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This custom FF14 Xbox Series X is as beautiful as it is useless

One lucky winner will get to take home this incredible custom Final Fantasy 14 Xbox Series X console worth over $1,000, but all is not as it seems.

Xbox Final Fantasy 14 custom console: The custom FF14 Xbox Series X console on the left side, with a close-up of Alphinaud on the right side.

Do you often marvel at the many stunning custom Xbox Series X consoles we’ve had over the years? From one dressed up as Borderlands’ Claptrap to another designed to be Far Cry 6’s Supremo backpack, it’s safe to say that Xbox goes all-in on its collaborations. However, this new custom Final Fantasy 14 Xbox console might just be the most stunning one yet – but also the most baffling.

Celebrating the long-awaiting launch of Final Fantasy 14 – one of the best MMOs ever – on Xbox, Microsoft and Square Enix have unveiled an eye-catching and one-of-a-kind Xbox Series X. Inspired by FF14’s aetheryte crystals used to fast-travel around Eorzea, this bundle has a unique console and controller up for grabs, as well as a Collector’s Edition of the game and a 12-month Game Pass Ultimate membership. So what’s the issue? You’re getting one of the best gaming consoles and best RPG games if you’re the winner.

Well, take a look at the small print and you’ll realize that this custom-designed console, which is worth $1,319, isn’t actually functional. Instead, it’s made to be “used as an art piece.” Yes, you read that right. This stunning custom console can’t even play the game that Xbox is giving away with it. You are now likely feeling the same disappointment and bewilderment that we felt when we had our hopes slashed.

Xbox Final Fantasy 14 custom console: The custom Xbox Series X FF14 console against a themed background with crystals.

Although the design features large gold rings and crystals near the disc drive, it doesn’t appear to be blocking access. Furthermore, FF14 is only available digitally, so an inaccessible disc drive shouldn’t be an issue. However, it turns out that this Xbox really is just a box. So, the lucky winner will have to already own an Xbox Series X or S if they want to get use out of the controller and digital goodies.

As for how to enter, all you need to do is follow the instructions on Xbox’s post, which include following the Xbox and FF14 Twitter profiles and retweeting the giveaway using the hashtag before the promotion closes on Thursday, March 28, 2024.

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