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Palworld multiplayer on Xbox has one big hurdle to overcome

Palworld multiplayer is one of the best reasons to try out the Pokemon-like Xbox hit, but you'll need to pick your real-life Pals wisely.

Palworld multiplayer Xbox

Like you, we’re putting aside all our plans to spend hours on Palworld. Not only is the early access Xbox game from Pocket Pair available on Game Pass, but you can get your friends (or Pals rather) involved with the fun. Palworld multiplayer expands the adventure further, but there is a major caveat to consider if you’re hoping to catch or shoot them together.

Palworld multiplayer is unfortunately limited on the Xbox version of the game. Currently, Xbox owners can only participate in sessions with only four players. In comparison to the 32-player chaos currently unfolding on the Steam version of Palworld, this is a considerable drop – but there’s a specific reason for it. Unlike the Steam iteration of Palworld, the Xbox version doesn’t have the same kind of dedicated server support to fall back on. Even players who use Xbox Game Pass on PC are limited to four players, too.

With such a sprawling open world to explore, four-player capability doesn’t seem like enough to get the most out of interacting with everyone and everything inside it. However, developer Pocket Pair is working to improve Palworld Xbox multiplayer. Over in the game’s official Discord server, a representative for the studio explains that it would “like to have dedicated servers on Xbox but it’s unfortunately not up to us and is quite difficult to negotiate at this time.”

Palworld multiplayer xbox: An image of the Palworld discord server.

It could be some time before dedicated Xbox servers are implemented, though. At the time of publication, the game has sold over 2 million copies and briefly disrupted the Epic Games version of Palworld as 700,000 concurrent players were active. With so much pressure on the game’s backend right now, the studio is likely focusing on stability across all platforms before expanding its online functionality.

There isn’t any scope to play with friends on Team Blue either, as a Palworld PS5 release isn’t on the cards – at least not yet. For now, you can expect to see it rise up the ranks of the best Xbox Game Pass games out there. Palworld’s release comes hot off the back of the Xbox Developer Direct, which gave us fresh looks at new Xbox games like Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.

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