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Helldivers 2’s ultimate mascot praises “incredible” game community

You'll know Craig Lee Thomas's face when you boot up Helldivers 2, and now he's pouring his love out for Arrowhead's PS5 co-op shooter.

Helldivers 2 craig lee thomas interview: An image of Craig Lee Thomas in the Helldivers 2 introduction cinematic.

Helldivers 2 does an amazing job of hyping you up to squish bugs and reduce Automaton cyborgs into molten metal. Aside from the game’s superb music, part of this is down to the game’s introduction cinematic – where we first meet Craig Lee Thomas. You could say Thomas is the ultimate mascot for the Helldivers, and now, he’s got nothing but praise for developer Arrowhead Game Studios.

Speaking to PC Gamer about one of the best co-op games of the year, Thomas expresses that “the [Helldivers 2] community of this game, both from the Arrowhead side and the player base side, is absolutely incredible.” The game has swept across social media rapidly, with players essentially roleplaying on forums under the guise of acting like a Helldiver. Not only is it pretty wholesome to see, but there’s some excellent content like the Super Earth Broadcast TikTok account coming out of it too.

Thomas has been joining PS5 players on the battlefield himself, spreading democracy with a Railgun in hand. However, Thomas admits he has been letting another weapon fall off his radar. “I was sleeping on the Arc Thrower as a support, but against a charger with a good coordinated team, you can really peel off those front leg plates and then have your teammates come in with machine guns and chew through them pretty quickly,” Thomas says. Teamwork is essential in Helldivers 2, perhaps more so than most multiplayer games around.

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We’ve been caught up in Stratagem explosions and the crossfire of badly placed turrets because of bad coordination. Although, getting chewed up by your own mistakes is all part of the fun. Getting repeatedly killed off by your errors could be enough to drive even the most skilled of players away from a new PS5 game like Helldivers 2.

However, like many of the game’s avid players, Thomas isn’t backing down from a fight against the Terminids: “I cannot get enough of this game […] I’ve been hopping on to squish bugs and stomp bots every chance I get.”

The fight against the bugs isn’t going to get any easier, either. Arrowhead is already introducing more hellish enemy types around the galaxy, including these exceptionally cursed flying Terminid foes. We’ve been experimenting with the new Cutting Edge Warbond, which includes some gnarly weapons and armor to use. So far, the LAS-16 Sickle rifle is proving to be an essential pick for fighting the Automatons. It can be great against smaller Terminid enemies too, but lacks the penetration power to defeat Chargers.

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