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God of War Ragnarok PC release date speculation, features, specs

Are you wondering when the God of War Ragnarok PC release date is? Well, find out when you can expect the game on other platforms

God of War Ragnarok PC Release Date: Kratos and Atreus can be seen

When is God of War Ragnarok’s PC release date? Sony is now fully committed to the platform, releasing more and more games every few months from its back catalogue of exclusives. And, with God of War Ragnarok here, you may be asking about the company’s plans for the game on a device other than the PS5 or PS4.

Thankfully, based on what Sony has said in the past about their games coming to PC, we do have a good idea of at least a window when you can expect the game on Steam and other storefronts. So, to find out how you can see the second part of the characters‘ journeys read below.

When could God of War Ragnarok come out on PC?

The short answer is we don’t know when God of War Ragnarok release date is for PC. But, Sony has said it will release its first-party single-player games at least a year after their initial release on PS5. So, we can speculate that God of War Ragnarok will release on PC in November or December 2023 or in 2024.

Of course, schedules could change and Sony may make a different decision for Ragnarok. But, considering the company is pumping out PC games incredibly fast we would be surprised if we don’t see God of War Ragnarok on PC by April 2024.

God of War Ragnarok PC features and specifications

Right now PC features and specifications for God of War Ragnarok have not been detailed as the game hasn’t been officially revealed for PC. But, we can expect it to have the same broad range of features we have seen from other PlayStation Studios titles.

This includes ray-tracing, DLSS/FSR support, ultrawide monitor support, enhanced texture quality, lighting, shadows, and visuals. Once the game has been revealed for PC and we have PC specifications, we will be sure to update this guide with additional information.

So there you have it, the latest on when you can possibly expect the God of War Ragnarok PC release date. As we said, we will likely have to wait a while before we see the game announced for the platform, so while you wait, why not prepare for Fimbulwinter by reading up on what we thought about the game in our God of War Ragnarok review?