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Helldivers 2 vehicles datamine uncovers Terminid-trampling tanks

Strap into your seats and step on the gas, new Helldivers 2 vehicles are seemingly joining Super Earth’s best tech in the PS5 exclusive.

Helldivers 2 vehicles: A Helldiver holding a rocket launcher by their side, looking towards the camera.

Mowing down bugs and bots with a heavy machine gun is all well and good, but wouldn’t Helldivers 2 be even better with a tank? Well, you’re in luck as new leaks suggest Helldivers 2 vehicles are on the way very soon, alongside a great collection of new Stratagems – all hiding in the game’s data files. From armed-to-the-teeth trucks to nukes, there’s a lot of promising content in store for us in the hot new PS5 exclusive.

Datamining has uncovered a handful of Helldivers 2 vehicles hiding in the game files, pointing towards Super Earth finally reinforcing us with the big guns – which is music to the ears of Helldivers 2 solo players throughout the galaxy. Alongside the confirmed return of mechs, seemingly known as combat walkers in the files, there are also teases of light-armored vehicles (LAVs) and a forward recon vehicle (FRV).

Helldivers 1 veterans will not be too surprised to see these vehicles make their way into one of the best co-op games right now on PS5. There were seven vehicles in the original game, three of which were mechs which have been confirmed to be joining the fray sometime soon. However, the files for the new PS5 game suggest the M5 APC is returning, along with either a new recon vehicle or possibly the MC-109 Hammer motorcycle from Helldivers 1. The powerful M5 is a four-seat armored truck packing some serious heat that will make carving through hordes much easier – and no doubt lead to some incredible clips online.

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Most interestingly, however, the files include two different versions of the combat walker and LAV – standard and “President Reward”. Most likely, the standard version refers to a normal unlock through the free Warbond, while the President Reward version is an alternate setup for the item available through a new premium Warbond, possibly with different weapons. For example, the current Steeled Veteran Warbond includes the Breaker Incendiary and the Liberator Explosive – two alternate versions of the Breaker and Liberator weapons in the multiplayer game.

If you’ve been paying attention on missions, you can actually see the wrecks of a lot of these vehicles already, further pointing towards their return.

Adding vehicles to the co-op chaos will certainly make one of the best PS5 games even better, but there are other exciting bits hiding in the datamine. Already teased in-game, the Illuminate – likely Helldivers 2’s third faction – can also be found in the files. And if you’re looking for some more firepower, there are references to mini-missiles and nukes that should make taking down heavily armored enemies much easier. On the other hand, there is also supposedly a Medic Backpack and Health Pack.

Helldivers 2 is already one of the most exciting PS5 exclusives in years and the mountains of promising new content has the potential to make it into one of the best games out there. If you’re wondering when these new additions could come to the game, then it’s possible that Arrowhead will flex its unique Helldivers 2 story structure to introduce these new items at the best time.