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This Helldivers 2 TikTok account tracks galactic battles in real time

Be a part of history thanks to this Helldivers 2 TikTok page, which reports on the galactic battle as it unfolds in the epic PS5 shooter.

Helldivers 2 TikTok: An image of a Helldiver and the TikTok Logo and PlayStation Logo.

No one could have predicted the success of Helldivers 2, let alone the incredible community fuelling hundreds of memes on your social media timeline right now. The sensational effort to rally up new players is hilarious, and now you can track the galactic battle for Super Earth’s safety in real time. That’s because for this Helldivers 2 TikTok account, the fight against Automatons and Terminids is far from fiction.

Following the first Helldivers 2 invasion, PS5 and PC players have been combining their efforts to push back waves of Automatons in locations like the now-iconic Malevelon Creek. To cement these moments in the halls of history, TikTok account ‘SuperEarthBroadcast’ is providing regular updates on Helldivers 2’s galactic battle. Each video is extremely committed to the cause, taking on a parodic appearance of in-universe news alerts. It is so convincing that we wouldn’t blame you if you thought it was Arrowhead Game Studios itself.

The most recent update on the multiplayer game covers the escalating situations on planets like Ubanea and Draupinir, spurring on the small wins players are securing right now. However, the broadcast asks players to “choose your battles wisely” as it is currently taking over “200,000 Helldivers” to keep the scourge of Terminid bugs contained to their sector. It is so ridiculously self-serious that you can’t help but laugh, and of course, join your friends on the battlefield in one of the best PS5 games for a nice cup of liber-tea.

@superearthbroadcast Galactic War Update 02/21 #arrowhead #playstation #helldivers #helldivers2 #illuminate ♬ original sound – Super Earth Broadcast

With no dedicated narrative mode to play, the way Arrowhead Game Studios is letting players control the game’s story is commendable. With the events of the game unfolding in real-time, whether you’re playing or not, it creates a sense of urgency that has us eager to dive back in. It’s touches like this that make Helldivers 2 one of the best co-op games you can play right now. However, getting to take part in making history on the digital frontlines isn’t easy.

Helldivers players are facing obstacles in the form of loitering players who won’t log out of its packed online servers. Although, with improvements to tackle the game’s capacity underway, we can start to look forward to the arrival of a third enemy faction, too.