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Helldivers 2 leaks reveal new enemy with big Star Wars AT-AT vibes

Equipped with massive cannons and heavy armor, this leaked, hulking Helldivers 2 robotic beast will need a T-47 snowspeeder to take it down.

Helldivers 2 leaks Automaton AT-AT Star Wars: A split image with three AT-ATs from Star Wars walking on the snowy planet of Hoth, while on the right is a character from Helldivers 2 screaming in fear.

With piercing red eyes and some serious firepower, how could Helldivers 2’s Automaton faction be any more terrifying? They even march towards you like the Terminator, unbothered by almost everything you throw their way. Well, prepare for things to get even more intense, as Helldivers 2 leaks have unearthed a new Automaton enemy that pays homage to Star Wars’ iconic AT-AT walkers.

Helldivers 2 already has plenty of tricky enemies to face off against, and it’s currently heating things up even more in the best co-op game on PS5 with the arrival of flying bugs. There are even Dune-like mega-worms rumored to show their ugly maw and the return of the incredibly challenging Illuminate from the 2015 original. This new Automaton enemy, however, looks even meaner than everything we’ve seen so far.

Equipped with large cannons on its cockpit, a large body, and four massive legs, this quadrupedal Automaton means business. Take one look and you’ll immediately see the influence of Star Wars’ iconic AT-AT walker. Given the similarities, we’re sure this mech is going to be just as menacing and hard to take down. Sadly, it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting our own T-47 snowspeeders to recreate the Battle of Hoth anytime soon in one of the best PS5 games of the year so far.

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The Automatons are already known for their heavy firepower and thick armor that demands strong positioning, with the likes of the hulk, the strider, and even a tank in their arsenal. However, we’re yet to see anything like this. In fact, unlike many of the other teased and leaked enemies, this new Automaton does not appear to be based on any designs from the original game – though we reckon it’ll pack just as hefty a punch as the Siege Mech, a terrifying Automaton (then known as Cyborgs) that veteran ‘divers will dread.

Given its size and firepower, this potential new Automaton will likely be the robotic take on the Terminind’s Bile Titan – something so big and powerful, it’ll make your whole team scramble whenever they appear. Although, with boss fights rumored to be returning, it’s also possible that this new enemy – and many other larger foes – will have a rank of their own. We’ll have to wait and see what the devious Helldivers 2 game master has up their sleeve next for one of the best multiplayer games around – even more so now that the role has had an “emergency expansion.”

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