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New Fortnite Persona leaks may finally arm the S.E.E.S with real guns

A Fornite Persona collaboration is potentially on the cards, bringing one of Atlus' hit RPGs to the popular battle royale for the first time on PS5 and Xbox.

Fortnite Persona leak: a blonde-haired agent wearing sunglasses next to a young boy with blue hair and eyes wearing a uniform

Cruising around the Fortnite map while bumping ‘Mass Destruction’ from the Persona 3 Reload soundtrack is a diabolical combo, but now the two games could get a whole lot closer on PS5 and Xbox. According to fresh leaks, a Fortnite Persona collab is on the way, potentially bringing a different kind of Thanatos to the Greek mythos-themed Chapter 5 Season 2.

As per a list of potential content for the new season shared by community leaker ‘iFireMonkey’, a Fortnite Persona collab could be on the (Arcana) cards. From the multiple sources involved, a Persona 3 Reload poster was spotted on the battle royale game’s map. However, there is a big kicker.

“While I can’t personally confirm if these are 100% true or not,” iFireMonkey tweets, “the images I was sent were of a user research session for Fortnite which had a date that matched up to a time when v29.00 was on a Fortnite server.” So, not only do we lack details as to what the full collab will involve, but the veracity of these leaks is a little bit spotty.

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Fortunately, reliable Atlus leaker ‘Midori’ has chimed in to at least confirm that Sega and Epic have had conversations regarding a possible team-up in the past. Conversely, they say they “have not seen the Fortnite content” for themselves, so can’t confirm the contents.

According to Midori, a meeting took place some time back regarding another of Atlus’ best RPG games, Persona 5 Royal, leaving them “surprised” when the news surfaced that it would be one of the best Game Pass games in P3R that had seemingly gotten the nod instead.

So what can we expect from the Fortnite Persona collab should it materialize? Of course, a poster alone doesn’t make a collaboration, especially when it comes to Fortnite. As such, we can expect to see a S.E.E.S-related skin or two surface alongside the usual suite of cosmetics, providing Makoto and co. access to the multiplayer game’s arsenal of real weapons – no Evokers necessary. The concept of Aegis default dancing on her enemies is absolutely hilarious, so we’re rooting for that in particular.

Should Persona 3 Reload prove a hit in Fortnite then it could also open the door to further collaboration between Epic and Sega. We think you know where we’re going with this one, and yes we would absolutely throw our wallets at the store to hit the griddy as Goro Majima. This is, of course, wishful thinking, but we’ll gladly settle for Persona-based goodies for now.

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