yet, but we anticipate December 2023 to be when the game drops if it does stay on track.

While we hope that Amazon will manage to make good on its release date window for Throne and Liberty, and that the game will arrive before the year is out, there is definitely a chance it could be pushed back into 2024. On October 3, 2023, the game’s first big playtest wrapped up, and it sounds like there are plenty of other improvements NCSoft wants to make.

Throne and Liberty release date: A blue ogre wearing tribal garments

“Taking the time to help make Throne and Liberty the best it can be is our top priority. Players around the world will benefit from the level of care and detail that is being put into development,” the studio said in a blog post following the end of the playtest.

It also alluded to the fact it would be holding more playtests. With clearly some more work to do, and some delays in the past, it wouldn’t surprise us if Throne and Liberty did slip into 2024. We’ll be sure to update you when Amazon or NCSoft makes officially comments on Throne and Liberty’s release date.

When it does arrive though, it’ll be launching across Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC – plus, Throne and Liberty will be free to play.

Throne and Liberty gameplay

As mentioned, Throne and Liberty is an MMO, meaning you will need to group up with your friends to take on both PvP and PvE threats. Full crossplay is also supported between console platforms and PC.

Combat is your typical hack-and-slash affair for the most part, but there are also range weapons like a bow and arrow you can use. Elemental magic also plays a part in defeating foes. These magical powers appear to be gained from finding star fragments, a core aspect of the game’s story (which we’ll talk more about in a moment).

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Another important part of Throne and Liberty’s gameplay is the ability to transform into an animal, which all have various uses both in and out of combat. So far, trailers have shown plenty of footage players becoming an eagle, while during our preview at Gamsecom 2023, we had a wolf as our animal. We expect there to be plenty more than just those two animals, however.

The sprawling “living” world of Throne and Liberty also contains dynamic weather and a day-night cycle, which can affect certain environments and trigger certain situations. Players are encouraged to master the “natural law” of Throne and Liberty, so it sounds like these mechanics are for much more than just visuals.

NCSoft’s developer diary below gives a pretty in-depth look at gameplayand explains a lot of the main mechanics in the game.

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The gameplay trailer from Summer Game Fest 2023 showed off a great first look at the title and what it has to offer. It is looking like one of the more exciting MMOs on offer.

Throne and Liberty story

Throne and Liberty’s story centers around the hunt for “shards” of a “guiding star”, which are scattered throughout the world and are prized possessions that plenty of sinister enemy forces (and other players) want to get their hands on.

These shards offer some kind of power to those that find them – it could be the elemental magic you’re able to wield during combat, or, as the trailer below suggests with a giant glowing stag, they could be the keys to unlocking more animal forms.

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That is everything we know about the Throne and Liberty release date, alongside additional story details and information about the gameplay. If you are looking for even more online experiences, check out some of the best PS5 multiplayer games and best Xbox multiplayer games available now.