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Helldivers 2’s vehicles drop early, but it might not be accidental

If a high-speed getaway under heavy laser fire or the burning bile of a Titan sounds like a wild ride, then you need to hop into Helldivers 2 right now on PS5.

Helldivers 2 vehicles stratagems early game master: A split image with a mech in a sandstorm on the left and a Helldiver firing a laser on the right side.

Though we’ve known that mechs would be heading to Helldivers 2 from the first game following a cheeky tease at the end of a trailer, other Helldivers 2 vehicles have yet to be revealed. Well, that was until footage of new Stratagems like mechs, armed jeeps, and backup infantry began appearing online. First believed to be crafty cheaters, the sudden surge might not be so accidental. In fact, these new Helldivers 2 Stratagems could be the devious hand of the game master pulling the strings of the PS5 console exclusive.

Helldivers 2 has been going from strength to strength, orbitally dropping some of the best co-op game action on PS5 and an incredibly unique ongoing story. While the potential of more Helldivers 2 vehicles and Stratagems further down the road was already dug up by dataminers, this has quickly become a reality. Mech and jeep gameplay has already surfaced, with many players reporting being able to call in these new Stratagems during missions.

Though this early experience was first thought to be thanks to cheaters getting access to these additions before they were ready, more widespread reports suggest these new reinforcements are all part of the grander plan. Helldivers 2’s game master, a Dungeons & Dragons-like dungeon master controlling the ebb and flow of the galactic war, could very well be teasing players with the upcoming content. After all, it would not be the first time this puppet master has pulled the strings, setting us up for defeat at Malevelon Creek and giving us easy access to incendiary mines.

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Although there’s yet to be an official confirmation, the likely revelation of this teasing being intentional has clearly worked in Arrowhead’s favor. With these new Stratagems available for lucky players seemingly at random, the community is buzzing with excitement over what the future holds for the new PS5 game. And how could you not be foaming at the mouth? Once you see a group of Helldivers hop into a buggy with a machine gun on top to outrun a horde of Terminid, it’s not hard to see why it’s quickly become one of the best multiplayer games you can play.

Alongside the mechs and vehicles on the horizon, a collection of upcoming weapons has also been revealed – though this does seem to be due to leakers. Posts have since been taken down, but it looks as though many weapons from the original PS4 title will be returning, as well as a potential crossbow and plasma shotgun to rival the best Helldivers 2 weapon – which could be safe from the upcoming balance patch.

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