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New Fortnite update lets you hurl lightning like Zeus himself

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 isn’t holding any punches with its new weapons, which include a literal lightning bolt you can hurl at other players.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 Thunderbolt of Zeus: An image of Zeus in Fortnite.

The time for a new Fortnite update is here, and this one is a doozy if you’re looking to annihilate other Xbox and PS5 players. Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2, dubbed Myths and Mortals, is all about God-like figures and wielding otherworldly powers. While there are some pretty slick new guns to use, we’re more excited to shock players into oblivion instead with the new Fortnite Thunderbolt of Zeus item. 

Consistently introducing mighty updates is what makes Fortnite one of the best battle royale games around, and Chapter 5 Season 2 is no different. In the latest Fortnite patch notes, Epic Games unleashes details on a deadly arsenal you can find around the island, including the Thunderbolt of Zeus. “With the Thunderbolt of Zeus, you can rise into the air and hurl lightning bolts at your target,” explains Epic Games. This new Mythic item can be found in Zero Build and standard battle royale, and is equipped with three charges before it needs to be cooled down.

Similar to the Kamehameha Mythic from back when DragonBall Z collaborated with Fortnite, the Thunderbolt of Zeus will surely be a must-have item in the days to come. We still shed a tear at the thought of the Kamehameha scorching us into the digital afterlife. Alongside it, the long-running multiplayer game brings some more traditional firepower to the table.

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Chapter 5 Season 2 introduces the Gatekeeper Shotgun, Harbringer SMG, Huntress DMR, and the Warforged Assault Rifle. Each of them come with a Mythic variant to be acquired in-game, but we reckon the Gatekeeper Shotgun is going to emerge as a player favorite.

The Harbringer SMG seems like an interesting addition, purely for the fact it actually performs worse the more you fire it. While it is super accurate with your first shot, Epic Games says that it has “dramatically increased recoil and bloom as more bullets are fired.” Outside of weapons, the map is also completely overhauled once again, boasting gorgeous POIs like Mount Olympus – the home of Zeus himself. Since Fortnite transitioned over to Unreal Engine 5, the free shooting game’s visuals have remained truly impressive for the genre, and these fresh locations are a testament to that.

Of course, there is another Fortnite battle pass to complete, but you won’t find any crossovers with movies, though there is a Korra skin from Avatar: The Last Airbender to gain. These Fortnite Persona crossover leaks may also come to fruition. We’re also still waiting for the Fortnite Festival guitar controller to release, and there’s a perfect band that needs to take to the stage when it does.

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