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Helldivers 2’s next big battle is against AFK server loiterers

Arrowhead doesn’t want AFK players to clog up the Helldivers 2 servers at full capacity either, so a solution could be on the way for the PS5 exclusive.

Helldivers 2 servers at capacity AFK timeout: A Helldiver looking slightly to the right with a weapon at the ready. On the right side is a blue Helldivers logo and a sand timer icon.

Helldivers 2 is the hottest game on the block right now and it’s hard to put down. Some have taken that a little too literally though, deciding to stay logged in overnight to dodge the long queue to get back into the action on PS5. Luckily, Arrowhead Games Studios’ CEO and Helldivers 2 creative director Johan Pilestedt explains that a solution is being worked on to combat these AFK loiterers on the Helldivers 2 servers.

Given the astronomical success of Helldivers 2 across PS5 and especially PC, Arrowhead has been forced to increase its server capacity. However, the Helldivers 2 servers are now capped out at 450,000 players across both platforms as the developer is “struggling to keep up”, meaning players are queueing up to play the new PS5 game. Faced with a long wait to get in, some players have taken to not closing the game overnight, sitting in the servers while they sleep so they can hop back in straight away the next day.

Responding to a frustrated post asking for an AFK time-out function, Pilestedt says that he has “already mentioned this to the team”, suggesting that changes are on the way to combat server sitters. With the team also working on solutions to the server issues in general, including capacity and stability, we’ve got our fingers crossed that more players will be able to experience one of the best PS5 games and best co-op games in all its glory.

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Ironically, to compensate players for missing out on progress due to server issues, Arrowhead applied a 50% XP boost over the weekend. On the topic, Pilestedt jokes that “in retrospect this was maybe not the best idea” as Helldivers were eager to take advantage of increased XP gains – especially in the early stages where many just want to get the best Helldivers 2 weapon right away.

Though there’s no confirmation that a time-out feature for inactive players is on the way, it’s certainly a highly-requested one given the ongoing issues. Luckily, if and when you do get it, playing Helldivers 2 solo is a satisfying challenge that can coincidentally save you from some of its server woes. Thanks to its community-wide objectives, you’ll still get to enjoy the incredibly unique and ever-evolving Helldivers 2 story while you’re at it. Once the server issues are resolved in the PS5 exclusive, all eyes will be on future updates, which could see the Illuminate return as Helldivers 2’s third faction in the near future.