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You can’t unsee the truly terrifying Helldivers 2’s Illuminate faction

With spindly limbs, gaping maws, and advanced alien technology, Helldivers 2’s Illuminate faction will have you wishing you kept your eyes closed.

Helldivers 2 Illuminate: A split image with a Helldiver on the left standing against a flag of Super Earth, while on the right is a group of characters fighting off Terminid's from the first game.

Between the terrifying Terminid bugs to the Terminator-inspired Automatons, Helldivers 2 has no shortage of fearsome enemies that send shivers down your spine. Unfortunately, there’s plenty more where that comes from as the Illuminate are set to make a return from the original. New leaks have revealed what the Helldivers 2 Illuminate faction will look like in-game – and you’ll wish you didn’t know.

Quickly rising to the top of the PS5 library as one of the best co-op games, Helldivers 2 is already dishing out great new updates. Following the recent addition of mechs after a solid defense of Tien Kwan, all eyes are looking ahead to the third Helldivers 2 faction – the Illuminate. New leaks showcase the haunting designs of the highly sophisticated alien civilization.

Boasting everything from spindly limbs and long claws to various implants and advanced technology, the Illuminate are truly terrifying. If you thought the Terminid were gross, then be prepared. At least the likely addition of more Helldivers 2 vehicles in the future means you can keep them at arm’s length.

While the Illuminate are joining the fray from the 2015 original game, their designs look vastly different in these leaks – though the switch to a closer, third-person perspective certainly gives you a better look. In Helldivers 1, the Illuminate faction is more sleek, with clean metal contraptions and lasers that aren’t quite so horrifying.

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With the dial turned up on the design of the Illuminate, it wouldn’t be surprising if it were equally as challenging, if not more so. Though the Helldivers 2 difficulty spike is ruffling some feathers, the Automaton and Terminind aren’t too hard to take down. With the Illuminate’s advanced technology, including shields and lasers, we’ll have to adapt once the conniving game master throws this new faction into the mix. Following the recent “emergency expansion” of the Helldivers 2 game master role, Arrowhead no doubt has lofty plans in store.

Although Arrowhead has yet to confirm that the Illuminate are on the way, datamining and leaks heavily suggests it’s coming very soon. In fact, if you’ve been on a mission recently and seen a strange blue glow that slows you down if you trudge through, it’s believed to be the Illuminate.

Until the technologically superior Illuminate shows its might, we’ve got plenty of other Helldivers 2 planets to defend – all of which are secretly connected. So, get back out there Helldiver and suit up, as the Illuminate won’t play around. If you’re as prepared as you can be, check out all the best PS5 games and new PS5 games you can play in the meantime.