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Helldivers 2 teases the arrival of disgusting Dune 2-like mega-worm

If you thought the Bile Titan was bad, then wait until you see how Helldivers 2 could take a page from Dune’s playbook with horrifying Hive Lords.

Helldivers 2 Hive Lords Dune 2: A split image with a scared masculine figure on the left, and a large sandworm from Dune 2 charging towards the camera on the right side.

From Bile Titans to Scavengers, Helldivers 2 is already jam-packed with creepy crawlies to make your hair stand on end. However, there’s plenty more where that comes from if you take a trip back to the original game. With the recent surge of ground tremors on missions, we could be getting a taste of this very soon, with the disgusting – and massive – Hive Lord millipede likely rearing its ugly head once more.

With its ever-evolving galaxy, Helldivers 2 is already off to a strong start with the recent addition of mechs and a fresh Warbond on the way in one of the best co-op games on PS5. In fact, there have already been several teases and leaks for the terrifying Helldivers 2 Illuminate faction. Even more haunting than the Illuminate, however, is the horrifying Hive Lord from the original game. While you can see dried-up Hive Lord carcasses while on missions, it hasn’t shown up to ruin your day yet. However, if you’ve felt the extreme ground tremors while on missions in Terminid territory, then it could be your unlucky day sometime soon.

Capable of burrowing deep tunnels before erupting from the earth, Hive Lords cause quite a disruption – though their absence in the new PS5 game has been felt by fans of the original title. Its burrowing prowess paired with its thick armor and lots – and we mean lots – of teeth make the Hive Lord a force to be reckoned with. These millipede worm-like beasts can grow to astronomical proportions, giving the current king of the bugs, the Bile Titan, a run for its money. If you think fighting Terminid is as tricky as it is icky now, then you’d best head over to Automaton territory.

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Given the pesky Helldivers 2 game master is constantly adding new threats and spicing up the galactic war, it’s likely that the Hive Lords will be arriving in the future. After all, several other items and enemies from the first game that didn’t make the cut for launch are seemingly making the jump, such as vehicles and the Illuminate.

With the likely addition of Hive Lords in the future, all we need to do is learn how to ride them like Dune’s Fremen so we can turn the tables in one of the best PS5 games. Though with all those legs and pincers, we’d rather stay far away.

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