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Helldivers 2 mechs are live right now after rapid Tien Kwan liberation

Helldivers 2’s new mechs are available right now in the PS5 shooter, following the ultra-fast liberation of Automaton planet Tien Kwan.

Helldivers 2 mechs: An image of the exo-45 patriot exosuit in Helldivers 2.

Dealing damage with Stratagems and guns in Helldivers 2 is gnarly, but defeating the Automatons requires more firepower. That’s where the long-awaited new Helldivers 2 mechs come in. Arrowhead Game Studios is making them available right now, thanks to a swift liberation of the hellish planet Tien Kwan.

Collaboration is the life force of any great multiplayer game, and Helldivers 2 delivers on that notion in spades. In recent days, the game’s biggest objective has been to liberate Tien Kwan, which also happens to be the source of mech production in Helldivers 2 lore. This goal was issued to players less than 48 hours ago at the time of writing, and it is already completed. Even with your favorite weapons suffering nerfs, you and your fellow Helldivers have reduced the Automatons to ashes.

Before this, mechs were being drip-fed to players and could be discovered in lootable areas of Tien Kwan, if you were lucky enough. This depended on what kind of objective you’re executing within a campaign, though. Objectives like destroying transmission networks proved to be fruitful, giving the player a big enough area to explore. In our experience with one of the best co-op games, we only encountered them in larger mission types, rather than smaller, defense-focused objectives.

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The liberation of Tien Kwan is one of the quickest victories in the game’s early history yet, making up for the brutal defeat players suffered on the shores of Malelevon Creek. Now that the planet’s forces are thwarted, Arrowhead expresses its thanks on social media: “You did it, Helldivers. Thanks to your determination, Tien Kwan stands strong and free.”

But these powerful exosuits aren’t the only method of transportation coming to one of the best PS5 games out there. Footage of driveable vehicles exists, and it likely won’t be long before they are added to the hit shooter.

We’ll take any kind of support we can get right now, as the latest Helldivers 2 update introduces deadly variables like Planetary Hazards to truly mess with you.

Helldivers 2 mechs: An image of the exosuits in helldivers 2.

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