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Palworld creator isn’t interested in making bigger Xbox games

Palworld is a runaway success for developer Pocketpair, but creator Takuro Mizobe isn't looking to make triple-A Xbox games anytime soon.

Palworld Interview Pocketpair: An image of a Pal and a Trainer in Palworld on Xbox.

Nobody could have expected the wave of success Palworld cultivated since launching on Xbox Game Pass. With over 25 million players logging in at the game’s peak, the Pokemon-like RPG has made Pocketpair an enormous profit, leading many to think it would be developing more ambitious projects in the future. However, Pocketpair CEO Takuro Mizobe isn’t looking to enter the triple-A space just yet.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg about Palworld‘s rise to fame, and becoming one of the best Xbox Game Pass games around for many Xbox owners, Mizobe outlines Pocketpair’s future plans. “We are and will remain a small studio,” Mizobe says, although talks are underway to bring the RPG game to other platforms. That sure sounds like a Palworld PS5 launch to us.

While Pocketpair is open to entertaining offers for a possible acquisition or partnership, Mizobe confirms Microsoft won’t be acquiring the studio anytime soon. “I want to make multiple small games. Big-budget triple-A games are not for us,” Mizobe expresses. Whether that remains Pocketpair’s goal will be interesting, given that the game flew past seven million sales with ease in just a few days are launch.

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It also sounds like Palworld needs significant resources to survive, especially as server costs inflate past $6 million, according to previous comments from Mizobe. The studio has admitted how limited its development team is, too, which might sound worrying, considering the game juggles live-service elements and a continually growing player base.

Although Mizobe says that the game’s profit is “too big for a studio with our size to handle”, the Pocketpair CEO is committed to bringing players one of the best multiplayer games available.

“Games are most fun when playing with friends […] a game without a multiplayer mode just doesn’t feel right in the era we live today,” Mizobe adds. Whether you’ve been on the Palworld train since the start or not, it is a great time to check out the co-op game hit. Following huge fixes to the game’s bugs, Pocketpair is teasing the addition of Palworld’s first Raid content. Adding a new Pal to capture and battle, the Bellanoir Palworld Raid is “coming soon” according to its debut trailer.

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