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Palworld devs says servers “won’t go down” despite $6 million cost

Palworld is an enormous success for Pocket Pair, but running the new Xbox game's servers isn't cheap as players flock to the Game Pass hit.

Palworld servers: An image of a Pal in Palworld next to the Xbox logo.

Palworld continues to take the gaming world by storm, with Xbox and PC players flocking to the hit Xbox Game Pass title. Whether it is capturing cute Pals, building bases, or slaying bandits, there’s plenty to do. It hasn’t been without controversy, but over 19 million players and counting are flooding the Palworld servers. And keeping them running isn’t cheap.

Speaking on the success of Palworld on social media, Pocket Pair CEO Takuro Mizobe discusses the game’s server costs and rising player population. Jokingly, Mizobe says Pocket Pair could “go bankrupt due to server fees.” This is accompanied by a post depicting the average server costs for Palworld, but even if prices continue to inflate, Pocket Pair team members vow to keep the new Xbox game alive.

“Following the order to never let the service go down no matter what, we have prepared servers without regard to cost,” explains Palworld lead network engineer Chujo Hiroto. Furthermore, in a bid to deliver an enjoyable experience for Xbox and PC players, Hiroto says that “we will continue to give our all to ensure that all players can enjoy to the fullest.” However, doing that will need some serious cash, as the monthly server fee currently amounts to $478,000.

Palworld servers xbox: An image of the Palworld CEO Takuro Mizobe talking about Palworld's servers.

That’s just under $480,054/£380,000 per month, which culminates in an estimated yearly sum just shy of $6 million. Of course, this will change over the coming months, but currently, the game’s momentum only signals further increases. Palworld’s launch state wasn’t amazing, with plentiful bugs putting a damper on getting your Pals together.

Limitations to bringing your actual real-life pals into the game struck Xbox too, as Palworld multiplayer currently only supports 4-player co-op. In comparison, the PC iteration of Palworld allows up to 32 players to inhabit the open world game. However, this could all change now that Palworld has stronger backing from Microsoft.

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Alongside a fresh Palworld update that irons loads of glitches, Microsoft is now aiding efforts to expand the potential of Palworld’s Xbox experience. Palworld could be one of the best Xbox Game Pass games around with this support, but some of you might feel left out of the fun on other platforms. We’re hoping a Palworld PS5 release date emerges soon to squash that issue.